Boys Hostel in Kiev Medical University of UAFM

Hi Every one, this is Yukti Belwal and Today I am at Kiev Medical University of UAFM’s hostel With me, are my 3 students Those whom I have sent Last Year Two of them are in Second Year One went in the March Session So As I keep visiting many universities myself Keep taking Student’s Feedback Today also we are here for this With me here is Afroz And with me is Sufiyan Both of them have already studied one year and this is their 2nd year So I want to know their experience Hostel Experience and any additional details that they might wanna give to the students who might be watching this video right now So Afroz, first of all, tell everyone where are you from Afroz: I am from Bulandsheher My first year is completeted and its my second year And my experience is quite good All my exams have been cleared Now its my second year In the month of June, my second year will be completed Yukti: July August you will be at your home.. Yukti: So In Second year, which all subjects are you studying? Afroz: Second year has anatomy in the first semester Now its Physiology, Bio-Chemistry Pre-medical and child care is there There are many subjects Yukti: So you now know us for more than a year How your experience has been with us? How has been our coordination with you? Afroz: Mam, since first day the coordination has been really good Whatever my doubts were before coming here you have cleared them all Then after coming here also. Yukti: Some adjustment is to be done In the beginning there were some issues but now everything is fine Tell us more facilities that you are getting here As you were telling also Yes there is lot of scope for tourism Kiev is best in Ukraine An also if some one has to be physically fit then there is also gym facility nearby I also use gym here What is the charge for gym? Price is lesser than India Here in 100$ its for one year (some internal talks) So when afroz came to Ukraine I wont say that he was unfit or something In India we are less concerned about fitness I think in Ukraine and similar countries People are quite particular about being fit When I am looking at Afroz after one year I observed so many changes Then he told me that he has joined gym here And that the gym charges are cheap also Its only Rs. 7000 per year Its not possible to get a year gym’s membership in India How is your gym? In the gym I first has trainer For which there was additional payment So how big is the gym? Its very big The Cardio space would cover up for the entire gym of India There is not one or two trainer There are 10-15 trainers If you need any help in the machine You can ask them Sauna and Steam bath is also there Oh that is included, no extra payment? No…no extra payment So if you are concerned about fitness If you want to remain fit while you study abroad Ukraine is a good place Here the fitness is considered important When we came here last year we saw that in India there wasn’t any focus towards fitness But here, we also go through physical education class Stil we have physical class In which our teachers and trainers ask us to push up and dips Like running and all, they still make us do And here, my friends I have made who are Ukrainians All are very fit. So looking at them I got very inspired They motivated me that I can do How do you arrange for food? Though I know you are a very good cook And many friends of yours keep requesting your for their favourite dish So does this food preparing takes up your study time? No, because 4 people come together to prepare food so it hardly takes half an hour Everyone does their task Its like you cook and other people do other things Ya some do chopping So its not time consuming Morning we go to university for classes The whole day we are in University So basically we make just once a day We are far away from home So its not possible to eat 3 or 4 meals a day yeah, good dinner is necessary So this university Its far from city Yes, a little, not too far Is it a plus point or minus point I would say its a plus point If the University would have been in the city then it would have been lot of distraction Right now we are in our university Just in the front there is the super market From there we can find all the stuff So its hardly like 2 minutes walk We have medical store right next to that Hospital and University is also there Everything is nearby And rest we hardly need anything else So its not that you have to go to city again and again No.. Shops are showrooms are also there If anything you wanna buy So when do you visit the city City only in weekends yes thats one happening place So you said staying a bit away from city you are less distracted I am sure you saw that there is no such rush or unnecessary crowd. Yes I saw that and I liked it Because when we go abroad one feels like exploring the city So if the university is a bit away, then you feel lazy to go there. Even the girls were saying this That we go city only on special occasion How much is your cost of living? Its 10,000 rupees a month it includes food expense and some other if I add gym them its a bit extra shopping must be extra So All Ukraine universities have a special feature called KROK exam Its conducted by Ministry of Education of Ukraine All the students who study in the university has to give it So I am sure next year you have to give it too Yes next year we have to face it It covers first to third year of syllabus In case some one is unable to clear this exam then the student cannot go to 4th year He is given attempts to clear it Its not easy because there is negative marking as well Merit is also given I guess ministry does it to keep a check on the quality of study given to students Yes it is like students do not give full attention when study abroad because if compared to India studies are not too strict SO this exam is all over the Europe Because here they follow European way of teaching After third year this test has to be given It is conducted at the end of June So I have planned no to go home in vacations next year Are you scared of this exam? A bit.. Are you preparing well for this? It has physiology, anatomy… In this test there are clinical questions just like in MCI So we will have some practice in Hand if we study well, then we can cover up till now so in a sense, you are getting prepared for your future University has given us an account to login in that we get all the assistance for this examination We can login into that with our login credentials we can go for preparing ya online we can prepare When KROK exam will arrive then all the syllabus will be there Right now its just Anatomy We can add topics All KROK questions related to that subject will appear Mostly clinical questions come Teachers also help us, they tell us how to prepare we will soon be having Physiology examination for that we will be given 10 years question papers So if you prepare well, there is nothing to fear ya ya, it can be easily passed If you liked the video, do like it and subscribe our channel

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