jessica gundam just Cooper just keep going morning morning good fucking morning the higher food is is serving this purpose I can actually shout and raise my voice I feel slightly happier although look at the fucking state to me this morning Christ what is going on but I hope all is well we are 25 days out or 24 days out Eva 125 24 from my first ever bodybuilding show has come around bloody quickly not gonna lie to you I four hours five weeks out but the BM bf7 is what I'm doing is actually a week before so I boar weeks out instead of being five weeks out which I thought the BM bf was five weeks out but it's not if that makes any fucking sense so it's coming around bloody quickly nervous excited we're ready to showcase the hard work which I have me and AJ put in for sure I hope I hope that you've enjoyed this prep so far I definitely have you watching vs. day one god fucking bless you channel oh the waffle as always start this video off we've just changed shit chat chit chat shit but all that cardio done for today which is exciting that that moment when you finish that cardio or that moment when you look at the Stairmaster a treadmill and it's more than what you thought you did you know you think in our than he done 20 minutes here you look at the Stairmaster you've done that extra six minutes you fucking buzzer devour a lot wow that time went quicker then you have those moments where you look anything are easily done 25 minutes here and you've done literally like 10 and you're like fuck you know I'm 425 whatever but yeah anyway that's what don't forget about that seeds see the cardio I've got for another day let's get the video started because George is chatting to your mud waffle another day another reverse another try not to kill anyone within the process the usual look how far that shop is in the distance the car is parked here the pussy 'mobile still going strong still going strong I'll show you my I reversed into a skip look it up I reversed into a skip and I fuck car up and got some nice bird shit on there it's add to it nice painting cheap a few bits which I got from the shop which I might as well show you two excites your brain I'm actually leaning you on let me show you actually the kind of where I've built my tripod here just look at that so I've got it on some kitchen roll and I've also put a mug on top and I'm just leaning you just like that absolutely perfect see creation that's all about being a good youtuber not really but we've got some standard organic kale becoming that hippie guy where you know ah fucking has to be you know shut your mouth anyway apologies about that yes starting to come a little bit of a hippie when it comes to the organic stuff through like new organic man yes I'm organic you saying that I haven't got any organic asparagus tips these are just basic asparagus tips you can get from Tesco's all for free pound no free for pound that's my Starbucks little mug I'd put my bag send me send me an idea portable tool got myself a new multiple tool for saying that am i helping the planet by buying a new water bottle probably not so there we go fuck it could have got some organic green beans but I like the trim green beans these are from Kenya Kenya for burn we know are pretty good things am bean up Zambian whatever that places they do the best asparagus one green beans fuck you know I'm redoing this shit again this is on the pot in test goes as well it's normally left over for a tin but free pound 20 or whatever so I'm gonna knit but I'm not gonna make it but I'm gonna I'm gonna take off from Max shut up picked up a courgette and somehow I managed to scan it as broccoli this is a cause you know I've had courgette before and I can't really explain the taste no idea the taste is just no idea if I'm honest of you and then we also got our lean beef mince that's taking two minutes to explain that I think I need to hurry these up a little bit people sitting in I'm George we just don't care man that's why I got from Tesco's and I actually had a test fit back dipping as the bag of Max there's nothing there well maybe there is oh now what you gonna do with that please tell me what you're gonna do with that we can do that you've done nothing with it you're a useless piece of shit by the way we've got a new safe no one gives a shit look at that new set you man come back jump up go up then go around me my G you fuck here we go my pardon me watch every year sound good this year the best year this year isn't the best year but it's been a good year so far it wasn't good as last year in no way last year was good even the first two seasons were really good we haven't watched the first two seasons in love Ireland they were fantastic last watching my love Ireland my breakfast is served absolutely fantastic what I've done is is my usual kind of first meal with in the morning on a train day and the rest day I've got my egg whites I've got my asparagus and I've also got my mushrooms I've also added a little bit of kale in there and oh that has been a game changer I tell ya that has been a definite game-changer and I've also got my two whole eggs which are medium-sized my rest days I always fast in the morning for as long as I can not like to the point of where it's like one two o'clock in the afternoon or anything like that but just generally in the morning if I know I've got like client work to do I've got programming to do I've got anything that I need to do and I'm most productive when I don't eat so sooner start eating I find that a food focus goes off a lot more than I'm always kind of counting down the hours or the minutes when I'm where my next meal is like when I first thing in the morning when I'm fast it doesn't worry about that I just get on with as much work as I can I do recommend if you want to close that window down and stay faster for as long as you can then you can do that I think that works quite well but just don't we do fasting for let's say til 5 o'clock in the evening and eating all your meals in the space of two hours that's not fucking smart is it but generally lasting something I'd do something I'd recommend so I'm gonna recommend to my clients as well just don't take the piss of it that makes sense and just get what you need done done hey