Big Story: A sickly healthcare?

the strike we've even lost count and as we speak right now we have received 700 dismissal letters from the county government and the press offer their olive branch we did not receive any Olive Branch people went back to work as per the court order they were met with hostilities dismissal let us their facilities are disgusting the theater still has termites they are no casual huacas so as their code tells us and as the county insists that people should go back to work I think they should prepare their facilities for people even to work in it and for the 251 walk us that the county claims to have during the strike that is complete lies if we had 251 workers in the hospital why is it that there are no impatience I think the county needs to stop peddling false false statements and actually deal with the problem that they have on the ground they overwhelmed about another positive effect is that you know people do a lot of self medication because they don't have money so if we are there is some free treatment you don't go for trip self medication you rather go to the hospital and get treated with the professional you cannot tell us that that is universal at coverage yet they are not medicine in the hospital so I feel as a resident the UC project should even be disbanded and health I mean health issues taken back to the national government so universal healthcare is another big for agenda and the reason why we're having this conversation today the state of healthcare in the country is because this is something that touches all of us irrespective of who you are where you come from your age your status we all need healthcare at some points and the fact that this is a conversation we've been having about different counties in this country and the deteriorating state of health I remember a couple of weeks ago we spoke to Kaka mega governor who's also the chair of the Governor's Council with me for Ponyo and he did mention that counties are able to take care of healthcare the problem is the funding so tonight we're trying to figure out where exactly is the problem the lady in that byte said the county needs to deal with the problem so question is where is that problem so that is the conversation having this evening on the big story and tonight residents of Lake appear and kirinyaga counties are staring at a deeper healthcare crisis with ongoing strike by medical workers already kirinyaga County er sent our dismissal letters to all striking medics after employment and labor relations Kordich Laird the industrial action in eco and now the entire central region is feeling the ripple effects with patients being forced to seek medical attention from neighboring counties but the portion pool between health workers and county governments is not unique to the two counties alone I did mention that the cases of overcrowding shortage of staff pathetic working conditions have become common even as the country journeys towards universal health care so question is where's the labs and should this trend persist will it be possible to realize universal health care in the Republic of Kenya welcome to the big story I'm Linda good – so let's set the stage for this conversation I bring in our lead reporter Sophia nuna Sophia good evening good to see you as we have this conversation about a sickly healthcare in the Republic of Kenya the question is was it even a mistake in the first place to devolve health care because this issue is not just in kirinyaga and like Kia we've witnessed a little bit of disruption in several other counties across the nation so where exactly is the problem and how do we fix this if at all this is a country that has to achieve UHC indeed Linda good evening a very important question you posed there this evening because many will remember at the advent of devolution that was a contestation that was raised by health care workers the medical service providers contested the devolution of the human resource function they had wanted as much as healthcare was a devolved function that for the workers themselves the handling the dealing the engagement of the same that relationship be maintained at the national level however it was of course I agree at the time that devolution fully as was captured in the Constitution should unfold as it has and this has been then part of what the ripple effect we've been witnessing as you said rightfully other than curing yoga and like hippier counties where we're seeing the unrest the disruption of provision of health care services we saw Mandela as well Kisumu counties and in the past we've seen several other instances but several questions arise as to just how this is all happening because remember as you also mentioned a court order in kirinyaga from the labor court finding that that strike was illegal by the healthcare workers continued to stay away from walk in like keeper county as well they had been asked to health care workers there to go back to work those who did however were served with the show-cause letters so it has all really been messy and the worst part of it all very critical that we all remember is that it's essential services that this health workers provides so Holly well we knew what you began and in a sea now me and a sea of it only that in some instances this could actually lead to death you know this be handled better let me speak now with a vice chairperson of the KNP do dr. Alan Roche Angie thank you for making time for us here on the big story so let's begin with a concern around rule of law that on the very basic level the question that's been posed is when a court finds a strike is illegal and industrial action should stop and workers should go back to work why we seeing your members not adhering to the same thank you our courts are esteemed institution for finding justice fabric and when aggrieved they should go to court with the hope that they'll get justice and when the courts ruled for example