30 Minute Low Impact Weight Loss POWER WALK Workout for Women over 50 | Pahla B Fitness

– Hey Killer Bs it’s Pahla
B from PahlaBFitness.com and on tap today I’ve got a
great low impact, weight loss power walk workout that
is perfect for women of a certain age, you guys
today there is absolutely no jumping, no transitions to the ground. There’s no equipment needed. There’s no squatting and there’s
no repeating the exercises but there is a warm up and cool down, when you’re ready for this
one, I’m totally ready. Let’s go. (upbeat music) All right you guys, let’s
go ahead and get moving and grooving and that
means that we are starting with our warm ups which is
arm circles with high knees. Oh my goodness (laughs). I got started too fast, how about you? I often do, you know what
I’m always so enthusiastic about doing the workout
that I start these warm ups and I’m just like flinging my arms around and trying to stand on one
foot as though I’m good at either one (laughs) of those things. You guys, you guys welcome to the
workout today, this is okay, this is actually going
to be a great workout. Like once I get warmed up. This is gonna be a great workout. We are gonna have so much
fun but this is exactly why I do a warm up every single time. And it’s why I do this exact
warm up every single time because I know at least a
little bit what to expect, I know not to expect too
much of myself (laughs) when I’m doing the warm ups and I also know that this is preparing my mind and my body, for a
great workout. You guys today I’ve got nonstop cardio that
is going to be all low impact, but nice moderate intensity. Now no matter what your goal
is if you are losing weight, or you are at your goal
weight and you are working on body shaping, this workout
can absolutely work for you. Make sure that you open
up the Description box. No matter where you’re watching,
make sure that you find on probably mobile or desktop
is the best way to do that. Let’s do some arm crosses
with booty kickers. That’s the easiest way to
find the description box. I honestly don’t know how to find it, when you’re watching me on TV. Generally speaking, if you
are casting from your phone, you can look it up on your phone. But the Description box has
all kinds of links for you. I mean, it’s got all my social media. Come find me on Facebook,
come find me on Instagram, you can have links to
the extended cool down, you can have links to for example
what I’m telling you about right now (laughs). I’ve got an information
resource for you that tells you all about how to make
any workout of any kind no matter what work for you. How to put together a weekly
routine that will help you get the goal that makes
the most sense for you. My friends today. Today no matter what you’re doing, this workout is perfect for you. This is nonstop low impact
cardio that is perfect for heart health, it is lovely
for your cardio endurance because we are enduring
(laughs) a lot today. It’s great for weight loss. It’s great for body shaping and honestly, it’s great for your mood. We are moving at the
exact right pace today, to get your endorphins flowing and help you feel sweaty and amazing. Let’s go ahead and do
some Welcome To My Homes or rather welcome to
Agatha’s home (laughs). She’s got her, ‘Do Not Disturb,’ on today. But she doesn’t seem especially disturbed by any of our workouts. So I’m not super worried about that. Here’s what it looks like I’ve
got the handy dandy Gymboss set for intervals of 30 seconds
and none of those is rest. We’re going to go back and
forth between a nice walking or marching pace and a rather long list of (laughs) other low
impact cardio exercises. It’s no repeat today, which
means that this workout is gonna move along at a nice quick clip that we’re going to have to
manage our heart rate for. So I want you to know that
no matter what we’re doing, if your heart rate is getting too high, come on back to that walking or marching and get your heart rate moderated
so that we can continue on with the rest of our day. And let’s go ahead and continue
on (timer beeps) with our day by getting (chuckles) started
with this walking pace. Now I’m actually starting
with kind of a low walk, later in the workout, I’m
sure I’ll pick that up. My heart rate is up I’m
not, I’m not ready to just jump into anything because
there’s no jumping today, what it beeps again, we’re
going to, for the first time, we’re going to go ahead and do Can Cans. And what that means is
we’re going to do a knee and a kick on one side and then a knee and a kick on the other side. I chose this one for our first exercise because we don’t have
our hands up overhead, which means that we can kind of continue to get into (timer beeps)
this high heart rate mode. So it’s a knee and a kick,
and a knee and a kick. Because there’s no rest today,
we really want to make sure that we’re paying attention
to how fast we’re going to what our pace is, to what
our heart rate feels like. Watch out sissy, Rosy just
walking across the floor right in front of my feet. Be careful darlin. When it
