Arizona Trooper Needs Every Ounce of Emotional Fitness He Has

100 thoughts on “Arizona Trooper Needs Every Ounce of Emotional Fitness He Has

  1. It disgusts me seeing people just speeding by, get out and help your fellow officer …. if u have a chance to save a man/womens life take it

  2. The officer did a very professional job in his escalation of force. He understood his job correctly as being to arrest, and not to kill. He wound up having to kill, but he tried to arrest first. Good job.

  3. It’s not often I can say this, but much respect to the officer for trying to handle this without killing the guy. He had no other choice

  4. Worst thing that happened when they got rid of the two man crews riding in the cars, this shows how much can happen waiting for backup, and the more I see those tasers used the more ineffective they seem, yes they work under perfect conditions but how often is that.

  5. Question from average citizen…should the officer have just followed the guy until assistance arrived? Especially since he had a ride-along? Love these videos. I’ve learned so much about situational awareness and mental preparedness. Thank you John!

  6. Hey John, I don't know how else to tell you this, but you are literally my favorite on YT. I had to finally make that statement. I'm a LEO of 14 years and your videos with explanation and commentary are second to none. I mean that. I won't toot my own horn at all, but I speak from a place of experience. For private citizens and for LE, you say the right things 99.9% of the time. Your explanations are so spot on it's like you can read minds. I'd like to meet you someday and give you a good handshake. Take care and keep them coming. William

  7. I watch your videos all the time and I cant believe no one out of all the people watching this go on NO ONE came to help the officer. What a bunch of cowards!! An officers life was at stake!! HELP HIM PEOPLE!!

  8. I disagree. Having his taser out was not the right thing to do. Cops should not even have tasers. This cop should have had his service weapon drawn. When the guy attacked him, he should have just shot him. I have no concern for those who will not follow the instructions of police officers and even less concern for anyone who would attack an officer.

  9. If that was a black man fighting a white police officer bare knuckle. the police officer would have shot him to death. people drive by watching the officer tingling with the suspect should called 911 for help.

  10. Wow this was very hard to watch. Did he beat him with his own flashlight that’s crazy. Haven’t finished watching yet.

  11. Practice your ASP and keep driving stay out other people's business especially police business stay safe and don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong

  12. Clearly, from watching many dash cam videos from Law Enforcement vehicles, they need to have….make that must have…more extensive hand-to-hand combat, or grappling training. Several times the Officer had the body position and leverage to put a halt to the attack rather quickly. Do not all Patrol Officers carry a collapsible baton? That would have been highly useable in this situation. Far too often we see Patrol Officers taking injuries by losing these type of confrontations. If nothing else, he could have waited the couple of minutes more for his backup to arrive before exiting his Unit but, hindsight is 20/20. I also wonder why Pepper Spray wasn't considered an option? The Officer did try and talk him 'down' but he was having none of that. It's a real shame that a sign being pushed to the floor led to a very disturbed man losing his life, however the Officer showed a lot of restraint (we don't know what all occurred once they were to the side of the Unit) before having to draw his firearm.

  13. As soon as the suspect kicked his patrol car he should of called in to dispatch to request for additional units. If not in the car then when he had the tazer on the suspect before discharging. Adrenaline is a hell of a drug.

  14. The problem is in the job description… Protect and serve is his job not to enforce law's. This situation only called for a code enforcement officer.

  15. That officer needs a metal and people need to get together and pay for a 2 months vacation for him and his family, then when he returns he is training officers on what a real legit threat to life is. When police are legally and legitimately supposed to use deadly force. His level of self control and just plain doing his job correctly is superhuman.

  16. These videos keep on getting longer and longer. I bet it doesn't take him this long to eat a full course meal than give an explanation.

  17. @Active Self Protection. Did I hear you say that the Taser is 100 percent effective if both prongs get in you?  Not even close. Even then a LARGE percentage of people it has little to no effect.

