67 Year Old Wellness Guru Tony de Leede Shares Life Changing Secrets

(bright chiming) – My name’s Tony de Leede. I’m from Australia. I have a company called
currently Wellness Solutions. We formed this company
about five years ago. We’re in the content business, so we deliver bite-sized pieces of movement and
mindfulness content. What we are doing
is very unique. We like to sort of
joke around and say what we are doing for
the wellness industry is what a guy called Steve Jobs
did for the phone industry. We’ve taken basic
concepts and wrapped them with the things that
are relevant today which is proper breathing,
meditation, stretching, proper eating. ‘Cause,
you know, we look at what I call the five
pillars of wellness. Essentially in my mind,
it’s what you eat, it’s how you move, it’s
where your head space is, it’s proper sleeping,
and it’s good community. And if you can get a
blend of what I call the five pillars of wellness,
it will help you live not just longer, but it will
help you live far better. And what we decided, you
know, a few years ago. I’ve been in the fitness
business for 37 years, and 37 years ago I was
striving to be very fit. Now that I’m nearly 67, I
just wanna live well longer, and my personal mantra is I just wanna die
young late in life, and I want to keep moving
until I’m in my 90s, chase my wife around
till I’m in my 90s, and go to sleep one day, or
possibly even into my hundreds, you know, there’s very
few people that get there, but if I’m blessed
to be one of them, I’d be very happy. So, you know, when I
looked at my generation, the baby boomers. I was born in ’53, so I sit
right in the very center of those people born
from 1946 to 1964 that are classified
as the baby boomers. And there are now
in this country over 50 million baby
boomers in the US, and growing at the
rate of 10,000 a day. So where these people,
they all have the desire to live longer, better,
but it’s the availability of what I call bite-sized
pieces of movement, meditation, mindfulness,
’cause traditionally, you know, exercise is
delivered in 30 minutes or an hour if you
go to a health club, and most people in my
generation didn’t grow up with health clubs. Didn’t grow up with fitness
centers. They didn’t exist. So 80 to 90% of people
in my generation have never been inside
a fitness facility, and they never will. But they do want to
live longer, better. So how do you deliver that? And tech is a big one. You know, so and we
are a tech company that delivers
content in virtual, in environments that
are small rooms. We have movement in
collections of activity, whether it be strength,
stretch, breathing, dance, meditation, cardio, so we have
10 collections of movement. We deliver it in small bites
in 10, 20, 30-minute bites, and then we have mindfulness
or a brand called Mind123 where we deliver education
in short podcasts, and whether it be nutrition,
beauty, health, relationships, loneliness, mental health,
brain care, sleep assistance, all the topics that
are relevant to people, and they can be
delivered on this. They can be in
senior living homes where they have
a community area, and these senior homes
may occasionally have aid, an instructor comes
in three days a week to do a basic stretch
or yoga class, but that’s three
days a week at 9:30 on a Monday, Wednesday, Friday. The content we’ve developed
that goes on screens in these rooms, and
a lot of these rooms already have the screens,
is delivered 24/7 by the same experts. – [Bill] So Tony, the things
that you’re talking about are all areas that used
to be the domain of, you know, the religious
leaders, life coaches, your buddies kind of
encourage you to do things. They’re all things we
know we need to do, but none of us do them. – Yeah. – [Bill] How do you
use the technology, that’s great once people
get up off the couch, put the chips aside, and login. How do you, how
do we reach people to help them make that decision to do what inertia tells you that you don’t
really want to do? – Well, I think, you know,
for everybody in life, convenience, comfort, ease,
accessibility are the keys. You have to get off the
couch and drive too far away, it’s not, you know,
you’re less inclined. Speaking specifically
about where we are at the International
Council On Active Aging, which is more about senior
living environments, independent living environments, so they’re in the
environment already. They have the community halls. Now they can sit around
and play bridge or bingo or they can have
an activity area where it’s easily delivered, it is running constantly
in small bites, and it’s a wellness
lounge as we call it. So it’s a community
environment that invites people to come in and
communicate and talk which reduces that
loneliness piece, you know, but it’s under pinned
by a foundation of movement and mindfulness. So movement and
education, ’cause people, it’s not that they don’t want
