35 Minute Yoga Video for Posture with Antranik (Free Yoga Class)

100 thoughts on “35 Minute Yoga Video for Posture with Antranik (Free Yoga Class)

  1. This is a fantastic yoga video. The first time I tried it I really struggled with the deep squat rotations.

    My back and shoulders feel great.

    Thanks Antranik! Seriously good video!

  2. i quit at the squat thing, cause there is no telling what to do if u cant sit in full squat and hold balance. so i had to quit there.
    can someone help me with what i should do? or should i just keep doing the prior exercises until i can sit in the fullsquat and do the exercises from that position and then wait to fo further in the video until i can do the full squat ?

  3. I did this video awhile back and am impressed with it today as I was when it first came out. What I like most is how easy it is to follow. I literally sat my phone down and followed only the verbal directions. Thank you for the video.

  4. Thank you so much for this! I hope you someday make more of these so we can mix it up a little bit, perhaps with some kind of focus, like for example a more hip/leg focused routine (I'm a powerlifter so no bias at all) or more upper body focused routine, you get the idea 🙂

    Although I guess if you need to travel to heaven to shoot every video that might take a while. Anyway, thanks again, I've done yoga before and never quite 'felt it', if that makes any sense. I'm off to bed!

  5. Hi, shirtless mod 🙂 I'm usually a strength training only kinda guy and yesterday was the first time doing yoga in my life, following the directions in your video. It was awesome, it's great how "loose" and relaxed I felt at the end!
    Nice pace and easy to follow, only had to pause the video a couple of times.

    If you ever decide to make these into a series, I'd go for more 30 min videos with a different focus each, like 30 minute yoga focused on breathing/meditation, another focused on core, etc.
    Looking forward to more videos, thanks

  6. Thanks so much for putting this video out. I just went through my first viewing and feel really good coming out of it. Looking forward to using this as a guide into yoga.

  7. Thanks Antranik. Your advice was a significant help when using r/bodyweightfitness over our New Zealand summer for pre-season rugby league training. Now at the end of our season, I return to this routine the night before our semi-finals.

  8. Thank you Antranik, this a great video and you are really a wonderful teacher. I love your work and it has made a great difference to me. Thanks again!

  9. This is really incredible – so great that everything made physiological sense, just a perfect blend of science and traditional yoga.

  10. This was my ideal yoga routine, I am also doing you toe touching routine and found this really complimented my current practice.

  11. I can't go further than the jet airplane posture! And i am kind of worried that my back is not straight when doing downward dogpose and have no way to find out if its straight or bend. Any advice?

  12. I did it today for the first time and I found it awesome! I've never done yoga before, came here from Reddit because of posture problems. After 20 minutes of excessive struggling and sweating, your "don't make a pain face" made me laugh so much bacause it was as if you've seen my facial expression 😀

  13. Great routine Antranik. I use so many of your resources, my body would be less strong, flexible and more injured without them. Thanks for all the great work.

  14. This is a lovely routine. I've done it several times now, and it never fails to make my body and mind lighter and more free. It's paced well, with clear instructions and it feels great! Thank you for creating this video and sharing with us your wonderful experience and insight.

  15. Wow man, I asked you for some advice on reddit, and now I'm doing yoga. It feels so good! Please make more of these videos!

  16. This was liberating! Loved the picturesque scenery too. 🙂 Do you have an adductor stretch routines? I find it difficult to criss cross and sit.

  17. the pose when you go into a deep squat and then grab your ankle and then reach up, when i reach it the highest, i can go is parallel to the floor. you reach where you're pointing to the sky. does this mean i am very inflexible? Also for camel pose, I can hardly get into it and feel like i will fall over, and put all my weight on my heel. is that normal?

  18. I love this video and pretty much all your content! One little critique I had was near the middle when you had us doing forward folds, half folds and the like. You went quite fast so I felt like I didn't have time to get into each of the poses properly. Your voice is super calming though dude, keep it up!

  19. I can't believe I've been doing this video for over a year! I've been practicing for almost five years now, and this is still one of my all-time favorite videos. Even though it is a beginner video, I feel I will never outgrow it. Please make another one! I'd love to see what a more advanced flow from you would look like.

  20. I have tried so many yoga videos but I keep coming back to yours. You do a magnificent job. Are you planning on making any more?

  21. my man! this is an awesome video. I just performed it and feel so relaxed. It really got all the tight spots you don't even think about and it wasn't hardcore impossible or anything. Keep up the great work!

  22. Antranik brother,please do more Yoga videos like this. For eg. Perhaps try doing a daily stretching routine for maximum mobility?

