hello my beauties and welcome to the channel skincare with IKEA yella of course I'm your girl IKEA ERI today guys I am back with another exciting video and in this video I'll be talking about the female hygiene yes the vagina how you can take care of your vagina keep her clean and smelling really nice and this is one of the most requested topic in my comment section last year and I decided to make a video about it this year because of the good number of emails and I know watch my videos on a regular basis now before we go further I would like to see something really important because I know so many women they feel very uncomfortable when it's trying to talk about their vagina if they have issues they don't want to talk about it because some reason they feel very shy man your vagina is very unique in fact there is no such thing as an ugly vagina and there is no look-alike vagina in the world so that makes the vagina really unique you need to take care of her treat her like a princess the thing where you have a skincare routine you will have a vagina routine as well I do that a lot who's especially when I am done with my mistress cycle I want to do Sh I want to steam I want to make sure I take out every residue down there yeah so that brings us to the tip number one do not use any soap inside your part I don't care guys whatever you call it some a thief Duval sent a sensitive soap and I still do not care if your daughter tells you that there is a particular soap that is okay to use inside the vagina now this is my reason and why you shouldn't use any form of certain matters inside your vagina some of you might know this already that I am a soap maker and I know what is used to make a soap before a soap can be formed the way you see it it's because there is a chemical that is used to make that soup now one is called line which is a sodium hydroxide now the pH level of sodium hydroxide is 11 in the pH chart and that makes it very alkaline the beach level of potassium hydroxide is 10 that makes it really alkaline and the pH level of your vagina is supposed to be three point eight to four point eight the vagina is very acidic so when you use any form of something ladders inside your vagina obviously you are going to chew the pH level of them so you don't want to do that at all please guys take note of this and I can argue this till I die come to my comment session if you want to I do it know do not use any soup inside your vagina I say that even around the lips of the vagina which is called a Whoville do not use any soup around there now you can use unscented sensitive soup around with area which is okay but to use a soup inside your vagina don't do that guys like a secret I don't know how I can stress that and now I have seen so many videos here on YouTube people talking about the female hygiene but no one is talking about changing of the underpants like seriously guys we can't wear your underpants for more than three months yes more than three months just show them the way if it's more than three months honestly guys I don't know just don't wear your underpants for more than three moist cotton on the pant the only other parts you wanna wear is causing you see all those fancy lacy panties you don't want to wear those at all because they can be a hassle bacteria they can then they're not so good for you guys like if you want to wear em these pants just make sure that in between you have the court thing that protects your vagina area otherwise to not wear any pants at all just go pantless okay that's not a good advice yeah you should be wearing the pine but make sure it is according on the pants I know so many people get this wrong they wanna jump in the shower and the first thing they wanna do is to wash their vagina that is totally wrong guys the first thing you want to do is take your shower and the last thing you want to do before you leave your shirt is to wash your vagina and let me tell you what now you're not supposed to use soap in there right and during the day we walk around and touch stuff with our hands our hands carry bacteria the most so imagine you getting in the shower we don't even wash your hands you're going in there to worship Regina and if you're the type of person that has station nails obviously you're carrying more bacteria than any other person so you don't want to wash your vagina faucet you just want to take your shower make sure your body is clean while you're taking your shower and your hands will be clean and then you want to wash your vagina and take out any residue on the soap you use while you were taking your shower so that's the best way to go about it and I want you guys to take note of that as well no back top yes guys I know so many people like to use their bathtub I love to have back I love to suit myself in my bathtub but the one thing I would not want to do is to use a bath that is attached to your shower oh my god guys like seriously the amount of bacteria oh my god the amount of the bacteria I wish some of you have microscope in your houses to see what goes in there it is going to shock you like crazy so what you want to do is to get a separate bathtub I am loving the fact that most hotels now they have like separate back top and they have a separate section where you get some and that is the proper way it's supposed