25 Extremely Bizarre Medical Disorders (UPDATED!)

These off the wall medical disorders are so
much more than the flu or your average run-of-the-mill common cold. They’re far more rare and mysterious.
Some of them don’t even have names. (Of course, we took the liberty of naming them.) I’m Mike
with List25 and remember this list next time you have to pay a visit to that dreaded doctor’s
office and be glad that you don’t have any of these 25 Extremely Bizarre Medical Disorders! 25.
Alien Hand Syndrome Caused by the separation of lobes in the brain,
people suffering from this disorder essentially lose control of their hand as it seemingly
takes on a mind of its own. While there is no known cure, giving the hand something to
grasp will often be enough to keep it preoccupied. 24.
Progeria While old age happens eventually, to children
affected by Progeria, all of those symptoms manifest themselves before the age of two.
Although mentally they are still their age, many of these children develop the illnesses
typically associated with the elderly, such as cardiovascular disease and arthritis. Rarely
do they live to be older than 12 or 13. 23.
Human Werewolf Syndrome Sure, you may have some hairy friends, but
not like this. There are only about 50 people in the world afflicted with this rare disorder.
Unfortunately for them, not even laser hair removal is an effective treatment as the hair
will rapidly grow back. 22.
Stone Man Syndrome This extremely rare mutation of the body’s
repair mechanism often causes injured muscles, tendons, and ligaments to be ossified, or
turned to bone. In fact, as the name suggests, within decades, a person can be rendered completely
immobile. 21.
Alice in Wonderland Syndrome Probably as a result of something malfunctioning
in the brain’s occipital lobe, this disorder causes people to percieve objects
as being either much larger or smaller than they really are. Moreover, the individual
will also mispercieve the passage of time and possibly have their sense of hearing and
touch affected as well. 20.
Walking Corpse Syndrome This mental disorder involves an individual
who believes they are either already dead or have lost all of their vital organs. Oftentimes,
it’s brought about by a brain injury and can result in people believing themselves to be
immortal, which can very easily lead to unintentional suicides. 19.
Foreign Accent Syndrome Typically the result of a stroke or a severe
migraine, this extremely rare disorder affects the way someone forms words, giving the perception
they are speaking with a foreign accent. One of the most recent cases was Sarah Coldwill
in the United Kingdom. After suffering from an extreme migraine, she woke in the hospital
speaking with what sounded like a Chinese accent. She had never once been to China. 18.
Allergy to Water This disorder causes someone to be allergic
to water in any form, including tears. Recently, a British woman named Micaela Dutton explained
to a local newspaper how she couldn’t even hold her boy because if he started sweating,
she would break out with an incredibly painful rash. 17.
Allergies to Food Although many people are allergic to food
on some level, imagine being allergic to food period. Joshua, a young boy who recently made
headlines, suffers from a form of this. It’s so extreme that even the scent of food could
kill him. Until more is known about the disease, sufferers to this allergy have to be fed via
a direct tube to their stomach. 16.
Blaschko’s Lines Humans actually have stripes. Well, not really,
but certain skin conditions expose a series of lines on the skin that otherwise are invisible.
The most remarkable thing about them, though, is that in every patient, they always follow
nearly the same pattern. 15.
Pain Insensitivity It sounds great, right? Never feeling any
pain. The truth is, however, it’s an extremely dangerous condition for a human. Often, children
affected by this disorder acquire terribly debilitating injuries as a result of scratching
themselves, biting off their tongue, or walking around on broken bones. 14.
Forgetlessness This may sound like a really cool superhero
power. The truth is it’s not. Not being able to forget anything can be extremely distracting.
There’s a reason brains are not wired this way. While rare, several people in the world
possess this superhuman memory, capable of remembering seemingly unimportant details
such as the weather every day for the past decade. 13.
Cold Immunity Wim Hof of the Netherlands baffles the medical
community as he climbs Mount Everest with nothing but his shorts on and dives beneath
Arctic ice for record periods of time. Evidently, the cold has no effect on him, or at least
not to the normal extent. 12.
Cold Urticaria On the other side of the spectrum, some are
allergic to the cold. To someone afflicted with this condition, even a snowflake in the
face could cause uncontrollable itching. A major exposure could lead to shock and eventually
death. 11.
Perpetual Hiccups To get rid of hiccups, most grab a glass of
water and wait it out, but for the past two years, this hasn’t helped Christopher
Sands in the slightest. Having tried numerous therapies, doctors around the world are stumped.
While hiccups are typically caused by spontaneous contractions of the diaphragm, they still
haven’t been able to find a cause in Chris’s case. 10.
Pica Characterized by eating substances with no
nutritional value, the reasons behind it vary. It can be the result of cultural traditions
but is also found in children with developmental disabilities or iron deficiency. 9.
Vampire Syndrome Porphyria is an incurable and inherited disease
that causes not only blisters but also cramps and paralysis whenever that person is exposed
to sunlight. This shouldn’t be confused with polymorphic light eruption. The latter
is actually a fairly common disorder afflicting approximately 15% of North Americans, creating
mild rashes upon initial springtime exposure to sunlight. 8.
Trichotillomania With this disorder, people compulsively pull
out their hair. The peak is between ages 9 to 13. In extreme cases, they might actually
ingest the hair as well. 7.
Kleine-Levin Syndrome This strange and little-understood disorder
causes people to sleep for weeks on end. Fortunately, most children afflicted will see the symptoms
disappear by the time they reach their twenties. 6.
Dystonia A rare disorder, individuals suffer abrupt,
involuntary twisting motions whenever their muscles sustain any contraction. It can also
be difficult to diagnose as it’s often mistaken for or coexist with other illnesses, like
Parkinson’s. 5.
Exploding Head Syndrome Often attributed to stress, people will be
startled out of their sleep in the middle of the night as a result of hearing a loud
banging sound. As of yet, doctors have been unable to isolate any negative effects of
this phenomenon other than people developing an extreme aversion to falling asleep. Fortunately,
the bangs typically subside after several days. 4.
Perpetual Shuteye In what has been baffling doctors all over
the world, Natalie Adler of Australia has a problem with her eyes, more specifically
her eyelids. Every now and then, they will close tightly and not reopen for up to three
days. Doctors believe it may be a type of conversion disorder, something that happens
when a person internalizes various psychological issues which then manifest themselves physically. 3.
Fish Odor Syndrome As a result of the body’s inability
to break down a certain organic compound found in numerous foods, an afflicted individual
tends to give off an overwhelmingly strong fish-smelling odor. Unfortunately, no cure
exists, but thus far, people have managed to control it by employing various diets. 2.
Blue Skin Disorder As a result of something called methemoglobinemia,
which causes decreased blood oxygen levels, some people develop a very deep bluish tint
to their skin. The cause of this hereditary disorder was recently discovered, however,
and those who it afflicted have since received treatment, their skin reverting back to normal. 1.
Tree Bark Skin This hereditary skin disorder is caused by
HPV. Wart-like growths appear on the skin and spread out of control. One of the worst
cases on record is Dede Koswara from Indonesia. He recently had 95% of his warts removed,
but within the year, almost all of them grew back. So, do you or anyone you know have a bizarre
medical disorder? Let us know in the comments below, or tweet your answer to us @List25. Enjoying our lists? Be sure to click that
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100 thoughts on “25 Extremely Bizarre Medical Disorders (UPDATED!)

