61. How to meridian trace your way to wellness with energy healing

hi there I’m Yvonne Decelis coming to
you on YDCtv. This is going to be a little bit quicker than what I usually do – I
realized on the video I did yesterday with tracing a couple of meridians that
I said “oh I’ll be back tomorrow to do the bladder Meridian” and I meant to say
next week but since I said I was going to be back the next day I figured I
should do the video because I said I would so I am going to do a quick and
dirty version of this but I will be back next week to do a more hopefully
thorough better production of it but I did just want to show you guys how to do
the bladder Meridian tracing I’m also just to speak on meridians really
briefly meridians are our body’s energy pathways think of it this way when you
have acupuncture all of the meridians are those a cute or where they put the
needles for acupuncture so a lot else that you get from acupuncture you can
give yourself by using your own body and/or that there is much benefit to be
gained from it and I know people my mother included who swear by it I’m just
kind of needle shy so this is just another way of trying to help yourself
feel better and this meridian and the bladder
meridian it doesn’t just control your bladder it controls all different parts
of your body but when your meridians out of balance it’s very important to try to
get the Meridian flowing in the right direction
so I’ve been showing different meridian lines just example central meridian you
start at the pubic bone and you just trace up to go to your lower lip and
then you make a locking motion that’s one Meridian pathway there’s 14 in total
and I’m doing or trying to do two or three at a time but today I’m just gonna
do the bladder Meridian Meridian sorry but that one is probably the more
complex I don’t have done it Eaton’s book with me right now I in the past
Shonda Donna Eaton energy medicine video that’s where
I first learned about these but I had to watch the videos in conjunction with the
book to learn how to do it exactly right and since then I’ve learned more about
it through the Academy of energy healing but anyway just to get to the Meridian
tracing one last thing by the way don’t forget
subscribe to my channel if you’d like to see more don’t forget leave comments
down below but anyway all that said I just want to do the tracing for you so
this is how you trace your bladder Meridian this one’s a little bit
complicated and I’m not good to take my head off this has been a very bad hat
day I’m not moving it you don’t have to touch yourself you can hover about to
mid inches approximately away from your body our energy fields go up about three
inches away from us so as long as you’re within your field you can keep your
hands very close by and unfortunately my advice is just kind of in the way
because the very first point you want to do is your crown so you would start off
right here right about where the third and I is where your eyebrows almost beat
right over that is where the third eye is you basically start with your hands
facing apart start there and you trace up and then you sort of
make a triangle and go back down to the base of your head and I’m sorry I
apologize in advance if I’m making excess noise with my microphone I’m
trying not to I hope I’m not I apologize if I am but basically once you get you
want to get your hands down back as far as you can and then you can actually I’m
turning around you don’t have to turn around I’m turning around just to try to
show you what I mean here you then bring your hands up as high as you can start
up here again and then just trace down the spine and when you get to your waist
just jug up and out a little bit at the hips and then you’re going to trace down
and underneath your glutes so basically under the butt under the glutes once
you’ve gotten to that point you’re then gonna turn around and start this over
again because there’s another point here so you’re gonna reach back just reach
back as far as you can touch your back so if you go again you know touch the
back and then you’re gonna bring your arms back up around to go up as much as
close as you can to where you just left off but this time we’re just gonna trace
all the way down so go down the spine and then at the hips go out onto the
sides and just trace down on the size of your
leg and then go all the way down to your feet and generally I have to do this
with my shoes off because it does matter which toe you end off with so I’m
actually kicking my shoes off I’m not filming my feet though so just to show
you for this one you want to go on the next-to-last tow the toe to your
next to your pinky toe so you just trace all the way down and then you go down
and trace off that ring you toe and that’s it and then you just rather hands
together and shake them out that’s like I said that’s a much more complicated
Meridian that’s probably one of the hardest ones to really learn how to do I
really do recommend it if you want to see another version of it I know one
doesn’t it better than Donnie Eaton she’s the master look her up check out
on it eaton meridian tracing i highly recommend her she’s the best she’s the
one I learned it from that is a very confusing one but I like I said I
promised I was going to do the video so here it is I really hope you liked it
leave a comment down below and I guess that’s it for now thank you

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