Animal Welfare Commitment

agriculture has always been a part of Canadian life it played a huge role in how the country developed and it's still a huge part of our culture and our economy I think people are far more concerned about the welfare of all the animals that are affected by how we live we need consumers and citizens who care about the quality of life of the animals in their food system but we also need the science so that the decisions that are made are based on a real understanding of the animals what makes them comfortable what makes them healthy and so on we now have two advisory councils in Canada dealing with all aspects of farm animal health and welfare bringing together farmers veterinarians scientists the humane movement and other players I'm involved with Loblaw because I see them as good corporate citizens they're playing an important role on both of the national advisory councils providing a crucial communication link bringing the perspective of consumers and citizens into the discussion with farmers regulators and others I'm gratified at the changes that have been made so far there is an enormous amount still to be done but I think we are now well prepared to carry that forward in the future

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