shut up shut up lol oh you sexy motherfuckers oh here we go another bloody leg day fuck you know is it always live day it seems to always be like day I don't know why I always seem to just feel more on leg days for some particular reason but within this voiceover I'm gonna try and give you some value as well as hopefully make you laugh and add some sort of entertainment purpose as well within this video so question I have is about the pre and post workouts nutritional setup and how I approach things and what I've learned with in the past and kind of experimented from just you know being with clients learned from having a coach etc that type of stuff and I'm gonna give you an insight regarding how you can potentially set up your your pre and post workout so pre workout what I like to do is have a more of a slower digesting carbohydrate I think diet refat is important and no matter what phase you're and I think slowing down the rates of the absorption of the farc in our gorge slowing the rate down of absorbing the carbohydrates I really think it's going to provide a benefit because what's that term hypoglycemic hypo where you've had for example we've all been in a situation where we've had like a bowl of cereal pre-workout and then you have that crazy burst of energy where your blood sugar levels where elevate and then halfway for your gym session you're just blood sugar levels will drop and you're just daydream and the floor thinking what the fuck is going on with my life we've all been in that situation so and more of a slower digesting carbohydrate with some sort of dietary fat will hopefully prevent that type of situation occurring and an easier digesting protein so for example my pre-workout meal is is oats so I've got my compact slower slower digesting carbohydrate I've got some sort of dietary fats in there so I have a little bit dark chocolate with the with the with the oats as well as the easier digesting protein so for example why isolate very easy digesting for me sits quite comfortably so that's kind of like a pre-workout setup I would go for and I get typically a lot of my clients set up like that as well I think it works really well close workout little bit different now of course we have created a demand whilst training so the demand for food you notice our post-workout you're really hungry I bottle I need diet here look at this fuck here now nearly broke me bloody leg in this leg session about huge cut on my leg as well it's fucking bleeding everywhere it was it was an absolute nightmare so nearly died in that machine which wasn't good yeah that won't talk about that any anymore try and use that in the in the title or something almost died or whatever anyway back to what same pose workout so post-workout we've created the man from training we wouldn't say I'm with the police it of glycogen so a lot of people think we've depleted I don't think we're necessarily depleted I just think the demand for food is is potentially higher within this window so you can have probably of your biggest meal a post-workout I will recommend having your biggest carbohydrate system as well so I will go for a more simple easier digesting carbohydrate so we're looking at you know cereals white rice rice cakes bagels jams these are very easy for our body to digest notice how for example and now after your post-workout you're quite hungry again because your body's absorb in this food you've created a demand for the food to be absorbed quite quickly so I'm more of a simple easier thought just in carbohydrate like I've mentioned again easier to digest in protein so again egg whites I'd go for something like a white isolate again you could have like you know why I slit with almond milk with with your cereal that work very very well we want to keep fats really low because like I says we know that fats slow down the uptake of nutrition so we really kind of want to keep fats generally quite low of in this face anywhere from anywhere from like zero to potentially maybe 10 grams of fat I think it's guns consider real I even 5 grams of fat would be would be a good place to start so that's kind of how I would like to set up a pre and post workout so I believe taken a little bit of value from why I've just said question and love question I actually got was most awkward moment on prep so far so believe it or not this sounds weird as fuck and I'm actually gonna be honest of you I was going for some steps this was like way early into my prep and I was dying for a poo and I actually shit myself and it went to the point I've just diced a little bit of shit I fill on shit myself and had to fro literally my clothes away and get my what I was gonna get my mum to pick me up but she couldn't I was too embarrassed to admit to her so earlier in this purple actually shit myself because I was going for a walk and I was in the forest and that and I was dying for a shit and I was wearing my I don't know if anyone used to know it notice I used to wear some cream joggers so there used to be some Jim King cream joggers I shit myself in them and of course you know I can't wear them ever again because I've literally stained them so that was really really embarrassing so yeah I'll admit and I that couch it myself we've all shit ourselves that shit himself on the leg press as well being there done that not to the extent of where I did shit myself previously which that was an absolute nightmare so yeah I shit myself on prep which was fun the only time when I was actually shitting now although he that often so uh I can't complain and question enough question was training when ill what should we do so my approach to training when ill is like if you cannot give a hundred percent into the gym just take the fucking rest like you know day off the gym or two days of the gym isn't going to ruin your progress psychologically you're gonna be a mess oh my god I can't train I'm gonna be small you're not gonna be small it's just all in your fucking head so if you know you can't give a hundred percent take the extra couple of days off rest you know it's not gonna hurt ensure that you're feeling better rest up plenty of you know hydration rest vitamin C etc and then you'll find that you'll actually get back into things you'll