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– Hey, guys, hello. Welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome. It is Wellness Wednesday. This is our second Wellness
Wednesday and I am so excited. It's so perfectly timed, actually, because today is the first day of spring. So, if you are new to my
Wellness Wednesday series, it just started last week,
it's a place for us to gather, for me to share tips and
teachings and connect with you and learn what's going on in your life, tell you what's going on in
my life, and just hang out. So, I've got an awesome topic today. I want to share some of my favorite apps that I use all the time,
especially over the winter. So, I'm gonna talk about that in a minute, but as you guys are logging in… Hey, Lisa, I'm gonna
say hi to some people. Hi, Lotus. Another Lisa, hi. Hey, Karen, hey, Joanne. Let me make sure, yeah,
I think you can hear me. Yep, great. So, as I'm waiting for
some of you all to join us, and Carol's here, oh,
it's all rollin' now, I wanted to let you know about something that's really cool that's happening, and since you're my Facebook family I want to give you the inside scoop. It's the first day of spring, as I said. It is a perfect time to
recommit to your self-care, to your health, to your wellbeing, to all the good stuff
that makes you feel great. To help you do that, next week,
I think it's next Thursday, let me see, it's March 28th, which I believe is next Thursday. Well, anyway, it's next week, I am releasing my free four-part
online Wellness Workshop. This sucker is so
robust, it is so awesome, there are so many
teachings in these videos, and they're pretty hefty videos. Like, they're about 20 to 30 minutes long, so I'm really rollin' up my sleeves, and I want to help you with
your energy, with food cravings, with those limiting
beliefs that hold you back. So, there's a link here in this post. But I wanted to give you
the heads up because you can join the wait list and I'm
giving you early access to the wait list 'cause
you're my Facebook fam. The link is in the post, as I said, and it's KrisKarr.com/WellnessWorkshop. Super easy to remember. And so, when you join the wait list, then you don't have to worry about it, you don't have to bookmark things. I will just send you the
videos as they're released and, hopefully, you can follow along with us. What's really cool is that my whole team, so, I have a nutrition team and wellness coaches that work with me, and we're in the comments every day when we release the workshop, so we're answering
questions and connecting with you guys and just
there to support you. Anyway, check that out, it's comin'. Go ahead, sign up, get on that wait list, and I will be in your inbox soon. So, on to our topic today. The first day of spring, which by the way, I don't know where you
guys live, let me see, anybody sharing where they
live in the comments yet? Aw, so many of you
already, oh my goodness, hi guys (laughs). Wonderful. Hi from Canada, yep. Okay. More Canada, great, Delaware, okay. Wonderful. Where I live there's
still snow on the ground, but as of today, again,
it's just so auspicious, there's less snow than
I have seen in months. I feel like the ground has
been covered since November. I was goin' a little stir crazy, but today when I was preparing
to connect with you guys, I saw all of these robins on my lawn, which tells me that it is
the first day of spring. They are lookin' for the worms. Also means, all of you
bird lovers out there, for me, specifically, by
the end of this month, I think at the very latest, I gotta take all my bird
feeders down because where I live in the Catskills we
have a lot of black bear, and so, they will come on out
and destroy my bird feeders and it's actually not
good to feed the bear. It's not healthy for
them and they say that a fed bear is a dead
bear because, you know, lots of stuff can go wrong,
they can get hit by cars, there's animal control, like, people can say they're a nuisance. You know, so you definitely
don't want to feed 'em, so I'm gonna have to take my bird feeders down, unfortunately. But, it's okay because there's gonna be plenty of food for the birds. Anyway, that's what's on my mind. You can see, it's pretty
basic stuff (laughs). So, let's talk about these apps. One of the reasons why I
love apps and especially for my wellbeing is
because like many of you I don't have a lot of time during the day, so I am literally looking
for slivers of time where I can fill my energy tank, to fill my wellbeing tank, you know, I believe that there's
this river of wellbeing that's available to
each and every one of us and we can just take our cup and dip in and then fill our own wells. As long as we remember to
do so, it's that simple. We just have to remember that it's there and we can fill them any time we want. When you're pressed for
time there's so many great ways that you can use technology. Now, I do try to stay mindful about how much time I spend on my phone. Recently I discovered that
you can actually track that. When I started to track
it I was quite horrified 'cause I thought that I
was being pretty good, and it turns out I was spending a lot of time on this device. So, now I spend time on it intentionally, so, specifically, I'll go in
for very intentional things, either I have to check an email
