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at dirt tracks we talk a lot about vehicle performance the ATV industry new technology and interesting people we've met along the way and these things are both interesting and important but there is no question there's another topic out there that is more important and more interesting than all of these things combined safe and responsible ATV use is what will ensure a long enjoyable future for the ATV industry it's something many of us take for granted but it's also a topic that can come up and slap you right in the face if you're not paying attention and this hit home here recently when a young family acquaintance of one of our crew members was killed only a few miles from our headquarters while riding an adult ATV unsupervised after the accident we spend a lot of time talking about what happened and more importantly how it could have been prevented with a little research we were able to confirm exactly what we had all been feeling ATV is a very safe sport when enjoyed responsibly and when common sense is used generously but when common sense and responsibility are missing things can get ugly so what is safe and responsible ATV simply put it's planning ahead for what could happen while doing your best to avoid these scenarios altogether to do this you have to understand the writing scenarios and circumstances that most commonly lead to injury or death and the first is the most important and should be the most obvious but sadly often times it is not drinking alcohol or taking drugs before or while you ride is the absolute worst idea an atv air can have we know there's still a lingering culture of acceptance for drinking and riding in the sport of ATV we just don't know why there was a time when it was the norm regardless of what type of vehicle you drove but through education awareness and the enforcement of new laws the vast majority of off-road riders have come to embrace the concept of zero tolerance for drug and alcohol use while riding their ATVs for those not in that majority we have this to say if you want to enjoy your day of ATV and live to see another one the number one thing you can do is leave the drinking till after the bikes are parked at the end of the day there is no argument here it's a fact backed up by mountains of legitimate statistics drinking and riding is bad and if you value your life or the lives of the ones you ride with you need to make sure it's not happening in your group the second thing you can do to protect yourself and the ones you ride with from serious injury or worse is to wear a helmet and insist the people who you ride with do the same this one's all about common sense and we honestly cannot figure out why people continue to ride helmet lists statistics say that if you don't wear a helmet you're approximately 70% more likely to die in an accident would have otherwise left you injured but alive had you been wearing one in other words if you're in an accident you're more likely to walk away with a broken bone than die if you are wearing a helmet but you're more likely to die if you aren't with or without a broken bone it doesn't really matter because you're dead where I grew up wearing a helmet was the law both a real law and a lestor law no Lester ever wrote any motorized vehicle without a helmet on whether it was an ATV a snowmobile a side-by-side a dirt bike heck even a scooter or a moped it didn't matter you know what we do all have scars but we're also still here to tell about them the reasons I hear people give for not wearing a helmet are literally mind-boggling from improved audible and visual awareness to simply feeling the freedom of the wind in your hair I've heard it all and none of it adds up in the end the third way we can make ATVing significantly safer and ensure there's another generation of ATVs to ride with in the future is to keep our kids off of ATVs they're too small to ride the statistics surrounding kids riding adult ATVs are staggering the scenario is like a ticking time bomb and nobody wants it to be their kid on the ATV when the clock finally runs out there are very good reasons manufacturers have age restrictions on the vehicles they produce full-size ATVs are simply too big too powerful and most importantly too heavy for small kids to handle as parents we would do anything to protect our kids in this case all parents need to do is say no your kids might feel mad at you for a while but you have to be alive to feel mad so it's worth it if there's one thing we hope eighty beers in general will all understand it's this we are all connected whether you want to be or not some riders figure that because they only ride in small groups on private property for a long way from the public eye it doesn't really matter what they do no one will either know or care and nothing they do affects anyone else but the truth is when something bad happens it goes on record as an ATV incident and it does affect us all whether you ride public trails private trails or just around your camp miles from civilization you represent every 80 beer in the market so as the late John Madden bird used to say at the end of every episode ride safe ride sober and we'll see you next week on dirt tracks TV like the video you just saw do you want to see more click the subscribe link and add the dirt tracks channel and you're going to see a whole lot more great content

30 thoughts on “ATV Safety Video

  1. Thats the reason they closed down Crawford county.People were drinking and riding. After a couple deaths they closed it down.Now its a MX school.

  2. Thanks for posting this…surprised at the number of people who ride wearing helmets, but when it come time to load their OHV's they ditch the helmet…please folks wear the right gear ALL THE TIME!

  3. i havent seen anyone in Canada not wearing a helmet in years, did a trip into the US last year though and it seemed to be the norm very strange

  4. I fully agree with all that except for not leting kids ride bigger atvs because I'm in high school and I ride a 2008 renegade 500 . But I am responsible with it

  5. common sense, ive known mutual friends and family thatve died and have been paralyzed, mostly alcohol and one very tragic accident of a young pre teen girl that got off to do something else other than operate the vehicle. theres nothing you can do to control what other people can do. whiskey courage gets the best of us in north america though lol

  6. I’m not gonna waste my time putting on a helmet if I’m going twenty feet to put my atv away in my garage

  7. Awesome video. I like the fact you said that no matter were you ride that we are all connected. That is so true . People getting hurt over things that they can avoid . that is what hurts our sport . And our insurance rates to .

  8. Just about every group there a few drunk people trying to climb hills they wouldn’t make it up if they were sober lmao

  9. Pray for the kid man. Jesus Christ. Here in Texas we don't have to wear a helmet but i always do just in case something does go wrong.

  10. Hey guys, I have a 2007 Honda rancher and I was wondering what a budget tire is that will help it ride better?

  11. tip 1: dont be that "hold my beer watch me do this guy"

    tip 2: always strap your ramp while loading

    tip 3, always wear a helmet. You just never know. Do you really want to gamble?

    tip 4 – dont show off and have an ego boost. Saw a girl die in FL city because the dude was showing off right in front of me

  12. I won't leave da garden without my helmet on and if u pay good money for a nice helmet u will like to wear it sometimes I forget I have mine on

  13. You guys sure don't help safety by riding on the edge in your videos full boar. I wait and God forsake the day I here one of you were injured on a test ride shoot. lots of props to the family.

  14. this is important for the sport . I learned the hard way .a month in the hospital . almost lost my leg . Easter Sunday . still can't ride my right hand has nerve damage and I have no grip cause my thumb and 2 fingers don't close . Dr said maybe 4 to 5 more months to heal . and a lot of pain . I almost died . not good to be stupid

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