probably find that your programs would be a lot better anyway not to talk about me but what is in this motherfucking box last time I used a knife to open the box I had whey protein in there and it was in like a syllable bag spit right down here fucking protein poured everywhere we're gonna I'm gonna open it with my knife again but I'm not gonna make that mistake so we are stocking up again on the amino ropes this is the best years that I love the best TAS but it's the ears which we use and the panel is really really good so if you're looking for a good news for us I prepared that one also stocking up on my usual support max neuro one supplement which I would recommend to every individual watching right now very good cortisol management tools got the Echelon as the main reason I use this product we also they luckily send me out the 5-htp so thank you very much in sight beside for sending me out me 5-htp as well very much looking forward to using that that should be good and the what we have got here is the sample of deep it difficult Ariane but most will use that thing very much and they also give you a nice still allow which is fantastic thank you love you Janani I appreciate it as always so in one of my recent video as I mentioned I was having some sort of budget of issues I believe it was the potato I implemented my oats again that worked really well I also implemented their digestive enzyme which has been helping as well like I don't have that distended kind of GH body build of gut that you see some people have have also implemented two other supplements as well which I'll show you I've got a oh I've got a probiotic again this is like moral to do with healthier bacteria going into your body I believe ten active strands of bacteria there we go so quite a probiotic in there as well which I've got Amazon and I've also added in some organic yes because I'm organic borough organic term turmeric turmeric chica human with organic from black pepper and organic ginger so this is gonna really help with digestion as well since implementing so I have two capsules the DS first thing in the morning and I have one prior biotic in the morning I have found that after eating my food my my stomach is flat I feel a lot more better myself without for that mafada kind of you know when you feel shit just after eating food I mean isn't that lately these two supplements as well I might link them in the description skit in case you give a fuck I've implemented and they've really helped with digestion but like I said before you start implementing investing things like this and know and understand your diet think right what am I doing wrong with my diet because if it could be basic basic things like chopping and changing what you're eating can make a huge difference and these can maybe potentially give you that extra two or three percent which you may need those are the two things which I've implemented if anyone gives a shit I'm sure you done I'll just let you know morning guys so same spot down the bottom to garden I woke up this morning a new low a new fucking low I don't know how I've woken up hundred and forty six point nine pounds or three quarters wherever the world is like a skinny little girl let's take a look at how we look I go by luck said as you get leaner you should always look at the photos and how you are looking by video instead of the scowl away because once you're really really peeled and lean it becomes irrelevant so excited to look this is like the first time going to look at myself and see exactly what we're looking like start this motherfucking day I'm looking to get my body fat percentage done Nexus can or some of that I think I'll be really good for a video because people always ask George water when you reckon your body fat percentages I ain't got a fucking clue at the moment 10% fuck but no I'm just gonna tell people well what I tell people with 10% but only YouTube like thumbnail or YouTube title over self I've said because people will not Wow 5% fucking owies absolutely leave and then I will get people to tell me you know 5% you're more like 7 or 8 and I'm like fuck you know alright we're gonna get it takes a scam before I do my first shot hopefully sake oh look it's a book one of those in so I can actually see exactly where I am at because I would say I am fucking absolutely cool I'd say I'd sell pretty lean that sound single-digit body fat right now maybe seven or eight maybe nine if I go fucking though I don't know that's why we do the DEXA scan to build the look up for that that will be that will be coming to you very very very visibly with a very soon hopefully you'll join these books we are 23 days out from my first ever show I've got my hotels booked for the the show I'm getting my tanning done I'm also kind of what am i doing Mike my posing routine as well needs to be put into place so I've got my song that I want to do and I'm very excited and nervous to showcase all of that type stuff anything that you guys want to see as well so please let us know in the comments if there's something that you want me to go through the build to the show or anything like that or what I'll be doing in peak week or warm or full days of eating more just log in that type stuff then of course please let me know in the comments down below I appreciate everyone that gives just feedback even if you think I'm just are you're a topknot contoured just tell me in the comments down below wherever I don't give a shit really hope you've enjoyed today's video I'm gonna try and upload pretty much every other day see I'll see how that goes and then when it comes to the one week out I'm gonna upload every single day do like a guzman type style fucking Bing I'm also looking for a videographer as well for my show day so if you make videos you edit videos please contact me I'm looking for one for my show day so you need to be fucking top-notch if you've got comment down below pillow if you've watched selfing I always appreciate one though which is me fame fortune 23 days out let's fucking get it George boy let's do this if I could do it and any of you motherfuckers watching can do it hopefully the videos plenty on the channel chat is shit let just just go towards we don't care see it a bit but


