Are your health services up to standard?

what if there were no standards in the health industry how safe and effective would medical services be when you are sick or injured these are the last things you want to worry about but without international standards that could be a little tricky because standards provide internationally agreed guidelines and specifications to ensure things work when disaster strikes building standards make sure the hospital is still functional standards make sure you can rely on your prosthetic device and that you are electronic health data is safe standards ensure that your surgeons operating tools work when you need them most standards also help keep bugs at bay by making sure that everything is properly sterilized standards make sure medical devices and tools are effective that medical labels are clear and that your laboratory tests are done correctly with more than 1300 iso international standards dedicated to health across a wide range of sectors from dentistry to medical services to health information systems you can rest assured that medical equipment will work as its intended that you’re in safe hands and that the whole community gets the level of quality care that they deserve and they make a big contribution to the United Nations sustainable development goals which is to ensure healthy lives and well-being for all

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