5 Healthy Foods That Are Causing You Increased Inflammation | Autoimmune Disease Diet

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24 thoughts on “5 Healthy Foods That Are Causing You Increased Inflammation | Autoimmune Disease Diet

  1. Sorry to say that what you said is impossible to achieve
    What else the one can eat if all available food in my market is causing illnesses
    Bread is essential and we don't have anything else to eat
    The veggies we have here is zucchini potato's tomato beans
    I can easily avoid peanuts and all nuts as well as dairy food
    What do you think about probiotics supplements ?

  2. There's 1 billion asians that eat rice every day and are perfectly healthy. I eat rice (gluten free) and beans a few time a week with celery onions mushrooms. No dairy gluten and nightshade.

  3. Thanks for this information. It confirms lots of what I have read and how my body responds. I don't understand all the comments about not being able to eat anything! You gave some "swaps" that were helpful and lots of fruits and veggies that are OK.

  4. Im new to your channel and was recently diagnosed with Crohns and wondering if this would be helpful for Crohns disease? Trying to find ways to manage this horrible disease along with my medication treatments. Would like to think one day I could cut back.

  5. Actually the peanut thing is aligned with changes in vaccination, changes in farming regulations, and lack of generational gut biomes with the enzyme. There weren't huge numbers of ppl with the allergy prior to 1950s.

  6. OMG, my family member is dealing with an undiagnosed Graves disease/Hypertyroidism that led to lung and right heart failure (edema swelling lower extremidies) that she's at the beginning of trying to get it into remission. Everything you mentioned is basically our weekly menu. And those nightshade veges are all of our go to's. WTF. She's recently switched to green beans & organic pumpkin seeds, please tell me those are okay! 🙏"… don't be a problem, don't be a problem, don't be a problem too."

  7. Thanks so much… I have lupus and I’m type 1 diabetes . I’m already cutting so much out of my diet no sugar, no wheat, no cows milk. I make all my food buying food like vital wheat and flaxseed meal. My husband thinks I’m going crazy with all this food he’s never heard of before. I’m so glad I’m the only one in my office refrigerator, there’s no room for no one else’s food. I guess I will cut peanuts and tomatoes and squash as well. Thanks for information. I ready don’t like tomatoes anyway that want be hard to let go. Although when I make my cauliflower pizza I do use a little tomatoes sauce. Guess I’ll find something different. Thanks again

  8. Im confused the seed cycling on the 2nd phase says to eat sesame seeds and sunflower seeds so I'm not supposed eat sunflower seeds at all?

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