or I have to return a text, but I don't leave it on all the time because it's just too distracting, it's not good for my
brain, and I will use it, like I said, to fill my
energy and my wellbeing tank. So, let me tell you three apps
that I really, really love. Like I said in the post,
I'd love to know what you guys use because as our
Wellness Wednesday grows I'm imagining this to become,
sorry, so many of you, it's just great, I'm imagining
that this is gonna be a great resource for
all of us where we can share what's working and
what we're curious about. You guys are just as wise as I am, so you have a lot to contribute. And this is a place that we
can just tap in and connect. So, anyway, the first one
is called Insight Timer. Many of you know that I am
a big fan of meditation. It's a part of my wellness
practice that I have been doing for well over a decade now, and I love creating
meditations for you guys. There's many at KrisKarr.com. When I'm meditating I
use a couple of apps, but the one I want to talk
about today is Insight, and again, the link is in this post or it's just InsightTimer.com. There's a couple reasons
why I really love it. If you like guided meditations, which I'm assuming a lot of you do, and certainly, guided
meditations can be easier if you're newer to
meditation or if meditation really frustrates you and you have a hard time with it and it just stresses you out, which, hopefully, it doesn't, and if it does, you just let that go. But guided meditations can
certainly be a great tool for those of you who
struggle with meditation. They have something like 15,000 meditations at InsightTimer.com. It is incredible. I think many of them are free. There's a lot meditations that are free. I think there's a premium
version that you can try, but I have never bought it,
I just use the free version. There's also a great community, so if you want to see
who else is meditating around the world, if that motivates you, a lot of these apps have ways
for you to stay accountable, which is super helpful. But the reason why I love
it, and I'm gonna show you, about, so, it's on my phone, and I just like to use the timer, really. So, I don't tend to do too many guided meditations for myself. Again, I create them for you, but for me, I tend to like quiet. But just so we're clear, it's
never quiet in here (laughs). I like to use that time to
work with my mind, so to speak. What's so nice about Insight Timer is there's just like this little bell. (ding) See, I set for 15 minutes, and I do this pretty much
every day, and when it's done, let me just press pause, I'm gonna discard this
session so it doesn't mess with how I've been tracking myself. When it's done there's another timer that goes off and you know
your meditation's done, and here's why this is great. For those of you who do
like to meditate in silence, or, you know, semi-silence,
how many of you go, I wonder if it's over? I wonder if I've done 15 minutes? Is it time to have my cup of coffee now? It feels like it's been 15 minutes. And then you're caught
in this loop of like, what time is it, right? So, you don't have to worry about it. You have your little
gong, your little bell, and it tells you when it's over. And what's also super
cool about this is that it tracks how many days
you meditate consecutively. So, all about accountability, and if you're competitive
with yourself like I am, I like to definitely stay on track, like I feel really bummed out
if I miss a day because then, basically, you have to start over again. When you get those runs where you're like, oh, you're 120th day
of meditating in a row, you're like, yes. Anyway, so that's the first one. I hope you guys enjoy it because meditation is just so good for us, it's such a wonderful way
to dial down the stress, help ourselves get out
of fight or flight mode and back into rest and digest mode, and I think it's a big mood booster. So many great things. We know. Okay, so the second, this is a goodie. This one is new. This came out this year
and it's already packed with so many amazing meditations in it. So, how many of you, give
me thumbs up or hearts, how many of you have ever
heard of or practiced emotional freedom technique, EFT? Emotional freedom technique. It's also known as
tapping, yep, here we go. If you know my dear friend Nick Ortner and his wonderful sister Jessica Ortner, they teach so many tapping
meditations and scripts and they have so much
going on in their world. They have their yearly tapping summit, which is just, I think this
is their 11th year now. They've put out incredible
content for us all. Look at all the thumbs up. Nick and Jessica, everybody loves you. They're also fellow Hay House authors. I have been hearing
about this app that they were creating for over
a year 'cause I was so inspired by it because
they're dear friends of mine. And so, when it came out I immediately signed up for it and
I use it all the time. So, let me just make sure I tell you it's TheTappingSolutionApp.com/,
yeah, no, that's it. Actually, the link is
right here in the post. The link is right here in the post. Let me just tell you
a little bit about it. For those of you who
don't know what emotional freedom technique is, I am
not an expert, they are, you'll learn from them
