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All babies are either drinking breast milk
or infant formula exclusively until four months of age. We do not recommend starting solid foods before
four months of age. Ideally, a breastfed infant will not start
solid foods until six months of age. Some formula fed babies do start cereals at
four months of age. We recommend starting with a rice cereal and
then trying an oatmeal cereal and then the baby can progress to fruits and vegetables. There’s not many do’s and don’ts. Babies can have most fruits and vegetables. At six months infants who are breastfed usually
start eating solids, so their solid schedule’s a little bit delayed compared to a formula
fed baby, but they’re doing the same pattern. We recommend fruits and vegetables, Stage
One’s, that are blended. If you make it at home it has to be very soupy
and blended. At six months of age babies can also do blended
meats, depending on the parents. So you can do beef, chicken, turkey, veal,
lamb. Those are all very hypoallergenic foods as
long as they’re blended and mashed for the baby. We do not recommend giving fish to babies
at this age because there can be bones in the fish, and also fish is a more allergic
food, so I like to start a light flaky fish around nine months of age, and it has to be
very mashed to make sure that there’s no bones in the fish. Babies cannot have honey until age one. Babies cannot have any kind of peanut or choking
nut until age three because they can swallow it whole and aspirate it into their lung. There’s a very large range of literature regarding
food allergies in babies. So some pediatricians say, “Just give the
baby everything. Eggs, milk products, like yogurt and cheese.” From six months there’s no studies that show
that delaying these foods will prevent food allergies. And some pediatricians still like to stage
the introduction of more allergic foods, like yogurts and cheeses, till nine months of age,
and start eggs after nine months of age. Some pediatricians recommend separating, and
giving the egg yolk first at nine months, and then a week later try the egg white and
once you know your baby’s not allergic to the egg white and the egg yolk, then you can
give the whole egg altogether. Some pediatricians don’t like to introduce
peanut or nut flavor until after one or two years. I personally, if you don’t have a family history
of food allergies, I don’t mind starting nut flavoring before one year of age, as long
as there’s no nuts in the food. If I see a baby’s had signs of atopic dermatitis,
which is eczema or rashes, or been a sensitive child, I might individually design a food
schedule for that family to delay highly allergic foods to be introduced later on. Every pediatrician is different. Every family is different. Every culture is different, so it’s really
important to discuss this with your pediatrician and find out what the best pattern is for
your child.

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  1. My mother give the banana and honey to my baby 3 month age n in the morning give boil an egg .now my son very smart n very healty n nothing problem n I'm glad he not easy to get sick like fever or flu or coughing .i belive because went he was baby my mother give him honey ,banana and egg .so its no problem wt the food for baby if the baby already start crying because he hungry after eat he sleep well

  2. They say honey cannot be given to infants until the age of one because honey can contain Clostridium Botulinum bacteria (A.K.A Botulism). This is the deadliest of foodborne illnesses.

  3. For milk, we use unpasteurized goat milk, which is making him healthy and very strong, much better than any formula!

  4. Mia Lee, the problem with honey is that it can contain spores of bacteria that causes botulism and can be lethal to babies under one year old.

  5. I have history of allergy in my family so I am concerned what is the best time for weaning.. ,from the 4 months or from the 6 months of age

  6. i give my baby egg yolk for breakfast.. i also give him peanut butter and honey.. delayed exposure to nuts carry more chances of nut allergies.. i used to give my baby v tiny amounts when he was 5 months and gradually increased… hes 7 months now healthy and kicking

  7. I have no history of allergy in my family and i gave my baby a bit of egg white at 11 months of age and he reacted with rashes all over his face. My pediatrician asked me to stop feeding him eggs until he reached 24 months. Now he is 4 and eats eggs very well. Each baby is different but i prefer to wait rather than be sorry.

  8. my baby is four months and breastfed. his night feedings started to increase and the doctor recommended rice cereal and then solid foods. he doesn't really like the rice cereal but he took to the bananas we started just fine. we started bananas about 2-3 weeks after the cereal? he will be 5 months next week. every baby is different

  9. yummy yogert made me mad .my baby is 8 month old he had just 5 spoon not full too .the next day he had cold runny nose slight fever .again iam not going to try that .

  10. hi ,I give. him all nuts .he is 2 yrs boy.When I can give milk in morning or evening?? Can I give milk shake with banana ,apple ,pear ?? is there any chance of accidity having fruit milk shake ? please suggest..

  11. My baby is breastfed, he started solids at 3.5 months. We gave him bananas to starts. He's now about to be 7 months and eats cereals, chicken ( not a big fan), and all sorts of fruits and veggies.

  12. My baby has rice cereal at 3 Months. I make his baby food and he is exclusively breastfeed! He is doing fine so blah blah

  13. Never ever give your child any animal products, no milk, no egg, no meat, no fish, if you really care about your child and don't eat it while pregnant, it both harms you and your child with all the pesticides, harmful chemicals and cholesterol in it. If you don't believe me then watch this documentary and it will change your view on these foods, this documentary talkes about these foods and why its so terribly bad for us to eat and how it effects our children http://watchdocumentaries.com/what-the-health/

  14. Nutrition foods are healthy for your babies:

  15. I disagree about honey
    I add honey to my sons caraway tea for taste and it’s stopped his Colic straight away I was giving 3oz oh yes at 4 months

  16. Having a baby is stressful so many rules I’m just tired never never having a baby again I’m if you are reading this and you don’t have babies stay away from them get on

  17. Meat, chicken, turkey, veal, etc…. it’s not healthy to give. First of all all these meats are packed with antibiotics and hormonas. And secondly, if adults can’t digest meat efficiently, why would a 4-6 month baby digest it better? Whenever a pediatrician suggests theses foods to my kids, I change doc. It’s time all pediatricians stop pretending they know about nutrition and should stick to basic health treatments.

  18. This is out of date information regarding the introduction of allergens. For example, my 5 month old has an egg allergy and our pediatric allergist has us already introducing peanut butter early and often in order to prevent the development of a peanut allergy. If you baby may possibly have allergies it’s best to speak to a pediatric allergist who is up to date on the literature because he or she will know best.

  19. I have a question please… My son is six months old. I started feeding him when he is 5 months old. And now my problem is that he don't like to drink any milk as much as he drinks before. But he loves to drink water… He can differentiate the taste of milk and water… And I heard that too much water for babies is not good 🙁

    If not stopped he can consume 4 oz of water in one time drinking… What must I do… :'(

    He don't eat that much food too. 🙁

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