A Cure for Wellness Teaser Trailer Reaction

Remember Gore Verbinski?! Man talk about a horror story about how quickly your fortunes can change in Tinseltown!

100 thoughts on “A Cure for Wellness Teaser Trailer Reaction

  1. Grace, I didn't knows that subject was something you have excitement for, asylums. it's great to hear what cinaphile's inspiration can be out how they developed it. Great work, long long time watcher, sorry, I never comment much.

  2. Very cool visuals, but no character and very little dialogue. Read the plot outline on Imdb, but none of that really comes across in this trailer. If the story's as good as the visuals, it's a winner.

  3. This film really REALLY reminds me of a movie Lee Pace was in called The Fall, there are a lot of similarities in the trailer, with all these different locations, and even a similar shot with the people who pray by spinning (can't remember their name!) either way, I'm very excited!!

  4. The Bioshock movie was not made because the studio wanted it to be Pg-13 for a bigger audience, but Verbinski was firm on it being R and staying true to the game's content.   That's why it vanished.

  5. I dont get why The Lone Ranger made so little money, it was better action/adventure film than what MCU does for example.

  6. Hey, Grace! I just saw the trailer for Logan, and after watching it, the poster makes a lot of sense now! Boyd Holbrook looks great and so does Hugh Jackman. I wasn't all that excited about the movie, but after that trailer, I can't wait to see it!! It looks like it'll definitely be a lot heavier and darker than the other X-Men movies, which fits Logan as a character imo. Anyway, will you be doing a shot by shot for it?

  7. The visuals in this are so artistically gorgeous. Although I have no idea what the story is about.

  8. I feel like this movie looks impressive, but I have a feeling that this movie will be all look and no substance :(. We've been burned too many times by great looking trailers like this.

  9. seems too sureal and off the walls for me, i want to be able to know whats happening rather than just seeing trippy visuals

  10. Since you like insanity/ psychiatric asylums…you should watch American Horor Story: Asylum season. You might go insane.

  11. He might not make a Bioshock movie but aesthetically I think this is what it could have looked like (without going too far)?

  12. the song choice is dope. and I'd see it because I'm a fan of Dane Dehaan. Ever since that trash TASM2, I've wanted him to win.

  13. Holy moley…. That cinematography is incredible… Gore has stepped up his game! (although I actually really enjoyed Rango and the first two PoC films)

  14. Something i begin to hate with modern trailers :
    The goddamn "woooob………woooooob……….woooooob" cutting sound. It is getting annoying as hell.
    Aside from that it is interesting. Mysterious and on the "whats going on here ?" side it is pretty strong.

  15. 80% of mental problems are man fabricated and prolonged with prescription drugs..
    now they just moved the people from in the aslyums into jails to make money off them..
    only 1 out of every 6 doctors actually cares about who they are treating and that is only the high level brain surgeons who take honor in the fact they can save a life with there hands..

  16. Nicely filmed and I really like that song! While I was watching the trailer I Shazamed it on my phone but nothing came up. Anybody know who sings this here and what the name of the song is?

  17. All these little "Ring" references. Like you see the ring when the giant watertank closes.
    Or the hand coming out of the bathtub. I loved the ring and this movie from the same director
    has a very similar tone to it. I am excited.

  18. am i the only person that thinks Grace is smokin hott< granted im in no way belittling her career as a film critic cuz shes a damn good one and more so commentator on movie topics, just the nerdiness level of interest in movies makes her even hotter. Just Sayin.

  19. This reviewer is more annoying and smug than Hillary Clinton…too judgmental of GV's career rather than objective

  20. Is it me or does Gore Verbinski like the color green A LOT? Watch The Ring, The Lone Ranger, and this trailer, and you'll notice almost every shot has green in it.

  21. I am highly anticipating this movie, I didn't care much for any of his older films but this one really peaks my interest…

  22. WELL WHAT DO YOU KNOW. AS SOON AS I SAW THIS TRAILER I STARTED THINKING ABOUT BIOSHOCK FOR SOME REASON, I AM A BIG FAN OF THE GAME, sorry for the caps, I'm very excited to see this! I really hope Ken Levine watches this movie, I need a BioShock movie in my life!

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  24. did you just say shutter island wasnt so good?c'mon thats my favourite movie of all time especially cuz of the plot twist but also because i think they captired the creepiness of insane asylums just right

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