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yo I'm sorry you can't handle that like it's really unfortunate that you can't handle a girl in your life that doesn't let you step all over her that doesn't say Oh fine okay I'll shave my legs because you're like begging me to like instead I'd be like you want them shave you shave them yourself gone what you would let them say what Oh like I just read this piece in and style about armpit hair and like a hairiness in general and like usually this is more shaved on the recent side if that was just cause like sometimes it just gets so long he just starts to itch me did you even add a blue engine because it's like so uncomfortable I I like to keep it to make a statement to people that when they see me they know like yeah like some some guide told me like you just don't want to start that part like you're trying to make yourself like a career like you're so pretty and like you could literally kill the game but instead you're going out of your way to make yourself ugly and I'm saying wow you really feel well just because like when I go out like obviously what I'm doing this show and put some make a bomb like if I'm chilling with a guy like I try and just like first date off the bat like no makeup just so that they know or you would like you see my Instagram you know I can fucking pull some shit together but like this is the real man yes my face has acne hold it embrace it in like me anyway and if you don't you love amber Rose's excuse me amber Rose's bush photo a Marissa Sean yeah what's up you know yes you didn't show you this just like you yeah nobody pussy today check I think they think people who shave who don't shave under your arms you care a little funk with you can carry a little bit what you know yeah yeah the problem is that like I'm really the most hygienic girl you've ever I'm like yo I think shower like every day sometimes twice a day you like I'm hygienic in that way go like I'm also so lazy like I forget to put on deodorant like I put deodorant on today you know one day you could be on the guys who die don't that doesn't bother almost you don't put on deodorant no if I'd like no I'm not gonna cool around like Maggie back yeah like it'll be like yo like cute but like also I smell is to stay away from me but I've had some guys that are like they like that like they like when I smell not like my cleanliness but I use a really nice like natural body spray that has like vanilla scent and so I always kind of smell like vanilla okay good what about you precise I mean really I think yeah I think I'm really sensitive to smell so I always put on too much cologne okay isn't probably the opposite in the bedroom but yeah I shower a lot as well don't shave my legs and I don't shave my armpits either but if I could I feel like it's a different vibe but I'm proud I mean actually I know that's why I did shave them once and is the worst thing ever so I totally get why you don't adjust my shave my armpits one side too terribly is horrible is yes you don't say like some guy shaved their pubes you don't do that you got a manscape Thank You manscape it's not I don't want a bald eagle laughing no no not a bald eagle but it's you gotta keep it yeah you know intact or just let it roam while I'm like I'm on a while ago a big thing is long man Haven anything it's but no no like manscaping is usually like when you're like trimming and you're like brushing yeah you know and you're like like you know like a shave is like one it's like your bare skin that's all but I like body hair but it doesn't really matter where it is except for not so much on the back back there no back you know back up socks on that note clean back sway in the morning wholly from shade 45

47 thoughts on “Bella Thorne on Personal Hygiene & Feminism on Sway in the Morning | Sway's Universe

  1. Im litterallty like, okay, she's kinda chill while I'm reading the comments, until I looked up at 0:31 of her putting her leg on the table.

  2. OMG what is that smell? Oh………feminism. Please throw rocks at anyone with hair dyed pink or blue. That is all.

  3. I don’t like feminists and all that SJW stuff but aside from that I don’t see why there’s a lot of hate here she acts like a normal person who’s not scared to speak her mind and I find that respectable even if some of the things she does is controversial

  4. That laugh… jesus. She's fucking annoying as all hell. Reminds me of Jennifer Lawrence trying desperately to be relatable on a more disgusting scale.

  5. I genuinely like this girl, she's def a "bro"… Type of girl that can hang out with the homies. Out smoke us. Get lit, Roll blunts and not fuck one of dudes shes around.. Maybe the main homie is her bf.. But it dont make shit awkward cuz shes a bro

  6. i fucking love what she’s doing; she’s doing WHATEVER THE FUCK SHE WANTS and is getting so much attention for it; imagine how good a life would be where you get PAID to be yourself because people love to talk

  7. I clicked on this because it said “Bella Thorne Hygiene”….just wanted to see if she took as shower yet….because she looks like she smells.

  8. get in the bed with hair ass legs and ill kick your ass outta bed like gucci mane kicked that girl out his hummer.

  9. There's legitimately nothing wrong with her or her personality; most people are just sheep following the random trend of hate that's attacking her. "Everyone hates her, so I should hate her too!" Sheep mentality

  10. Why the hell is Sway talkn to these white ppl??? And who the hell is this dingy ass broad??? Why are they tryn to portray black ppl??? I don't get it.

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