in Cuyahoga that the strike was illegal our members went back to work in compliance with the order so that the rest of the process could be followed but all shocked the members went back what treated with a lot of intimidation they were victimized they were given chauffeurs latest so based on that they had no had a platform except to continue the national action so that they could get a better platform where their voices could be heard but let me point out that our courts again should be strictly be obeyed by both sides you've seen a case where it's always imposed on the employee to buy the goods but the emperor continuously these are basic word and I'll give you an example what the workers are looking for in Cuyahoga and Lake keeper has nothing new he just implementation of a CBA that was deposited in a very very quote in fact implementation matrix was given and also deposited in the same boat so it's just an idea of implementing what had been already agreed not this year not last year but in 2017 but but the contestation still and the concern here sir would come to the extent that at the end of the day a court has pronounced itself but even if the members went back they were treated how a fight is then they should have gone back to the same court and raised these issues because when individuals parties are left to their own interpretation to decide when they cannot be or not because of whatever circumstances we will be a banana republic it will be jungle law so at the end of the day your members are in contempt shouldn't there be at least the principle even they should raise about the county themselves are in breach of what has been set up deposited in court still all of this must be confessed in court if there is no different or decide from what was issued then your members are the ones in the wrong patients are suffering so Sophia how do they go back to work if we're supposed to be going back to work the leadership of that county has already pronounced itself that was act what does he speak they are not even allowed to go to data spa when the court mentioned that the Sheikh needs to be stopped our members went back to work now one day is it on the 23rd on the 22nd of June when or the matter came before Aaron our members were given summary dismissal letters those who did not show up according to the statement from governor's office at the ones at least four kirinyaga I saw what those who stood fired everyone was given a letter it was a central link now even if you have to fire someone this laid down a child procedure this is supposed to work it can't just be on the stroke of the pen it was summarily dismissed but we are talking about important labor matters here that sorry to say is now degenerating to more egos and who is bigger and we smaller at the end of the day the counties will have so to say the CEO is a governor the workers their doctors included can only be employees what we are seeing is complete lack of leadership the courts have pronounced them service can we have a platform of engaging on these things because if I say I'm right you're right then at the end of the day as you are saying the patient is suffering but what we're saying is one-sided where we push for dialogue we push for implementation what is never beat the strikes are never won they think they take a long time to come to that level it's really painful for us to even engage in disruption because we know operations more than any other person else will be suffer but we've engaged the government we've engaged the counties once not twice not raised but the completely ignored and no matter what they do that they ignore until the last minute then instead of an of engaging at the last it ran to the quote so where is the work I left it open what what are they left with a melody because the other concerns arises is are we getting to a very sad and unfortunate position in Kenya where strikes industrial action especially in health care a crucial critical service essential that they've been taking too casually that's going on strike almost is let's just go and strike forgetting again the patients the people who then are left with no one to attend to them suffering and perhaps even dying do we need it cannot be this easy to just down truths for such an essential service isn't it again it is this poor leadership because as we stop today and every imagine that we'll be having strikes again because the document will be prepared captured almost everything even the guys are on own struck today there's nothing new the demanding not even a salary increase what they demand is can I be placed in a proper job group why should you be serving at three times lower jaw group when is the same person who has been hired in your position what is simplification as you his sweetens have a new why should you as a consultant serve in the same job group for ten years your unions come and pass you and you're expected to decide in the same station our colleagues are working even without a places where they can call a board when they're doing the night cause they do them from their cars these are very very basic thing that sometimes do not even require an extra financial consideration it is a matter of planning plus any employer account is included this will have stuff establishment so that they know next year I have this number of people they do for promotion so I put them in the budget this number we are going to retire I need to do them replacement this number is going to go for training so I need to do my stuff so that accommodate that scenario but where what we have in the counties is complete mismanagement of the human resource so that they always act and oppression they always acted address and once that happened they always turned a frustration to them prior which would not be the case yeah and there's also one of the demands we are seeing across the board improvement of the working environment and one would wonder of course