Blackhead Removal without Extractor Tool (Edited) | Auburn Medical Group

for this one I’m going to start without
any instruments and just apply traction to the sides getting anything that’s
it’s coming out more in a it’s a bit large for our small coming home
extractor looking for some forceps and see if they have a room or anything on no just just a little dirt and sebaceous
oil and what we call crappiness material or the the keratin the material that
makes the outer layer of the skin yeah in oxidizes interns kind of
blackish and then this one up here probably yeah wow the big one yeah and then this one
really suits itself to the comedone extractor that the size is just really
nice for pushing down on on the sides there with that there is just a little negative sebaceous
material crabbiness material thanks for watching if you found this interesting
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stay in good health

40 thoughts on “Blackhead Removal without Extractor Tool (Edited) | Auburn Medical Group

  1. Please people Dr. Mark did not steal this video the larger one looked like a pore of winer to me but whatever you want to call it I think it was awesome!!! Looked like it left a pretty good hole in her back were you removed it.

  2. Its clearly not Dr Sandra Lee….there was no grunting during the extraction of the blackheads…LOL! GOOD JOB Dr. VAUGHN!

  3. this is not a stolen video from dr.pimple popper…look at the hands and arms…for sure dr.pimple popper dont have a hairy type of hands/arms..

  4. Duh, now I see why he post this video. I thought it was a repost, it sort of is, just an edited version of the first post.

  5. Good grief guys! This is not stolen from anyone, listen carefully and you hear Dr Vaughan’s voice. Look carefully and you will notice that the hands are not Dr Lee’s hands. There is more than one dr popping pimples on YouTube. Some people prefer to watch hot guys pop blackheads, that’s why I’m here 😊

  6. The sebum can accumulate in pores again. You need something like Chlorella Gel Cleanser that can absorb sebum out of pores.

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