Aviva-COFCO launches Health and Wellness Platform in China

Everyone worries about their health. We
look at digital solution as a way to help us to address customers life
concern. Chinese consumers have three top life concerns. Air pollution, food safety
and general health care. Because there is no GP system in China. If you are sick
you have to self-diagnose and have to go to the hospital to queue for very long
time. Important thing for the Chinese is if they are sick there are a
lot of modules they can choose. We can look at it later. We will have a call
when Lily who is the project leader in China.
The team brought up idea to link the doctors and users to provide
consultation to digital platform. The first time I get to know this concept
was from UK. I brought the UK concept to Singapore. And then I
brought the idea to China as well. I showcase a Singapore version of the
portal and the wearable device to the China team. And in October the China
health and wellness platform was launched to the market. Customers want
connectivity and mobile, so digital solution is the way to go. In the first
place we start from what customer want and how we address that, how we help them.
That’s the most important thing. I’m really proud to be part of a team who are very
focused on the customers. That bring this online doctor proposition into the
business so that we can provide a digital solution to address customers
life concern. you

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