Brain-Based Training for Lifelong Fitness

Everyone’s an athlete. And that’s my approach when
I work with individuals. My goal is to help people
optimize their performance through utilizing a combination
of mind body connection. Straight leg bounding. You use you body 24/7. It doesn’t matter if you’re
working in the computer, or if you are
working in a garden. Or if you’re working on
a house construction, you have to utilize your body
to support your lifestyle. Good. All right. Back inside. We’ll do the last
round with the band. Brain and body work
synergistically. And so when I work
with individuals, I might have them
do a vision drill. Or I might have them do a drill
for the inner ear for balance. Switch. Or I might have them
do a mobilization drill for their ankle or wrist. How’s that feel? This all feeds into the
brain because the brain has a map of how your body moves. By improving that
map, I essentially improve how the individual
moves through the world. With a lot of people
I start with the feet first, because a
lot of times, issues start lower and then work
their way up the body. So you can have
an immobile ankle, and it could affect your hip. Or immobile wrist and it
could affect your shoulder. If you sit at the desk– very often people come in and
they want to work out and say, hey, my neck is stiff. I’ll have them do a thoracic
drill for mobilization for thoracic spine. It very often frees up
their neck and stiffness. And forward, one smooth motion. There you go, that’s it. I’ve been here– I’ll say 20. I’ll stop there. It’s an opportunity for me
to stay connected to what’s going on and stay current. My own training is the
search for longevity. I still have a good
degree of flexibility, a good degree of strength. Part of it due to my previous
training in the martial arts. And I do my mobilization drills. I go back to
brain-based training because the brain
is what we are. It’s really who we are. We all have to move
through the world. And better we move
through the world, the better we
experience the world.

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