Addressing Food Insecurity in the Heartland | Humana

Humana’s a really large company and as such
we insure people from essentially cradle to grave. And one of the things that as a company
we did was look at people’s journey into life-long well-being. We really wanted to
improve the health of our communities. We needed to do it a different way and that was
to look at Population Health. And what could we do to look at our community’s impact
on what was making our members less than their optimal health. Working with Access to Healthy
Food is in keeping with helping identify individuals who are pre-diabetic, pre-hypertensive and
the idea that we can get there to them faster through Access to Healthy Food. The Health
and Wellness Coalition of Wichita really focuses on access to healthy foods and increasing
physical activity. And we realize that 25% of our population lives in a “food desert.”
We have one farmer’s market that’s actually mobile and it goes to the senior living centers.
One of the great opportunities for partnership with Humana has been expanding that mobile
farmer’s market to become a mobile healthy market. We are out in the community today
here at the Metro Market. In a needs assessment with the community, food access was a very
large part of that. We needed a custom fitted generator that could somehow fit underneath
the bus and power our freezer so we could carry meat products, our refrigerator so we
could carry farm fresh eggs, and cheeses and lunch meat for folks and the ability to run
power to our cooking demonstrations site. Humana reached out right away and was extremely
receptive. They knew this need that we had and they understood its importance and that
has enabled so much for us. You’re seeing the inside of our mobile grocery store, which
we call it R & G Family Grocers. And the R & G stands for “Real Good.” Part of our
greater project would be to see the establishment of more neighborhood smaller foot print stores
that provide fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthier choices than the existing convenient
stores in the food desert areas of Tulsa. Humana is evolving as a company. And we’re
not the traditional insurance company. What we have done so far with Humana, it’s just
a start in getting well-being to be a major focus within the communities that we serve.
I’m very excited to see where this going to go in the future.

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