to live longer or live better, they make excuses, but if
you take away the excuses, and if you deliver
it in palatable, easily digestible pieces, they are more
inclined to taste it. So we are about any
type of movement is better than no movement. You know, if you move five
minutes, 10 minutes, 15, you gradually build up. You know, but if you wanted,
if you had delivered something in an hour, it’s scary,
so we deliver everything in small bite-sized people
that is filmed by instructors that are in their 50s and 60s. So this is all content
that’s online and on screens, and we have the largest
library in the world under wellness solutions, we
have the brand called Move123 and a brand called Mind123,
and nobody has approached the delivery of wellness. It’s just like, this
is still a phone, but it’s being wrapped with
a camera and Siri and Apps and a flashlight. It’s still a phone,
but, you know, we have taken our wellness
and wrapped it with the things that make it more palatable
and more attractive. – [Bill] You’re
telling me in essence that we are on the beginning
of a wellness revolution. – Absolutely. – [Bill] lead by
technology of your kind. – Pretty much, and
the biggest issue in every environment
is the availability and the cost of labor,
and what we’ve done is just eliminated that ’cause
for, in these environments, for small license
fees that’s equivalent to paying an
instructor once a week, you get the same
instructors on big screens in a good environment
’cause we have these rooms that have LED lights,
they’re dimly lit, so they’re non-intimidating. And again, it’s the delivery. You know, this guy
changed the world with how he delivers
communications. 10 years ago it was a
Blackberry or a Nokia, and it changed the world, and, you know, it’s
a big statement, but the way we deliver
wellness content across the five pillars
that I mentioned earlier is to me the way we would
like to make a huge impact, and we even have facilities
called Club W Wellness Lounges so I intend to
franchise the concept, so we deal with age care, not age care, well senior
living, independent, hospitality environments,
corporate environments, fitness environments
where we have recovery, recharging, relaxation,
so it’s all the words that resonate not just
with the baby boomers, but they resonate
with the younger, but our focus is on what I
call the forgotten generation, and wellness solutions
has what we believe to be a number of different
solutions for that. – [Bill] And look at
you personally, Tony, you’re out there at age 67, on the cutting
edge of technology, of the evolution of aging,
and you are at an age where a generation ago, they
would have made you retire two years ago. – Yeah, pretty much. – [Bill] It’s remarkable
where we are headed. – Well, fortunately, I don’t
like golf, (laughing) so. – [Bill] Are you thinking
about ramping down? Does this, has this
changed your outlook? – Look, you know, I just
finished listening to a talk on Alzheimer’s and
Dementia, and they say unless you keep
exercising your mind, and, you know, for me
it’s not doing, you know, jigsaw puzzles. – [Bill] Crossword, yeah. – To me it’s talking to
people about business things. I’ve run a number of
different businesses, and yes, I will slow down. My wife was telling me I
must slow dow, and I will, but will I stop and
take up fishing or golf or just chess or something? No, I mean, I still
want to be out there, keeping my brain active, and
also I keep my body active. – [Bill] Having a purpose. – Well, certainly, you know,
and my purpose right now, as I said, I’ve been in
fitness for 37 years, and I’ve now been in wellness
for the last five or six, and I believe that my
generation is being forgotten to a great degree, and we
need to structure the content, the education, so again
it’s easily palatable. It’s more attractive,
in environments
that are comfortable not intimidating, and
we feel that, you know, with our wellness
solutions umbrella, and with the many different
businesses that are on there, we have been able,
we’ve achieved, and we’re still, we have
little wellness pods too. We have breathing and
meditation chairs. We’ve taken basic massage chairs and wrapped them with
meditation, breathing, recovery, recharging. Again, we’ve taken
a basic Nokia phone and turned it into an iPhone. – [Bill] Tony, you’re
a 67-year old guy who sounds like you
couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come. – Well, this
particular business, it’s the first time in my life, and I’ve done a lot of
good things in my life, but this particular
business, on this particular, and it is a business. It’s a commercial
business, but it’s for the, but the purpose is to have
that forgotten generation have access to the
movement and mindfulness that will enable them to live a better life
longer essentially. (bright chiming)

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