AQ Counseling, Health & Wellness Services

[inspiring music] – We’re here to help them
work through anything. Whether it’s issues with a roommate, you they’re having really
strong, intense anxiety. If it’s substance abuse, if it’s something related to depression, or thoughts of suicide. We’re here for anything. – I like to tell students
that no issue is too big or too small for them to
use counseling services. When students come in they’ll be greeted by our office coordinator
at the front desk. And they’ll fill out some paper work. – So one of the first
things we do with them is go over our confidentiality statement. We are bound by law to
maintain confidentiality. – [Stephanie] We will
not go tell professors, tell parents, tell roommates
about who comes to see us. – I got parents, I got
faculty, I’ve got staff, I’ve got students coming in here. And they have to feel comfortable with me so that they can
talk about what they need to. Between 18 and 24, that’s
where our mental health issues start really popping up, so if they haven’t
shown up in high school, they’re going to show up
during this time here. – [Stephanie] Some of the
common issues that students face are anxiety, depression, relationship issues, trauma, just dealing with stress of college. – So one of the biggest things that Counseling Health and
Wellness is here for, is to assist students in being safe, whether that’s a concern for their bodily harm from other people. We are a space where they
can talk about these things. A big piece of what the
counseling center does, is we look at referrals. – When the counseling center has a patient that they feel like might
need additional assistance aside from just doing counseling services. Where they might need
medication to help them through, they would refer them over here to us. Anything that you can get at your primary care physician’s office you can get done here. – On campus we have the
health center to help with, not only your body wellness, but also your mental health, and just general overall
health, mind, body, spirit. We work in conjunction
with the counseling center, just for everybody’s health
and wellness on campus. – As a human we feel like
no one else will understand. You know the counseling center has been here for quite some time, and so that means that
there’s been a lot of people who have struggled before. Everyone struggles at
one point or another. – We believe that everyone has the right to a quality of life here, at
Aquinas, in this environment. And also that we’re
here to help the client be able to have the
skills to be successful. [inspiring music]

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