it is not that this situations deteriorated overnight health care across the country for many years was not doing well and so it will take time to build up so also the health workers demanding too much too soon than can actually be done that all of these issues improving it would take time could be an argument that could be made that is there that understanding are we having a lot of grandstanding as opposed to consensus of how things can be worked out like the what you you've used consensus you remember these are sons and daughters of this soil so those who they are not foreigners they are also aware of the challenges that facing the country Health Care's faced by for me the challenges which is a human resource management we have infrastructure we have commodity and supply and then we also have now human resource now is not possible to solve everything overnight that's why in every institution you have more of a strategic plan what are you going to achieve immediately what a grand achievement meet them and what do you what is your long-term if poor leadership you will never know what you're supposed to do mmediately you will never know what is always being with them you will never know what's supposed to do in the long term because at the end of the day one health sectors per annually received underfunding now that has the ripple effect of going into that aspect of health because if you don't have enough funds you not have constant supply of quality not be happy when to hire enough if you don't have enough funds you not even be able to equip the spur in terms of infrastructure but more importantly sometimes even if the money is there little as it is it's used for wrong reasons completely that's why sometimes we demand that money that goes to health should be ring-fenced because to to to to the county leadership and with the politicians financing health will never be lucrative because they want something that they can for it you cannot tell people that I paid X number of doctors but if you build a road you can with them now that's where the problem is lack of priority final question alluded to this at the beginning that at the advent of devolution we saw a push by health workers to maintain the human resource function at the national level there is now talk of a referendum changing the Constitution as camp edu would you push for that now that in fact if there's a consideration to change the supreme law in the land that return HR function human resource to the national government because from what we have seen so far county governments in your view are unable to handle this this is something we must face boldly we must be courageous you must be honnest and call a speed speed we opposed devolution of human resource for health but for some reasons but that's water that went under the bridge so we've tried it but but this has failed like we don't need magic to do to see that it's not going the right direction now and has asked MPD we will not blink we will not lie the best solution for managing human results must be Health Services Commission we will pursue it whether through the BB I will pursue it whether pom-poms ago we want human resource to be managed centrally that we will never have problems in this country because as it is we are like having 47 different countries yet we just 47 devolved unit in one single state called Kenya you mentioned to me how this disparity is even in payment and job groups in the different counties I'll tell you an example in my chakras on t2e they're just two counties bordering each other but you'll get that a doctor paid I paid in my Socrates at the same job group and the same qualification he's being paid differently when you go to do to catuey yet now there is no wall between the two counties the patient that I seen in in catuey I also seen in my circles so it's it's very ridiculous that we have 47 had devolved units behaving like Kenyan Tanzania for example is not is not fair is not is not something that we should even be discussing and more importantly every can has a right to the hi tenebrous standard so let's not experiment with health let's do it the right way indeed every Canyon does have that right at a time when Linda as you mentioned universal health care is what the Jubilee administration is seeking to attain so add this issue's been given the attention they require this critical time will wait to see that I was speaking to dr. Eleanor Chauncey he's a vice chairman of the kennel medical practitioners pharmacist and dentist Union Linda yeah like how that conversion has ended I mean health care is a right so every single Canyon and the love the pathway said the probably the only solution that they are looking at is Health Service Commission he says whether BBI with the papadums ego whichever way we use whichever route through once but this has got to be the solution and we will pursue it to whichever level that we can so I need to take our first break but when we come back it's important that I mention that we will be speaking to dr. Massey career who is a resident medical reporter here marc-etienne news we will also be speaking to bounce balls on cherry who's the chair NASA's union here Nairobi just to understand Shanae coop yeah in terms of health where is the problem and the reason why we are concerned is because this directly touches on universal health care will can ever get to achieve the universal health care and don't forget in the midst of it there's millions of Kenyans who are bearing the brunt of this back and forth between health workers and the counties listed separate now

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  1. what do you expect from someone like ann waiguru kirinyaga gava, remeber nys, so she cares zero, bomet gavana saa hii ako london being treated, so does these gavanas care abaut the poor no, but anyway kenyans voted them, reap what you sowed pls

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