beeps again, we’re going back to that walking or marching pace. That’s what we’re doing in
between each and every exercise. So feel free at any time, (timer
beeps) if there’s an exercise, here we go, if there’s an
exercise that you don’t like or can’t do, or can’t follow
along with, or whatever, just come on back to marching, we’re not gonna be doing
it for too long anyways, because the 30-second
intervals are just right. Now I’m treating this
as though the walking is gonna bring my heart
rate down a little bit, later in the workout, you’ll
find that it really doesn’t. The fact is when we’re working
at all, your heart rate’s gonna come up and it’s going to stay up. When it beeps again, (timer
beeps) we’re doing Letter Ks, both hands up, we’re going out to one side and out to the other. On one side, it’s forming the
letter K on the other side, it is not. Excellent job. Woo, once those hands go up overhead. That’s the thing that
brings your heart rate up. So when in doubt, you can
bring your hands down. Anytime we’re in the middle of a workout, and you can feel yourself
pushing a little too hard. The fact is, you don’t
actually have to just stop, I mean sometimes (timer beeps)
obviously if you feel dizzy or sick. Here we are back
to watching or walking. If you feel dizzy or sick,
you should absolutely stop. Like press pause, sit down. Get a glass of water, get
yourself back together. But other than that, if you
just find that you’re feeling a little bit like you’ve done too much, bring your hands down,
bring your pace down, come on down to this walking. There are all kinds of
ways that you can moderate without having to stop. When it beeps, we’re doing Ding Dongs,
which means our hands are swinging low (timer
beeps) from side to side, while one foot is kicking out at a time. I’m already laughing. I love this exercise. This one just feels so
fun and so silly, to me. It’s why I gave it such a silly name. We can really get rockin on
this one or if you need to, you can keep it down a little bit lower and your pace a little bit slower. Either way, you my friend
should make this workout work for you. When it beeps again we’re coming back to that walking or marching. (timer beeps) Awesome job. Okay. Okay, so now you see
how this is going today. Your heart rate is going to come up. You’re going to feel
sweaty, you’re going to feel like you’re working. That’s actually the magic of a workout, is that we’re always working
no matter how we’re moderating, no matter how careful we’re
being with our heart rate, it’s still work. When it beeps again, we’re
doing Windmill Tap Backs and that means that we’re
going to have our hands and our feet nice and wide. (timer beeps) We’re going to reach our
opposite hand down towards our opposite foot, while
tapping that same foot back behind us, almost like a curtsy lunge except that there’s no
bending of your knees here. You’re keeping your
legs nice and straight. No squatting at all today, my friends. And it also means that you can reach down as low as you want. I’m getting to a little
bit below my knees. It’s honestly having that
other hand up in the air, that’s keeping your heart rate
high and the reaching down is much more (timer beeps)
about your flexibility. Come on back to walking. And I have found that I don’t
have a ton of flexibility, which is why I like exercises
like that in the middle of my workout to do kind
of a little bit of almost sneaky stretching,
while we’re doing cardio while we’re doing something else. It helps stretch out your
muscles while you’re using them. When it beeps again, we’re
going to do Reach Across, which means I mean, it’s
exactly what it sounds like, I’m not very creative with these
names (timer beeps) my friend. We’re going to reach
across and reach across. While you’re reaching with
your hand, you’re tapping out to the side with that same foot as wide as you’d like to make it. If you want to make this a little faster, or a little slower, you are
welcome to take it at whatever pace feels best for you. I know lots of times when
we’re doing these workouts, you feel like you really
have to follow along exactly with me and I totally get that I’m like that too. (timer beeps) Right back to walking or marching. I, it’s one of those. It’s a response thing
where when you see somebody doing something and you know
that that’s the workout, you try to do exactly what they’re doing. But I really I cannot stress this enough. My friends this workout is
yours to do with what you will. Take it slower, take it faster,
take it with some music, take it all the way down to
mute, if you’d rather (laughs). Because I know some people do. You are welcome to do whatever feels best and works best (timer beeps) for you. Here we are with Cheerleader Kicks. Your hands are starting at your
shoulders and stretching up overhead while we’re kicking. The trick on this one is
to keep those elbows out, super wide the whole time. This is upper body work, my friends. We are doing cardio today,
but boy oh boy, we’re getting a little bit of toning and
stretching in here too. My friends, nothing, no
exercise exists (timer beeps) in a vacuum, all by itself.
