(laughter) (groaning) (intense electronic music) ♪ We been going bigger
from the start, yeah ♪ ♪ Keep it way up, going down
and leave a mark, yeah ♪ – Good morning everybody,
7th of December, 2018. I’m at AKA Muay Thai
here in Phuket, Thailand. There’s a bunch of cats running
around, fighting each other, which is the perfect place
for a cat fight, I guess. ‘Bout to start a beginner
Muay Thai class here. It’s my first time training here at AKA, so Rob’s just gonna drive the camera, just gonna give you the
highlights of this place, in the middle of the jungle,
and it should be fun. I’m feeling pretty tired
actually, but um quickly pan. This is what it looks like,
class starts in about 30 minutes and ah it’s gonna be fun. – Gonna be amazing. (Thai dance music) CBuzzer) (Thai dance music) – Good enough? – Ah ha ha, thank you. – Video, perfect.
– Yes, thank you. – My pleasure.
– All right, look at me. All right that’s how you’re
supposed to do a wrap, there we go. There we go, there’s
the video right there. (laughs) I’ll have to re-watch the
video, in slow-motion, 20 times to learn how to do it properly. (“East Meets West” by Nu Alkemi$t) (exhales) – [Camera Woman] Don’t you sweat on me. Sweat on me, it’s like
spraying all over my face. (“We Ride” by Feeki) (Thuds) – Okay, Okay – Hey – All right – All right, one more – One more (Laughing) (Upbeat music) (Laughing) – Ahh, yes (Laughing) (Thuds) (Yells in foreign language) – Kick left, okay Ah yes, one more and power not power, not combo (Grunting) No, no, again (Laughing) Die (Laughing) – That was good, it was really good I feel a lot more awake
today than yesterday (Deep breath) (Grunt) (deep bass music) – There’s some ah, couple of
rounds with the instructor was good, high intensity,
little bit of technique the guys awesome, Pat – [Camera Woman] Nice energy – Yeah, really good
energy, really cool guy – [Camera Woman] Really, really nice – I’d probably do a private with him. – [Camera Woman] Like, also,
I noticed that he is noticing that your not mindful, like
your not being as present as you need to be and
he’s calling you on it. – He’s calling out, that’s right. – [Camera Woman] Yeah. – With that high kick, every time. – [Camera Woman] Or just,
just he’s like, he can see your distracted – That’s right – [Camera Woman] He’s calling you on it – That’s right, he is. Good pickup – [Camera Woman] It’s good. – Good fun, I’m glad you’ve seen that. – [Camera Woman] Yeah. – Good pickup. (Intense Thai music) (Background training) – [Brad Newton] All right, everybody that’s the end of the beginner class well it’s actually an open class for all levels, here at what’s the name of the gym? – [Camera Woman] AKA – AKA, we’ve been trying
different gyms around here, so I’m losing track. Anyway so first time here
at AKA, amazing gym actually it’s actually one of my favourite one’s first time here, ah eight til ten class ah, all levels in the once class. Highly recommend coming and
checking this place out. It’s in Rawai, I’ll throw the map up. It’s like a ten, fifteen scooter ride from Tiger Muay Thai and all the
main gyms down on Soi Ta-iad. But, um this gym, this
place is pretty good they’ve got like, a weight area,
they’ve got like a air dyne area upstairs, ah where the pro fighters do there thing up there with
ropes and things like that ah, they’ve got like a
nice little cafe, next to the main training floor,
ah there got a couple of rings, really really nice. Um, when we come back to
Thailand, ’cause were flying out literally in two days from now we’re defiantly gonna
come back to this place and do some more training here. But, basically Muay Thai, BJJ, MMA. Um, they run these
classes throughout the day with Muay Thai, morning eight til ten afternoon, four til
six, I think from memory and then yeah, they do
three month packages and blablablah it’s on
their website check it out. But anyway, amazing
experience for someone like me that’s kinda
beginner-intermediate um it was a fun class, great trainers, great people met a few people from, met
a guy from Czech Republic met a Canadian dude,
awesome guy if your watching this, your awesome and um and then yeah great place, but um, if you come here let me know, message
me and um and then yeah maybe we’ll cross paths one day but otherwise, see you
here in Phuket, goodbye (Upbeat Thai music)


  1. I was just gonna comment "how is that black guy in a beginner class" then you said open class. AKA Thailand doesn't have a big social media presence like TMT so a lot of guest don't go there, I'll check it out in April after my month ends in March at TMT. Thanks for a cool video

  2. Didn't seem to me that you were distracted but perhaps thinking too much which is maybe slowing you down? I would guess if you keep training that a lot of the moves will come instinctively. Your kicks seem really powerful but then I see the speed of the guy in the black and red shorts who was instructed after you by the same trainer and his kicks seem to pop out of nowhere. Just a very basic observation from someone that doesn't know anything about any type of martial art! You'd still kick my butt into next year! 😂

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  4. Hey Brad, love your videos and have trained at tiger. Planning to head back but what’s your second fav on fitness street not too far from coco? Going back to tiger but want to try a diff place for a new experience. Thanks!

  5. I'm heading out for 2-4 weeks next year. My first trip, done some western kickboxing. I'm torn between here and tiger. Which would you recommend?

  6. Out of all of the muay thai gyms youve visited which was your favorite? Curious to know! Looks like a blast

  7. Hey you are doing a great job to shoot vlogs of different muay thai gym in Thailand actually we can get Idea which is better for us… Thanks man keep up the good work.. appreciating from India 👍👍👍.

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