  18. I've had to step in an assist an officer before who was in the exact same situation. People just stood by and watched him getting overpowered until I got there. This particular officer should have stayed in his car until backup arrived. This guy wasn't going anywhere.

  19. ive been a 22 yr firefighter ,ive taken out people whos family we were trying to extricate from a rollover ,tackled him then 2 others jumped on and whatyall think the cop did when he came up ………. . maced everyone

  20. Thankfully, the bad guy left the scene in a body bag instead of the LEO. It really pisses me of that so many sheeple could've helped the officer, but chose to just move on. Sadly, our society has degraded lower and lower. It's very clear that this guy was very unstable right from the get go when he knocked the sign into the street. Like you stated in the video, the POS was wanting a confrontation with the officer. The LEO should've called for back up right away. Any officer will tell you, that type of person is the hardest to detain. Even an officer with advanced skills in hand to hand "combat" calls for backup when they're dealing with this type of person. Stun guns/tasers are a great way for an officer to get injured or killed when they fail to work properly. In my opinion, they should only be used when there's at least two LEOs involved in the situation with one LEO having a firearm pointed at the perp……

  21. Glad that scumbag took the asphalt temperature challenge, one less lowlife scumbag in the world. To the people that talk shit about the cop, that is who is protecting you, without them it would be the wild Wild West.

  22. UNBELIEVABLE how many cars saw what was happening and kept on driving! But hey, he's just a cop. No wife, kids, people who love him…today cops are targets. The world is backwards. Well officer, don't lose too much hope in humanity. Some of us still support the blue. Yes, black lives matter, but so do blue. Had I driven across this scene, I would have helped you. Disturbing.

  23. Out of all the times cops shoot when their not supposed to, this was a time when the officer was supposed to open fire on the crazed suspect, the moment the cop felt he couldn't control the situation by hand. For a minute there, I thought the suspect won.

  24. Like in Britain. Where I live, The greatest country in the world. That’s why they call it Great Britain. By law, we allow minimum force necessary to subdue or overcome any criminal/intruder. We don’t kill cops, we don’t do home invasions, we don’t need to worry about getting shot. If you’re not a gangster, you ain’t getting “whacked.”
    So in summary… America sucks. Britain rocks. Fuck all you fat, dumb , yank cunts.

  25. I'm Not Trying To Sound Like a Tough Guy, But I Definitely Could've Choked That Guy Unconscious, Or Perhaps a Flying Elbow To The Side Of His Head Would Have Sufficed.

  26. Jesus Christ. That guy needs to do some fucking cardio. Dude was out of breath after like 20 seconds of bear hugging. Also, my man put waaaaaaay too much faith in his taser. If you’re that close to a suspect you pull the glock and assert yourself.

  27. So obviously this foreigner didn't come into the country illegally or was bound to be stopped by a wall at the southern border…hmm

  28. When will cops learn that they are not judges and stay true to the authority that they have – the either or statement with jail as consequence was maybe an huge part why an ego fight (the suicidal megalomaniac drug dude whatever, was sure thinking he can get out of this – he also threw that streetsign because he saw the cop.) and then a real fight ensued. With humor or even a clear order, I guess things would had gone different, but like this it seems the deceived man got what he wanted.

  29. So I don’t want to read all the comments and such, but you said the cop “had” to pursue this because he was giving a command and the guy was blowing him off (probably paraphrasing). Was it a lawful command? Just curious. Is it illegal to tip over a sign and walk away from an officer?

  30. As Soon as the 2 shots with the taser wasn't affective, and he came at me like he did, agressivly. I would have pulled my lethal, and put two shots into his chest.

  31. So the cop attacked him for knocking over a sign?
    I would fight for my life too if a deep state murdering thug came after me too.
    Dude was obviously in fear for his life when cop tased him.. For good reason. Cops kill you for bumping a sign… Murdering pigs.

  32. See even when the cops need help, his back up showed up after the fact. You must be ready to do what you need to. You don't know how long until helps come.

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