Right back to walking. Every time you’re moving,
you are also toning. every time you are moving fast,
you are helping your heart, you are helping your lungs,
you are helping your muscles. Even if you are not moving
fast, there are plenty of ways to get intensity that can help
with your heart and lungs, that can help with your
bones and your muscles. every workout is always work (laughs). When it beeps again, you guys,
were gonna do Butter Churns (timer beeps) oh my gosh, which means that
when our hands are down, one foot is out, when our hands
are up, both feet are down. It looks like we’re churning butter. Or maybe it doesn’t I don’t actually know if this is what butter
churning looks like. Maybe if you were dancing a jig while you were churning butter (laughs). Hands going up and down
right in front of your body, one foot at a time
kicking out to the side. My friends, there are
a few exercises today that require a little bit of coordination. And I want you to know
(timer beeps) that because here we go with the walking again. Because this is no
repeat, it doesn’t matter if you get it right, we’re
not coming back to it. Whatever you’re doing
during that interview, or interview, nope,
interval, it works for me, because we don’t have to come back to it. Now when it beeps again,
we’re going to do Half Jacks, which is exactly what it sounds like. We’re doing half of a
jumping jack at a time. The right half and then the left half. And yes I actually said that
wrong (laughs) (timer beeps). It looked correct for you
but I moved my left hand while I was saying right,
and moved my right hand while I was saying left. You guys, I don’t count, I don’t
know my right from my left but I do know a little something
about having a good time while we work out, am I right? (laughing loudly) You guys, when it beeps again,
we’re gonna come right back to that walking motion. Excellent. Excellent job today. Woo doggies! Making sure that you are
breathing, holding that core in all the time (timer beeps)
while we are doing our workout. Yes (breathes). Nice deep breath while we
come back to this marching and walking, you guys. I knew that I was gonna
pick this up a little bit because I can feel that
I’m definitely going a little bit faster. Now that we’re, I mean,
we’re at least a good third of the way into the workout now. Actually, I think we’re a little bit past a third. Again, no math for me. But I knew that this is
what naturally happens. When it beeps again, we’re
doing Punch, Punch, Kick, exactly what it sounds like. We’re gonna punch, (timer
beeps) then we’re gonna punch, then we’re gonna kick. So it’s punch, punch and
kick, punch, punch and kick. So it’s one foot kicking at a time, both feet planted in between. Oh, but look at that,
we’re getting a little bit of extra core work, a little
bit of balance practice a little bit of fall prevention, even while we’re doing our cardio. No matter what we are
doing, we are working just about every bit of our body. You know, sometimes people will ask me, about what kind of workout, (timer beeps) here we go back to our
walking and marching. What kind of a workout
is the most effective or what kind of workout is the
best and I want you to know that truly no matter what
you do, you are always doing something unless
you are hurting yourself. You are always doing something
that is good for your health. When it beeps again,
we’re doing Disco Dancers, which means that we’re
gonna have our hands, our little pointer fingers out. We’re gonna disco dance one way and then disco dance the
other way. (timer beeps) One hand goes up over your head,
disco dance and disco dance while the other foot is
tapping out to the side. Excellent job (chuckles). Feeling a little bit
like John Travolta here, singing the disco song of your choice. No matter what it is. It’s my favorite too, I’ve got
a lot of songs from the 70s still on my playlist. Big fan of the Bee Gees,
big fan of Barry Manilow, big fan of Donna Summer. I’ve got lots of 70 songs
(timer beeps) I still listen to. Right back to walking or marching. I however was a child in the 70s (laughs). I was but not that much you guys. When it beeps again, we’re going
to do everybody’s favorite. And I tell you what, I
got this out of the way early in the workout or
earlier in the workout because I know it’s not
everybody’s favorite. But I wondered if maybe our balance would be a little bit
better not quite so late in the workout. We’re
doing Drinky Bird Jacks and what that means is that
our hands (timer beeps) are doing jumping jacks,