more than you will from me, but I do use it all the time. It's basically like a
combination of, let's say, psychology or positive talk
psychology, affirmations, energy medicine, and acupressure points. So, you are literally
tapping on these points while you're saying these statements. One of the things that
I love about tapping is, I'm sure many of you
have experienced this, but there's all this stress
that we hold in our minds, but there's also the stress
that we hold in our bodies. Stress that we might not
even be able to access. We don't even really know what's going on, but at an energetic level
it's holding us back. And tapping literally releases it, right? It's known to bring cortisol
level down and it just, honestly, if you want to feel good, tap. It's simple, it's easy,
it doesn't take long. And what's so great
about their app is that they guide you through
all these tapping scripts, so if you've ever wondered like, well, how do I guide myself through this, how do I take myself through this, you don't have to worry because they've already created hundreds of different scenarios that you could use to tap. And so, this morning, I'm tapping already 'cause it feels good, and I'll take you through a little bit, this morning I did one of their scripts for creating a great day. So, this, what I'm tapping on right now, it's just the karate chop point. It's like the set up point. So, it's a five minute
meditation, so easy to do, took no time, and it was to
tap to create a great day. And so, it started with
an intention, setting it, so today I intend to
have a great day, right? So, again, we're gonna
do the set up statement, we'll do it three times, I
intend to have a great day, to release any worries or fears from my past or projections into my future, to release any expectations, and I just intend to have a great day. Okay, so there's the set up. And then, we go through
these tapping points. The first point is on the
eyebrow, right above the eyebrow. What Nick was saying in
this amazing meditation was just to say, I can have a great day. I can have a great day filled with love, peace, a great day filled with wellbeing, filled with synchronicities
that I am totally open to, and now I'm just going through
these acupressure points. Filled with calm, with no expectations. I can have a great day. And you can keep going
through these points, and what he did the second time around was just taking you through
visualizing that day. And if you know anything about athletes or people who work with
like peak performance, who need to be at peak performance, seeing what you want to create before you create it is so useful for our brains. It just wires us for success. So, when I'm gonna go on a, give a talk or give a big keynote, I always like walk through
my talk and I see it, I see you guys, I see the
audience, I see you smiling, joyful, I see myself and
feel myself feeling joyful, and it's quite amazing. That is all we did in five minutes. I forgot to say that you rate
how you're feeling at the top, so maybe the top of the day you don't feel like you're gonna have a great day. You feel like, oh, I'm
gonna have a mmm day, right? So, maybe you're feelin' the
stress level of like a seven, and then, after you do the tapping rounds, which they guide you through, your stress level may be down to a three, and you can track that on the
app and see your progress. It's really, really cool. So, definitely check
the link out for that. Let me see there, oh, yeah, I made another little note
I want to share with you. So, last week I told you guys
that we adopted a new dog. Her name is Tara. We are sleeping better. She has a lot of anxiety. She's a senior with a disability. You know, settling into a new home has been a big deal for her. Her human mama died, so, you know, she's been dealing with a lot of stuff. When I do my tapping meditations, these two girls, Lola and Tara, they are just sound
asleep at my feet snoring. They're just snoring away because they're feelin' so relaxed and so happy (laughs). So, just good for you, good for your dogs, your kitties, whoever. Okay, let me just check
on you guys for a second. Oh, wow, lots of comments. All right. Ah, what a great idea to set an intention. Yeah, right? Setting intentions for our day. Totally transformational. Missed the first app while
I was trying to find you. Just check out the description
in this post, Marge, and know that it was Insight Timer. So, you can find it at InsightTimer.com. Ah, so many nice comments. Oh, oh my goodness, Francis from Scotland. I went to Scotland this past
year and I fell in love. I need to go back. Oh, wow, Impala is a certified
in EFT and she loves it. It's awesome. I would like to do that some time. Okay, great, lots of EFT practitioners and lots of people who love Nick, Jessica, and of course, Alex, who we love, too. Fantastic, so, let me tell
you about the last one. Okay. For those of you who
struggle getting to the gym, how many of you struggle
getting to the gym or working out on a regular basis? You can just give me a thumbs
up, you can give me a heart, you can give me anything. I know I do, especially
in the winter time. I tend to like to work out outside, so I like to hike, I
live in the Catskills, so it's great hiking, great cycling, and I'm not that fond of going to the gym. Plus, I live in the middle of nowhere. We have a resort near us that
