ASK Wellness – Joy’s Story

(Laughing) Well it was easy to talk at you, but not the camera. I didn’t like them in the garbage. So I said I’m taking them home and I carried them home. (Laughs) Joey: You spoke about how you have kids. Mhmm. Do you want to talk about that? Well, because of my drinking, they got taken away, but my husband sexually abused her, so that’s the main reason why they got taken. And then after they left, then I just became a full blown alcoholic. and I don’t know what to say about that except for if you make the wrong choices, you live where you can live. You stay here, you stay there. Under the bridge, Holston, we were under there for couple months at least So you’re out there all day no matter what, walking around, you can stay there but you can either read or play games but I wasn’t like that yet. I just wanted my alcohol, so I came out. The addictions are bad out there. (That’s my friend Eric’s room.) Nine days without eating. Like totally nine days without eating. That was hard. I don’t know how I did it, or why I did it. But, I didn’t eat. (Unlocks door) Joey: Oh this is awesome! I couldn’t handle the cold no more. Because I would go there and go, shiver, shiver, shiver and you just can’t warm up. We had like four or five blankets, but I was still cold. I would cry myself to sleep because I was cold. I always wanted help. I just didn’t know how to get on that straight path and get into housing. And then there’s a room and they phoned back over there and said there’s a house. Yeah! And I was happy. And it was just this beautiful transition that we saw, from streets to homes to now working on the health. And that’s exactly what ASK Wellness wants to see. And I got my staff here 24/7. Hopefully I’ll use and hopefully get on my meds every day. Because when you’re out there you don’t don’t take them and you don’t look after yourself. Get off the alcohol for one, keep going to my programs. Get grounded, we learn do that. Joey: So today’s a good day? Yep! Joey: A really good day? A really good day. Joey: Why has today been good? I mellowed out my drinking (And then I’m doing all the intense parts now.) Joey: What do you hope for in the future? A sober life; a happy life. Content. Which I’m doing now because I’m doing jigsaw puzzles and keeping myself busy. Reading and as long as you keep busy and keep going to programs.

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  1. After Joy’s children were taken out of her custody, she relied on alcohol to fill her empty void. She ended up homeless, sleeping under the Halston Bridge. With the support and help from ASK Wellness, Joy now has a place to live. Watch her story here:

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