12 Days of Wellness – Day 1

Hello, I’m Brittanie Mafra and I’m a physical therapist with MedStar Health. One of the hardest things around the holiday time, as
a physical therapy patient, is keeping up with your home exercise plan. You can do your home
exercises during any commercial breaks while you’re watching those football games or those
lovely holiday Hallmark videos. Some exercises that you can do during those
commercial breaks are rows. What you’ll do is you’ll grab your band, tie it a door knob
or tie it to something sturdy, and you’ll pull back with a nice good posture, and increase
those back muscles. The second one is going to be what we call suitcases. Your arms will
stay straight throughout the exercise and you’ll pull down to your side. The last one
we like to call “no money’s”, but they’re actually they’re just some shoulder external rotation,
also with the band. This one is not tied to the door. You’re just holding the band in
both hands and you’re pulling the band apart. All of these exercises are going to help with
that posture and keep us good for all of those holiday pictures.

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