has a tiny little hotel gym, and so, I am a member there, but there isn't a lot of equipment and it's usually pretty packed,
so you gotta go super early, which I don't always do because I'm usually meditating or chillin' (laughs). So, anyway. I really rely on the
outside, the outdoors, and that's why I'm so
psyched about spring, but that is not enough because exercise is something that we
need, our bodies need. Our bodies need us to
feel strong, to be strong. Our immune system needs it. Our moods need it. Our digestion needs it. So, again, looking for
simple ways that you can just find slivers of time
to up your wellbeing. And so, the app that
I wanna share with you is called Obe, and it's
short for Our Body Electric. So, you can see the link in
the description in this post. It's Our Body Electric, right? So, Obe Fitness. Here are some of the reasons
why I love this thing. Maybe I can pull it up real quick so you can see what I'm talking about. First and foremost, my friend is one of the co-creators of it. She used to be my agent. She's had this dream for so long, and nothing makes me
happier than when folks like bust out of their nine
to five and start their own businesses and start
living their dream, especially when their dreams help us take better care of ourself. Anyway, I'm just so proud of her. This is a great app, and here's one of the things that are so fun about it. Do you see that set? Does that remind you of '80s or what? Do you wanna just be in your leotard and your leggings like
I do when I do this, when I'm seeing all of
these fluorescent colors and it just makes me
think about my Jane Fonda, Greg Smithey, Buns of Steel days, and the workouts are freakin' phenomenal. And here's the cool thing. Many of them are short, so if you don't have a ton of
time to do a big long workout, you can just do 20 minutes, 30 minutes. It's all of the usual
suspects like sculpting and yoga and strengthening and so on. One of the things I really
love about this app, too, is they have great, great dance classes. So, as a former dancer,
dance is one of the best overall ways to get into
shape because you're moving every muscle,
every part of your body, it's so good for your brain, too, as you're trying to learn choreography. It's fantastic for your memory and just flexing those brain muscles. And it's a lot of fun, you're
dancing, you're moving, you're sweating, you're
havin' a great time. And I wanted to say one thing because in Crazy, Sexy, You, which is
my total wellness program, which is coming up very soon. We're about to kick it off in a few weeks. We have a bunch of fitness
videos in the program, and some of them have choreography, and what I notice from time
to time in our Facebook group is that folks get really
down on themselves when they can't learn
choreography quickly. They feel bad and they're just like, forget it, I'm not gonna
do it, I'm not good enough. That is so not helpful. Remember, we get to choose which way this operating system goes. And choreography is
challenging to learn at first. It doesn't mean there's
anything wrong with you or that you're not good enough, it just means you may have to press pause and go back and try it
again and figure it out, and that's okay. The good news is you're doing it in the comfort of your own living room, like I move my ottoman over here and I just put up my phone and do a dance. Nobody's watchin', nobody's judgin'. So, if you're at all intimidated by dance, get over it, it's so good for you. There's no reason for you
to be tough on yourselves. I can't share that message
enough with you all. You are magical beings. There's no reason for you to
beat yourself up over anything. That's just what I have to say. Okay, let me see what else is
going on here in the comments. So many great people, fantastic. People who have participated
in Nick's summit, that's great. The link for EFT, I think
I answered this one, it's above, or for you it would be below, for me it's above, it's
in this post, though. Let me just see. The last minute's if you win the day. Oh, yeah, yeah, so Stephanie says getting at least 30
minutes of movement a day is mandatory whether
the gym or walking with the pup is the one thing I focus on. That is so true, Stephanie. After I'm done with this
I'm doing an Instagram live and then I am going to move my butt. Okay, I just love this. Well, you guys, amazing (clapping). I am so, so psyched that you came back. This was our second Wellness Wednesday. We're gonna keep going. Let me know what your favorite apps are in the comments below. If there's anything that you're using that you want to share, again, I think we can all benefit from it. If there's anything else
you want me to talk about, I'm keeping my list going. I got a big Google doc with
ideas to share with you guys. And I can't wait to see you next week. And just, again, remember,
we have the Wellness Workshop coming up, and so, if
you want to hop on the wait list page I will
send you all the details, it's in this link, and
it's also the pinned comment at the top of the posts. It's KrisKarr.com/WellnessWorkshop. You guys have a wonderful rest of your day and a great, great weekend coming up. Do something fun, get outside. (smack)
I love you, bye.