while our feet are doing a single leg deadlift. One leg comes up behind you in the back, woo, while we are tipping
forward, now here’s the thing. This is cardio. So don’t worry about how great
or not great your balance is. The good news here is
that we’re moving quickly. We’re pulling in our core. We’re having a good time,
we’re flapping our arms, heart rate has come up,
lungs are breathing heavy and when it beeps we’re gonna
be done with this exercise (timer beeps) for the
rest of the day (laughs). Come on back to that walking or marching. This is the real magic of a
no repeat workout my friends. You guys when it beeps again,
we’re doing Middle Skips, which is just what it sounds like. Also, I feel like I say that a lot. I feel like I say a lot of things a lot, but I feel like explaining my exercises, I almost always title them
things that make sense to me so that in the middle of a
workout, I can look at it quickly and know exactly what we’re
doing, because it’s already described. And I’m
looking at my whiteboard (timer beeps) down here. So we’re doing the skipping
motion where your opposite hand and your opposite knee are
coming up at the same time. Now, if you are not in need of low impact, you could absolutely turn
this into a real skip if you’d like to, with
a little bit of jumping there in the middle. If your heart rate has
already come up pretty high, you can keep your hands a
little bit lower on this one and still get plenty of work. However you choose to do
this exercise is totally, totally (timer beeps)
up to you because now we’re done with it. We’re
right back to walking. Oh my goodness, you guys,
are you feeling a good sweat? I knew, because I always know,
that we would feel this way, right about now in the workout. You know, it really doesn’t
take very long to feel like you’re really moving, like
you’ve really got some work done. When it beeps again, we’re
going to do Double Knees. Gonna have hands up overhead,
bringing your hands down to one high knee two times
in a row (timer beeps) and then switching and doing that same
thing on the other side. So double knees over here,
and double knees over here. You know, some of my workouts are longer, and some of them are shorter. Today is what I would
consider a middling range we’re gonna end up with probably
right around 30 minutes, maybe a little bit less and that to me, is the absolute sweet spot. No matter what your goal is. The fact is my friends, (timer beeps) especially at this age, right back to walking and marching. You do not need to knock
yourself out for hours at a time, there’s almost no benefit to
be had from working out longer, that you can’t also get
from working out shorter. And I know that sounds really crazy. When it beeps again, let
me tell you really quickly we’re doing Booty Kicker Jacks. Our hands are gonna be doing jumping jacks but our feet are going
to be doing Booty Kickers just like we do for our warm up. The fact is, there is absolutely a point of diminishing returns
(timer beeps) on exercise. So here we go hands doing jumping jacks, feet doing booty kickers, oh
that feels like a nice stretch on the front of my legs, I love it. While, some really good
work there behind us in our hamstrings and glutes. My friends, there is a point
where you are exercising too much and that point is
different for everybody. On any given day, you
are capable, I mean truly physically capable of exercising
for hours. (timer beeps) I mean, honestly, hours here we go with walking and marching. However, (chuckles) that
doesn’t mean that you’re getting the benefit of exercise
for all of those hours. At some point, your body is gonna say, “Okay, this was really all I could do “and all that I could recover from. “I’m gonna keep moving, because
you’re asking me to move. “But I’m gonna start actually
breaking down muscles. “I’m actually gonna start injuring myself, “I’m actually gonna start
not getting any benefit “at all from this exercise.” (timer beeps) When it beeps again, here
we are with Twisting Kicks. So we’re twisting our torso. And this is the real
benefit of doing exactly what we’re saying because
I read that and I thought, “What are we doing?” Oh, we’re twisting,
we’re kicking (laughs). We’re twisting our torso
while kicking one of our feet. My friends, you honestly might
not know where that point is of diminishing returns with your workout. You might not know when it
doesn’t feel right anymore. (timer beeps) And here we go back to
our walking or marching. We can do so much more beyond where our body is getting the benefit, that
honestly until you get injured, until you feel pain, until