to be so using a bathtub that is attached to your shower where you take your back we wash your hair you wash your pet you do all this nasty stuff pee and all that bad stuff in there oh my god you don't want to use such a bathtub at for like do not that can lead to BB that can lead to his infection and any kind of infection that can go down in there you just don't want to use any butter that is attached to your shower is do not wear your underpants for a longer period of time now I love to use panty liners most especially when I know I am going to be out for a longer period of time in a case where I am traveling I want to have my panty liner whenever I pee I want to change my panty liner that helps a lot to keep your vagina fresh that helps a lot to like you're changing your on the pants but you still have your other pants on so I'm using your other pants for a longer period of time is not a good thing at all to shame yes guys I love to do ish I don't know some people would say all don't douche douche it is not good for you well depending on what you're doing with if you buy a douche that comes with some kind of liquid I'm not saying they're bad if you have a pH tester like I do I like to test anything that I put inside my body any kind of thing I want to apply on my skin I want to make sure that I'm using the right pH level for my skin and if you buy a dish that comes with a liquid you can test it and see if it's the right pH level like I said in the beginning of this video the pH level of your vagina is supposed to be three point eight to four point five so depending on what you're putting in there I like to use my apple cider vinegar which helps to balance my pH level was especially after my mistress a coup I want to fill the screen with the still water just are to this length not too much when I fill it in I put one tablespoon of the artists are available I do the testing to see if it's are accurate pH the moon for my vagina that's the reason why you need to buy the kids it's really crucial guys like seriously you need to get a testing kit a pH testing key so you can help know what you are doing now I do that are after my menstrual cycle I want to be sure I clean and it helps tighten my vagina after I used my apple cider vinegar I want to use coconut oil coconut oil is also very nice to put in there I must say she put a lot in there it helps to kill bacteria it helps to balance the pH level down there and it helps to lubricate the vagina because your vagina is not supposed to be dry so if you're the kind of person that has issue with dry vagina then maybe you go see your doctor because there is a problem there yeah and one other thing you want to do is to put coconut oil please I would like you to use the organic coconut oil in there do not use any other kind of coconut oil all refined coconut oil that's what you can use down there drink enough cranberries yes guys current berries are so nice when it comes to your vagina you will not understand what I'm talking about until you start to drink cranberries like them I'm not talking about those cocktail cranberries you see and the stores no raw organic cranberries yes these are the best for you it helps to eliminate our smell order down there it also helps to balance the pH level of your vagina so you want to drink that as well and also you want to drink enough water I can't stop talking about what I like a you can't run away from that when you stop drinking sodas you notice the change in the smell of your vagina you will notice the change in the discharge of a vagina like what I would flush out every tosses because the things that make our vaginas smell actually comes from our body not okay I'm not saying that vaginas loss of smell just like our body we have a unique kind of snow every china is not supposed to smell like a flower like roses Medina no vagina has its own smell but if it's a gold that smell if it's beyond us no more smell of your vagina then you need to see a doctor didn't have a problem please some of you in your vagina can speak it to be crying out for help oh my god we walk around every day wearing our panties our jeans are tied and all that stuff and at night it's always best to just lets your kitty cat clay-like leave your vagina – so you know freestyle the vagina I don't know how I can say like at night am I supposed to wear panties like just believe the Pachanga to greet it so go a long way for you like it spread your legs and sleep very well taking probiotics supplement daily guys like it is I don't know supplement for me is just the best probiotic helps a lot it keeps everything balanced it keeps the good bacteria to be alive and it's chases away the bad bacteria so probiotic supplements are really crucial and should be used I don't see any reason why people shouldn't drink our probiotic everything shaving of the the vagina yes guys it is okay it is very nice to shave because I have been in the place where I'm in shape for a while and I could notice those not so nice good smell coming from my vagina and I would tell you it is best achieved some people might think you keep your public hair it helps to keep the bad bacteria I know what I'll be doing that I'd like seriously I would advise everyone to shave if you have to it's I mean it's not compulsory it's it's not mandatory