20 thoughts on “3 must-have health apps I use all the time! | Wellness Wednesday with Kris Carr

  1. Kris I just found out last Evening I have Diverticulitis August 12th. No Signs or anything till yesterday afternoon. I have a hernia that has to be operated on and I started getting bad pain right above my hernia, Not Good, Went to the ER and they did Blood work and Cat scan and came back and said not your Hernia, Diverticulitis, WOW ! How am I going to adjust my Vegetarian Diet? I eat Wild Blueberries every day either in a Vegan Wheat Cereal or Blueberry, Banana Smoothie with Almond Milk, then rest of my meals are Vegetables, and I have Vegan Burgers and bread that are loaded with seeds !!! Setting here shaking my hear because regular doctors have no training in Nutrition… Any Ideas?

  2. Hi! I'm Barb. I was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma and Amyloidosis (1 1/2 year prognosis), five years ago. I live in Maine. Still snow here. My friend's daughter met you and got your book. Fighting this pretty much alone, so support sounds great!

  3. I have not missed any Wellness Wednesday yet. Looking forward to the next one. Greetings from Spain and thanks for the lovely freebies!!!

  4. Thanks Kris for the app ideas! I work for a large corp and they have a huge health and wellness program. 2 apps they recommend are Zipongo and Smiling Mind. Zipongo allows you to get really good healthy dinner lunch and breakfast ideas as well as auto-populate a grocery list (this is HUGE) for you by checking all the recipes you want to cook for the week or day. Love it. Smiling Mind is a good meditation app. Highly recommend you check both out!! I don't pay for either.

  5. I don't have Facebook, will I still be able to watch the Wellness Workshop emails from the video link that you send?

  6. Happy Spring Kris!!! I've been using Insight Timer for a few years actually! I LOVE it! I also use the free version… and access both the timer and guided meditations. I have heard of tapping from you actually but never tried it. I will check out the app. For a workout app I've been using Gaia – there is so much variety and have discovered Yin Yoga- which I totally love. But I like the workout app idea because you can pick and choose the amount of time or type of exercise you want to do each day. I also like to watch Body Groove… there are some short YouTube videos you can check out for free. She encourages people to move in any way that's comfortable for them – no pressure on learning a specific routine.

  7. I love sharing my healing journey! You never know who it can help. Thanks for sharing yours!! We never stop learning! God Bless! love your channel. Hugs

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