  23. THANK YOU! Since I started with this free yoga class I feel much better and my shoulder and back pain is gone. I do it every evening before bed and feel high as hell. x)

  24. Hey Antranik! After million years of neglecting my back pain and muscle stiffness, I remembered the stretches we did on the beach. So, I googled your name and I found this; this amazing video. It's not just the yoga positions. It's the calmness in your voice and the relaxed vibe you bring into them. Thanks bro. I already feel better.

  25. I have been doing the Recommended Routine on r/bodyweightfitness for a couple of years. I had NO idea how inflexible I was. I fully plan on doing this routine on my off days along with my skill work. Thank you for all that you do Antranik!

  26. I found your video through Reddit and I think it's great. I've always wanted to try Yoga but somehow I never got to it. I've been doing this three times a week as a warming up for my workout and I am slowly noticing a difference in my posture and how I feel. If I could give you a little feedback, I think your video is a bit to fast paced sometimes in between exercises even after a few months of doing it three times a week.

    Thanks for the video dude. 🙂

  27. I had to pause the video 2 times and rest for a minute, because I was getting tired and some positions were difficult to hold. I have never done yoga before is this normal or was I doing it wrong?

  28. Absolutely amazing video. I'm just starting yoga, and I'm lucky to so quickly find a routine that I like so much. Found you via r/fitness. Thank you!

    P.S. Where was this filmed? Beautiful!

  29. Do you recommend meditation after or before yoga?

    Thank you for this experience – I'm beginning to experience my inner peace and connect to the cosmos.

  30. Wow. This beat the hell out of me! Gonna make this a routine. Now if only I had such a beautiful place to practice!

  31. Great follow along yoga video. First time but there will be more sessions I will follow your video 🙂 Thanks Antranik for sharing!!!

  32. You are awesome….. I totally enjoyed doing this yoga practice with you, and after the class, I felt clear in the mind and my body feels flexible and strong. Thank-you so much for making it, k

  33. I said it awhile ago and I'll say it again. You're cues are bang on and you're awesome. Thank you for the continuous inspirations!

  34. Liked, subscribed and favourited/bookmarked! It was an amazing experience. First time I ever try yoga for real. It was very difficult for me in certain positions and I felt I pushed an elbow injury a little bit, but it was not unpleasant. I could merely feel that I was weak.

    I loved every second of it and the difficulty sometimes made me feel angry and frustrated… Then I remembered, that's why we practice. To be better.

    The only thing I recommend is that you mention in the beginning that one pose might require a towel or flexband to perform if you are too stiff, but perhaps that is something a lot of people understand after doing yoga.

    But for everyone trying this for the first time, BRING A TOWEL! or something that you can wrap around your foot/ankles for approximately 1-2 of the positions.

    Full marks on everything, Antranik. And thank you!

  35. Thank you for creating this video. I really enjoyed the alternative forms of some of the poses I'm used to. My only criticism is that the Vinyasa ( down dog to plank to knees chest chin to cobra ) felt a little too fast for me, which made it hard for me to stay in sync with you. Please continue to make these yoga videos, you have a very friendly demeanor and are a pleasure to watch.

  36. Have done this routine twice now and it feels pretty good. Has anyone noticed any significant improvement in posture from doing it?

  37. great video. thank you!

    i suggest you include chest stretches. especially because you mention posture in the title.
    posture problems often come from hip flexors, neck, chest etc

  38. So I decided to do this video in addition to your current daily ones in hopes of seeing some progress and adaptation. Love this view by the way, heavenly. Thanks

  39. 🧘 ► Want More? 🧘 Here are TWENTY MORE YOGA VIDEOS I'VE MADE! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqYKOHTWNtE&index=2&list=PLOj76wV2WfPunZC0NR39f5hAVgjSEsw79

  40. I'm pretty skinny, non-flexible (so far), and not very much in shape (but, I'm trying), and my word this is fatiguing me more than working out so far. lol. It feels really good, though. Thanks Antranik. I've been following a lot of your guides on exercise and they're helping me come to a better place in my life. 🙂

  41. Amazing video, thank you very much.
    I have one question, when in Child's Pose I find it difficult to raise my left arm. Do you have any idea why?

  42. Antranik, are you a God? 😀
    This is a really beautiful place, looks like heaven.
    I must try Yoga now 🙂

  43. great vid, never thought I'd find this much enjoyment in yoga! it has helped me progress a lot in only a few weeks. just managed to do the entire thing for the first time – my first attempt only lasted 10 minutes or so.

  44. Last few years of my life have been mostly sitting on my ass – gave up running, gave up rock climbing, hiking, skating. This is my first routine in a while, and holy shit does it feel amazing, spiritual almost! Liked and subscribed! 🙂

  45. This is a great video! It covers what I need to work on in an efficient manner. As a pole sport competitor, this, combined with your Recommended Routine and the collected Ido Portal materials, will really make an impact on my training.

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