  1. That "Stone Man syndrome", as you called it, is actually called Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressive (FOP). It is extremely rare.

  2. My father had a friend who's daughter couldn't feel pain. He walked in on her chewing her fingers off and giggling.

    Ugh, just remembering that is disturbing >~>

  3. Every time I watch these I think just how lucky I have been and all the problems that bother me pale in comparison.My heart goes out to these people


    Also, 1 picture for each disease is just laziness.

  5. Although not bizarre, it is rare. My father has Boop. It is a lung disease and he almost died because of it and how rare it is. From what I gather, no one really knows what causes it.

  6. I have trichotillomania… first cut off eyelashes with cuticle scissors at around 8. Started pulling eyelashes in high school, usually run the ends on my lips but don't eat em. With a lot of effort I have stopped for periods of time, up to a year, but they go quickly once i start again. Very much stress related, while sitting in traffic and behind computer are worst for me.

  7. My mom has an allergy to metals. Even stainless steel will make her skin break out. She can wear gold. I inherited it from her, but not as bad. I can wear gold and silver, but not stainless. I found that titanium is o.k. also, which is nice because I wear glasses. Finding frames can be a real pain.

  8. Mike! Sorry I've been away 4 so long, but life's been….well, it's "been". Let's leave it at that. And the Florida sun's about 2 bake my ass 2 death, like it does every summer. How u holdin up n the heat??

  9. Mike! Sorry I've been away 4 so long, but life's been….well, it's "been". Let's leave it at that. And the Florida sun's about 2 bake my ass 2 death, like it does every summer. How u holdin up n the heat??

  10. My daughter has DI, Diabetes INSIPIDUS, which has nothing to do with blood sugar and everything to do with being able to retain water and electrolytes in the body, hypoglycemia and a super rare brain tumor of which only approximately 7 in the world have, my son has Tourette's, autism and an extremely rare disorder called achalasia. This affects the muscles of the esophagus.

