सदा जवान रहने के लिए इन बातों को कभी ना भूलना | Anti Ageing Tips To Stay young Forever |

Welcome to health care at home In the previous episode we were talking about to how to stay young forever Also I shared about lot of myths, feed in our mind Though we consider them healthy but in actual they are quite dangerous for our health What if I ask the name of the friend of the entire humankind? Name of that friend is Sun Because of Sun’s electromagnetic energy we are alive We have lot of advertisement recommends for sun-screen lotion to be applied in sunlight, Spf 15, spf 13 So that we don’t get sunlight on our body But perhaps you don’t know that sunscreen is the biggest reason behind skin cancer Just imagine, that if sun light can cause cancer These animals roams in sunlight and that too without clothes They don’t have any protection or sun screen Have you ever came to know skin cancer disease to any animal ? I’m not talking about Zoo animals because in any way they are following human life style rather wild animals Answer would be. Never Just because they want to sell product, create market and spend your money So your best friend due to which you are alive, they are trying to protect you with it and ultimately make you ill Similarly, you must also getting sms for having Full Body Check up in so and so amount Full body check is the major reason behind your illness Never get full body check up done rather understand the symptoms of your boy your body will always give you symptoms at any stage of any problem If any virus enters in your body,fever comes. Body gives symptoms and fight with the it so that it doesn’t multiply When virus goes into lungs, we suffer from cold-cough so that they can throw that virus out of our body Similarly if you are suffering from BP, your body will give symptoms Your body adopt it, always remember. So this average BP and average Sugar is absolutely wrong Term average used in accounts not in humans If my body is healthy with 160 BP ,then it is normal for me If somebody is healthy with 90 BP ,then it is normal for him Considering 120 normal, you make 160 BP has high BP and 90 as low BP It means you consider them ill whereas both are healthy BP of Mahatama Gandhi was always 220, because his body has adopted it and he hand’t taken any medicine He used to walk very fast, but now a days if anybody has 220 BP then he will be in ICU He won’t be allowed to walk, completely bed rest would be advised else cardiac arrest can occur But if his body hasn’t give any symptom then his body had adapted that Same is applicable with Blood Sugar Till now i haven’t checked my sugar because my body hasn’t give me such symptoms If my throat is choking, continuous thirsty, weight gain, weight loss, frequent urination are the symptoms Then i’l go for the Sugar test because now body is giving such symptoms But if your body is not giving any symptom and your sugar level is 250, Even then it is normal because your body has adapted it Always remember the one and only formula to stay healthy Eat healthy, take proper nap, drink adequate water, proper urination and stool passing If all these are normal, you are healthy & if there is no stress, you are completely healthy Fully body check up is the major reason to make you ill They present the facts in such way that any healthy human can feel himself as a ill person Earlier we know about cholesterol then it was divided into 2, good cholesterol and bad cholesterol HDL & LDL Further VLDL, Very low density lipoprotein means very pathetic range of cholesterol And then triglycerides, these are such parameters who can make any healthy person as a ill person If you are going into an lab then though you are healthy before going in but in return you will be ill So never go for any test, till the time your body gives you symptoms Because your body changes as per the situations If my BP is increasing accordingly my body will work When our body is not able to adapt those terms then it will symptoms like, swearing, vertigo Then I’ve to check upon my BP and then I’ve to follow the relevant medication Secondly the necessity of protein in young people has developed as a myth Protein is the next essential item after water, as per the myth Protein will make your muscles, bones and body strong Especially gym people drinks protein shake What does this protein shake do? It damages your kidney Tell me, does horse or elephant takes protein shake ? Or you are much strong than that? They follow the natural diet which is given by nature Even if you’ll follow the natural diet then you also need any such conditions There is one more myth, Milk contains calcium which strengthen our bones Is your bones are much stronger then elephant? No, then how come elephant gets calcium and does he drinks milk? Elephant eats flower, fruits, veggies and natural items meant for him You also eat them to get the calcium Milk is good, it used to considered as a complete mean. When ? When a cow used to eat green grass and that too under sunlight At that point of time, such milk from such cow was healthy Now a days a cow don’t get sunlight because we tied them in house Cow used to walk and eat and drink as per her own wish because she used to go in morning and back in evening Now a human has made a diet chart of a cow as per his own wish We give her such food which can enhance the productivity of the milk and that too as per human’s wish Such hormones are added into her food to enhance the productivity of milk Even when the cow is not hungry She is not getting her natural diet like green grass Then we take her milk and that too through pump The way all the humans has different body similarly all the cows has different body Some cow gives 1/2 liter milk,some cow gives 10 liter or some cow gives 20 liter milk But when we put pump then how can we know that for how long a milk is coming or not We have abundance of cows in the dairy industry They put the pump on every cow for 1 hour The cow who has given 1/2 liter milk, she’s done but the pump is still sucking her But the cow who is giving 20 liter milk, she is going on but the cow with 1/2 liter milk is not giving milk But the cow who is done, she’s still having pump and due to sucking she will get wound on her teats All the bacteria will attack on the wound There will be major problem, immune system will come to fight and in result she will have pus Back again she will get pump and then we will have milk with pus and blood including Decide yourself that is this milk is healthy for yourself where a cow is not able to live her life naturally? But we have created a myth that these packet milk gives us calcium and its very strong too But if you will follow natural diet, you won’t require any calcium These were the few advertisement but still we have a lot of them since the episode is getting lengthy so will wind up If you have any query, whatsapp me and i’ll give you detailed information on this But we still don’t know that what to do to stay young forever In my next episode i’ll share that method, using that method you can stay young forever We wish that you stay healthy, busy, carefree and be with us To meet us you can whatsapp me at 9082130828 also subscribe to our channel Also don’t forget to share and like our videos as much as possible. After subscribing this channel you can stay healthy forever and that too without any medical practitioner Thank you

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