you feel exhausted and tired and like you’re not recovering, you don’t really know where that point is. When it beeps again, we’re
gonna do Push Push Crunch. So I’m actually going to
scoot over (timer beeps) just a little bit here, because we’re gonna push
and push and crunch, push, and push and crunch. And so the way that I can tell when I’ve hit my limit is the next day, I ask myself how I feel. The next couple of days,
I ask myself, excuse me. how I feel and there’s
a little bit of soreness to be expected from a workout sometimes, especially if you are doing
body shaping workouts, especially (timer beeps) and here we go back to
walking or marching. If there is like one day
in your weekly routine where you are pushing
to make an adaptation. Again, the download that
I sent you to earlier is gonna explain all about that. It’s totally okay to feel
sore once in a while, Probably once a week would
be my limit. The rest of the time, you should actually
feel good and energetic, and like you have energy (timer
beeps) to do other things. Here we are with, I’m sorry,
Forward Hinge Arm Flappers. I was getting so involved in
my message there, that I forgot to tell you what we were
actually doing for the workout. Forward Hinge Arm Flappers
is basically a deadlift, where our hands are doing
jumping jacks and our booty is pushing back behind us and
then pulling back forward. When it beeps again, let
me keep on track here, when it beeps again, we’re going back to that walking or marching. Woo doggies my friend. The fact is, at our age,
(timer beeps) it is not that we have to limit ourselves. It is that in order to get
the best out of our ourselves, we need to find out exactly
where that limit is, where we are not injuring ourselves, where we are not in pain,
where we are not sore every day where we are not stiff and
tired and not feeling good and a little bit crabby
and a little bit achy and a little bit yucky. And exercise just under that. When it beeps again, let
me tell you now we’re doing Rainbow Jacks (timer beeps)
hands are gonna go up overhead like a rainbow from side to side, one knee comes up on one side, one knee comes up on the other. And the fact is, that
limit might be 30 minutes, it might be 20 minutes, it might be 45. It might be an hour, it might
be any anything in between. Truly your limit is just that, it’s yours. And it has very little to do with just your chronological age truly, it has so much to do with
(timer beeps) everything else that you do in your day, right
back to walking or marching. With your fitness level, with
how long you’ve been fit, with your hydration,
your sleep, your weight, your situation with life,
what kind of stress you have. There are so many factors that determine what today’s limit might be
because yes, it does change from day to day also. And the fact is, there’s
actually more to be gained, when it beeps again, (timer
beeps) we’re doing Dancing Xs. Hands are wide, feet are wide, your knee and your elbow
meeting in the middle, opposite your body. So we’re crunching in
a little bit of balance and a whole lot of core work. Plus oh yeah, still doing
that cardio (laughs). When it beeps again, gonna
do that walking or marching. There is so much more benefit to be gained from accidentally doing
too little exercise, than doing too much, too much will always eventually lead to injury
or burnout (timer beeps) or aches and pains. Here we go with that walking or marching. Doing too little. Doing too little, there’s
almost, there’s almost nothing that I can think of
that’s wrong with that. When you are exercising regularly for a short amount of time,
something that doesn’t feel like “enough” to you, you’re
getting a ton of benefit. When it beeps again, we’re
doing Leg Twister Jacks. Now I really do have to
think I’m gonna tell you that what you’re doing
is enough. (timer beeps) Here we go, we’re going in and out. And in again on one
side then in, then out. Then in again on the other side, hands are doing jumping jacks. Legs are doing this crazy thing
where they go back and forth and back and forth and it does not matter if you get it right or get it wrong or get it anything in between. Because this is the only
time we’re doing this. And there’s no test (laughs). You guys there is no Leg
Twister Jack police I promise, nobody is gonna (timer beeps)
come knocking on your door. Here we go with that walking or marching. All of my exercises are
intended to move your body through different planes of motion. That is why I put together
the exercises that I do. But there’s nothing magic
about doing one of them completely right or completely wrong. And actually speaking of