  11. My son had a mild form of pain insensitivity when he was young. Fortunately he grew out of it. He broke his arm twice, the first time the bone was poking the skin, and he still wanted to play, and the second time he went for a full day before I noticed a small bump and took him to the ER. Plus, he fell at daycare and cut his head and needed stitches, never cried until he got mad at them for holding him down, he got stung in the eyelid by a bee, never cried, and a few other things. All of this was before he was six. I wanted to make him wear a full padded suit! I was always so worried but I decided to not shelter him too much and he grew up playing sports and being a normal kid. Now he’s 23 and has a decent pain tolerance. He’s still athletic but he’s in tune with his body so he knows how to take care of himself. He’s turned out pretty amazing!

  12. My little cousin has a disease I can’t spell. There are about 50 kids in the world with it. So we call it Donovan’s Disease. It’s absolutely horrible.

  13. Hereditary Icktheosis Vulgaris, with varying degrees of severity, it is a form of uncontrollable dry skin. The most severe capable of stabbing into the skin and causing light wounds. This being worse because there can be increased chance of wound infection due to bacteria and other less than clean causes of infection underneath the dead scale like skin.

    It also makes sweating difficult and certain weather actually painful to be in.

  14. #17 My son has Eosinophilic Esophagitis and Gastritis, a severe type of food allergy #12 I have cold urticaria, caused by having chicken pox as a child

  15. I have dystonia myself. I had to actually go to childrens hospital and have it diagnosed before i had been prescribed anything. I have been living with it for almost a decade now and i will be 21 soon.

  16. Worse thing is that they are real. luckily, some horrible diseases exist only in a fiction. like LIGMA 🙂
    i made educatonal sketch about it so you can inspire yourself 🙂

  17. Bill Clinton has been to pedophile island 26 times with out his secret service….what did he do there.???

  18. Bill Clinton has been to pedophile island 26 times with out his secret service….what did he do there.???

  19. I have a conversion disorder that causes me to faint for no reason usually once every week or so, but up to 7 times a day

  20. I grew up with a girl allergic to water. not as severe, she only had a mild irritation when she drank water or showered, worse if she was exposed longer.

    my step father had ALS, but normally it starts at the legs and moved up. his started head first, so it took longer to diagnose, thinking it was a head injury, maybe seizures and clumsiness when he kept dropping things, only until he couldn't support upper body and couldn't eat. he had trouble speaking and the doctors said it was because he was deaf. He was born deaf, but you would never know it because he mastered speech and lip reading. They didn't believe his slurring wasn't normal.

  21. I have cold urticaria. It started when I was about 9yrs old ( I'm 53 yrs old now) Up until a few years ago I thought I was the only person to have the allergy. It's not that bad as I get older or I just know how to better deal with a reaction.

  22. I have a very rare form of Migraines, only 8 people in the US right now diagnosed with it. Basically a severe migraine that paralyzes, unable to move, and blackouts for days at a time. I was once bed ridden for 3 weeks in highschool, and can't remember most of the year 1995. Luckily as an adult I only get them that bad a couple times a year, and I have wonderful drugs that help me sleep.

  23. Theres a condition where the body will become/appear drunk by consuming yeast in foods and without even touching a drop of alcohol. I remember the newspaper article when I used to live in England. This is the closest I could find. http://www.bbc.com/future/story/20150305-the-man-who-gets-drunk-on-chips

  24. Every time I get overheated or sweat, I break out into hives all over my body and can't breathe. Got me out of gym class though

    Also, light makes my skin red and blotchy

    And sunlight makes me sneeze

  25. 25 Reminds me of a "CGP Grey" video. Basically your brain is actually like 2 beings who control different things with your body and thoughts (like one side of the brain can speak and makes sense of things it doesn't understand, the other side cannot do this. They also can prefer different colors as their favorite.) And while connected these brains seem to work together… When separated each side will do its own thing… So basically each person is two entities combined…

    Separating the brain was also previously believed to be a good cure for epilepsy…

    07 is crazy since I had one time where I somehow slept for like 24 hours or so… It was extremely confusing but I'm pretty sure I fell asleep one night while watching The Deadliest Warrior and then woke up the next night and was told to go to bed and was just like wtf I don't feel tired at all…

  26. My body has a servere sensitivity problem with not sunlight, but heat that comes from ventilation. I can't be in rooms or houses that are above 72 degrees. I also have a bizarre severe allergy to all but one toothpaste.

  27. I was shocked when I heard number 5, because I have that so often!!!! I wasn't sure what it was called or why I would wake up in a panic if I heard a loud noise. But I have a name for it! Thank you so much! <3

  28. I died in a car accident over four years ago and was diagnosed with walking corpse syndrome. I was put on medication but it hasn't brought me back to life. I'm just allot more like a zombie now with all the sedatives

  29. Finally I think I'm good with ''just'' fibromyalgia and degenerative disc disease, even though I'm a premature case for both. Nope. Wouldn't exchange with any of them, thank you very much. My heart goes to them.