  1. Fully smashing it g, legs are looking stupidly defined now 👌 lacking meat of course but that wasn’t your desired physique so I’ll allow u lol keep it up fella not long left to go, these last few weeks are going to be a c*nt so stay focused and it’s Sod’s law that something always comes up at the worst possible time but don’t let any outside factors come between you and what you’ve worked so hard for, almost there g!! We started cutting roughly the same time I’ve dropped almost 15key now and still hanging onto strength by the skin of my teeth so I’m chuffed to bits, times come to start cardio for me because I’ve dropped kcals as low as 2500 now and scale weights remaining stuck and I refuse to go any lower macros wise, dreading it mate 🙁 anyway hang on you will smash your show!

  2. Man in regards to your posing, I am no expert BUT I would highly recommend getting a posing coach for minor tweaks. You are looking insane man but I know that I certainly would want to tick all boxes to present the best package possible!

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  5. bro, your body looks really nice apart from your abs. your abs are terrible but the rest is looking extremely good!

  6. Been here since day 1, honestly you’re such an entertainer love the energy and positivity. Doing great ma man keep it up…

  7. I work as a videographer with my best mates company Cmotionfilms. Give them a Google and you'll see what we are all about. We won videographer of the year 2018 in England so like to feel we bring the quality you will be after. Your vlogs will be taken to a crazy new level.

  8. Looking maddddddd, just shows bit of dedication, take your time, get everything on point and you’ll see progress, can’t believe the progress you made, well done mate 👏👏👏

  9. U keep looking even more insane every video and I generally don’t know how u keep improving! Shredded to the fucking bone🔥

  10. I regret that i found your channel so late, you’re so honest about prep, about your history in college and all that stuff. I really appreciate it because for sure it’s not common nowadays 🙂

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