that, our next exercise is Walking Stars, which is
one that it took me years to get correct. It’s a box step, we’re stepping
forward with one hand up, and then the other hand
up and then stepping back. (timer beeps) And it is not easy for me,
especially because I make you switch leader feet each and every time. If we were gonna continue
in one plane of motion or one form of motion
with one hand and one leg leading every single time,
this would probably be easier, but this is now a workout for your brain as well as your body. Working our coordination is
such a good skill to have. And it feels terrible
while we’re practicing it. Trust me, I know but (timer
beeps) I don’t know, you know, here we go back to walking or marching. When you conquer an exercise like that that you didn’t used to be
able to do, it feels amazing. When it beeps again, you guys, you guys, we have made
it to the end of my list. I’m scooting over again
because we’re doing Big Arm Side Shuffles, which
is pretty much my favorite exercise in the world. It is such a fun sweeping
motion with your arms we’ll get a little bit of a
shuffle some lateral movement that really works the side of your glutes, your inner and outer
thighs, and it’s just fun. (timer beeps) So here we go. With some big arm side shuffles, if you want to, you could
take it down into a bit of a curtsy lunge, I’m not
gonna, but you totally could. You guys, when it beeps
again, technically, technically we’re done. We are not quite finished. We’re going to do one more interval of that walking or
marching before I’ve got one final exercise for us that
is only one interval long. It’s not an extended, long
finisher, but it is pretty much the toughest thing that we’re
going to do (timer beeps) today. So right back to walking right now. Let your heart rate come down a little bit because of course we’re
going to work on balance. You guys at the end of a cardio workout, it is my favorite time to work on balance because it’s especially difficult, and it’s especially
satisfying to conquer it. When it beeps again,
we’re doing super slow, Wide Open Side Kicks, which
means we’re gonna have our hands here at chest height with elbows at shoulder height. We’re gonna open up
our hands while kicking one foot out to the side,
(timer beeps) so your hands stay at shoulder height. (breathing deeply) While one foot kicks out at a time. Oh my gosh, totally working that booty. Totally working that
deep core stabilizers. This is meant to be super slow. This is not cardio, this is core strength, balance practice, fall prevention. Oh my gosh, and a really
lot of work in the middle of my back (chuckles)
(timer beeps) right now. And that (breathes) was the
last time it’s going to beep. I’m still doing kind of
a marching thing here. But I’m actually going to
turn it into side tappers, and we’re going to do
some arm circles to start cooling this down. My friends, didn’t that feel amazing? You know, when we start a
workout and I’m a little stiff and sore at the start of a
workout and I think to myself, “Well, how is this going to go today?” I should really know
by now that it’s always gonna go really, really well (laughs). Guys, we got a great sweat. We worked our hearts, we worked our lungs, we worked our muscles,
we worked our bones, we worked our brains. We worked our body I definitely
worked my mouth (laughs). And I hope that you
feel absolutely amazing. No matter what your goal
is if you are body shaping or if you are losing weight right now this was a perfect workout for you today. Now if you would like a
longer stretch here at the end I’ve got on screen, I’m gonna
have an extended cool down for us, let’s go ahead
and do some arm crossers, actually arm openers first
and then arm crossers. We’re gonna give ourselves a big hug, oh my gosh, so proud of you. Give yourself a pat on the
back and then open it up. Nice deep breath, cool it down. On, down on the bottom of the screen, there’s gonna be the letter
P, which is an invitation to go over to Patreon. It’s a place where you
can make a monthly pledge that helps me make free
workouts for all of us. And thank you so much if you
do choose to support like that. On the other side of the
screen is a picture of me and that’s a subscribe button. And my friends, when you click that, and the bell notification,
YouTube will let you know every time that I upload a new workout, which is at least once a
week (chuckles) my friends, thank you so much for
working out with me today. Make sure that you subscribe and I’ll see you in the next video.

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