as long as you can keep yourself clean if you can keep track of your pubic area then fine but for me I would say shaving is just the best option you don't need to keep that place really pushy you don't need to also shave like everything but keeping it trimmed and looking really nice for me is the best it's using of washcloths oh my god like guys that's not acceptable at all like don't use washcloths what was the points using washcloth to wash your vagina or clean of Aegina that's so silly those washcloths they have a bacteria a lot like in Lourdes and that would lead to infection that will lead to bad yeast infection baby and all that bad stuff so you don't want to use washcloths at all if you want to have a separate towel for your vagina that's is fine but when you use your body tone then you want to use of secreto to clean the vagina area which is kooky but using the washcloth to wash your vagina Jesus Christ I don't know why people do that it's crazy it is not a good idea at all I don't know ways to share that but don't do that steaming oh my god guys I love to steam I so this is what I usually use in steaming I hope you guys can see this I bought this from Amazon and it is amazing this is 100% organic and it is made out of hard oh my lord all the hands i can balance your pH level you have it in here it's so amazing guys but what I like to do is after my mess just a hole i want to same if you don't have we don't have the steamer at home because they have different kind of ports or in pockets our own it you can buy if you don't have it you can use any plastic just set aside a plastic that you can use for steaming once in a while not all the time the steamer you can use at least twice in a month was especially before use before your master set only after a rest rest a cool it's amazing so steaming of the vagina is very crucial well it's not important if you don't want to the other way that I like to seem is to drop some quantity of apple cider vinegar in my hot water and make sure you are sitting in a very comfortable position where you don't burn yourself and it just seems right in not only a vagina it seems around your butt I love to steep and I believe it's a very good habits for anyone who wants to really take care of their public area and also their vagina so the next tip is to eat a lot of vegetables guys this is very important they will help you a lot like you just need to stay healthy not just for your vagina alone once I start to eat healthy and form that habit of eating right you will notice that all those order coming out from your vagina will enemy needs like I said your vagina is a cleaning machine and most times our vagina bleeds our toxins inside our body so you're not eating right you'll notice those fishy kind of smell coming from the vagina and the meats sugary foods and drinks yes guys they are not helping matters when it comes to a vagina and also to our overall health you need to really really stay away from sugary food like seriously you will see a big difference when you really meet sugary foods and drinks white pants are okay but I will not suggest you use them all the time I do use white pants once in a while in a location where I am either traveling or I'm some kind of public place that I know I have to use a toilet then I would want to have my Wi-Fi with me but it's not something I use all the time and you really have to be careful with all the while passing by like I said I love to check the pH level of anything I buy most especially when it comes to the vagina you really want to check the pH level and when I buy buy price I would want to check if there are alkaline or they are not at the ph level that i want them to be which is three point eight to four point five then not use it at all otherwise wipers are really nice panty liners are really okay most especially when you're traveling you need to change so you don't have any kind of fishy smell coming out of there because most times when we pee no speak and leave some kind of order so you want to use your white pad and then change your panty liners and you'll be good to go eat healthy vegetables and fruits they will help a lot to keep your body going really well they will help to emit all that back order like seriously guys fruits and vegetables are really nice for us they help us remove toxins that can cause smell yes toxins are the things that can cause your vagina to smell so once you admit bad food and you start to eat more fruits and vegetables that will help you a lot so that's all I have for this video guys if you're new to my channel my channel is all about skin care I talk about healthy lifestyle I talk about beauty tips don't forget to subscribe and do not be in a hurry to leave you can click on this video here to watch my previous videos and you can follow me on facebook you can follow me on Instagram I would prefer you follow me on Instagram recently I made a video about anime and I promise to make a video about coffee enema which I would make some time this weekend I am actually waiting for the weekend so I'll be able to use the coffee for myself what else do I want to say yeah that's all for today like I will always say if it doesn't feel you do not work it my phone on guys and stay blessed I love you


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