  30. I have unbreakable bones. I’ve gotten up after being in 3 car crashes, hit by a car, fallen out of a 5 trees, tripped on an unknown amount of pot holes, have had my hands crushed 3 times and can twist my feet 180 degrees and still walk normally. I got it from my dad and it freaks a lot of people out.

  31. ya I get the exploding head syndrome thing about once a month. One time I thought my computer exploded. Also I am allergic to physical activity, being thin and healthy, not watching youtube (list 25) and church.

  32. Holy snapdragon, I didn't think pica would appear on this list. I have it and I'm currently seeing a therapist and a dietition to sort it out.

  33. I've actually got dermatographic Urticaria. It's basically known as skin writing. I think it's really unusual, but super interesting

  34. I throw up everytime i have eaten anything doctors are baffled as what is causing it they thought it was cyclical vomiting syndrome but as it has been going on for nine months they have crossed that diagnosis out if i ever go for meal i have to sit near the bathroom in case it comes back up i have been admitted to hospital three times because of it

  35. I have a disease called Lymphedema. It can be extremely debilitating. When I was first diagnosed, I was carrying so much fluid that I could hardly walk. I could hardly breathe, also. The Lymphedema therapist I saw said that if I had been a little later getting to her, that I would have gone into congestive heart failure, and died. That is scary.

  36. I was born with a condition called Multiple Hereditary Exostoses. I am lucky that I have only had to have around a dozen surgeries, many people (especially young kids) have to have dozens and dozens of surgeries. The ones that involve lengthening or straightening bone are long processes that cause excruciating pain for the months these procedures take to complete. "Multiple Hereditary Exostoses (MHE) is a rare bone disease that is characterized by growths of multiple osteochondromas—benign cartilage-capped bone tumors that grow outward from the growth plates of long bones. Osteochondromas can be associated with a reduction in skeletal growth, leading to short stature or limb length discrepancy, bony deformity, restricted joint movement, and nerve entrapment. https://paleyinstitute.org/conditions/multiple-hereditary-exostoses/

  37. #11 I got rid of hiccups by a very (gross) effective solution, where I drank a Shotglass of White Vinegar! Goes away just about instantly! But your mouth tastes like a DOUCHE… UGH🚽 just grab a toothbrush, toothpaste and mouthwash!

  38. I went to elementary school with a girl with the fish order….thanks for clearing that up. We all subsconsciously knew she was too young to be "fishy"

  39. Brewery syndrome: a person who eats food, their body turns that food into alcohol. The person becomes drunk after eating.

  40. Complex Regional Pain Syndrome or CRPS. Terrible nerve pain, especially type I I. No cure 4 type II. 😥 My friend is homebound in a wheelchair because of it. Prayers 4 all who have it. ❤️🙏🙏

  41. Hey guys I'm working on growing my channel. If you dont mind taking a second to check it out. A subscribe or share would be phenomenal!!! https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=GGGtxi9Ei8U

  42. What is the disorder making old people smell like mold and why do I always walk past them. I can taste that shit..is it a cologne? Who would pick that ? like ooh honey smell this one, omg thats repulsive, get several bottles

  43. 3:18 Being ALLERGIC TO WATER..? But the human body is mostly water… I don't even want to think about this any further.

  44. I have trichotillomania and it can get really bad sometimes 😞 but thankfully I don't have it so bad I eat the hair ..

  45. I have trichotillomania. It was most prevalent when I was in my late 20's to late 30's, but I remember pulling out my hair when I was a kid too. I haven't had that big a problem for the last few years. I know at the time it was worst, I was in a bad marriage and had alot of other stresses in my life. What the old folks call "nerves". It was never bad enough that I have bald spots but my hair is really thin at the sides, because that was wear I pulled hair from. I still do it occasionally, when I'm stressed. I also suffer from depression and anxiety, which may play a roll.

  46. My newfy grandmother ( newfy=a person from Newfoundland ) gave me the best cure for hiccups in the world . Peanut butter . A teaspoon full of peanut butter cures even the most ardent hiccups .

  47. Thank you God…..I am OK….and I pray for those WHO ARE NOT……to give them the STRENGTH and the COURAGE to endure LIFE’s TRIALS…🙏

  48. There is a drug that can stop hiccups. They have it in the ER! My rommate had hiccups for 2 weeks straight!!

  49. my rare disorder is 1 out of every 450,000 births. in spite of having a number of obvious signs i wasn't diagnosed until i was almost 39. the damage was already done by then too. unfortunately rare diagnosis are skimmed over by medical schools. my current doc teaches up and coming docs and i teach them what to look for in others so maybe someone else won't suffer like i did

  50. I have Asperger's syndrome. Not many people understood. I am shy,unable to look at people in the eyes and always feel like i don't belong anywhere,even among fellow Aspie

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