Breath of the Wild: Some Fitness Talk – PART 78 – Game Grumps

Arin: Hey I’m Grump! Dan: I’m Not So Grump! Both: And we’re the Game Grumps! Arin: Hi, welcome to Game Grumps. Dan: Arin just started this session by saying “I have swollen lymph nodes” and then just started Game Grumps And I’m like “I have so many questions!” Arin: I don’t know what lymph nodes are, first of all. Dan: They’re the nodes that hide under your lymphs. Arin: What are lymphs? Dan: They’re the place where your nodes are! Arin: This really cleared up a lot for me! Both: *laughing* Arin: How does he not see me? Dan: I don’t know. Arin: These guys are dumbasses. Dan: Yeah. Arin: So I’m here storming Hyrule Castle Arin: Hoping for a delicious meal –
Wow, okay! Dan: You just got a delicious meal of fucking, flaming torch sword to the face. Arin: Ha ha! Dan: Damn! Arin: You motherfucka! I got a steared- seared prime steak because I lit that bitch on fire! Dan: Ew, you’d eat fucking moblin meat? Arin: Yeah, why not? Arin: What’s wrong with moblin meat? Arin: I think it was just sittin’ around. Dan: Like if it was – Dan: You just had it on his person. Arin: Well I think this was… because this is like the dinning room. Dan: Right Arin: So I think it was just sittin’ around some king, Probably just left it out in the open. Dan: I’m sure that turkey’s still good. Arin: Yeah. Dan: Being there since the castle fell. Arin: The “Question Mark Turkey”. Dan: Yeah. The “Raw Turkey”. *Arin laughing* Dan: Mhmm! Arin: Yum yum!
Dan: What is this, Dan: A hundred years old? Excellent! Arin: I’ve never gotten a Razor Shroom in this playthrough, are you kidding me? Arin: Woah dude, watch out, he’s gonna get me! (Sarcastically) Arin: Ohhhhh! Arin: Watch out dude, he’s really gonna get me! (Sarcastically) Dan: Actually they do have a uh..
Arin: Ohhh! *Dan laughing* Dan: You had to talk shit.
Arin: He got me. Dan: You had to talk shit, didn’t you? Arin: Well, it saved right before I went in there, probably. Dan: *sighing*
Oh boy. Arin: Uhhh. Arin: I just wanted a – I just wanted a delicious snack from the room, but – Dan: Yeah. Arin: – these guys. Dan: You did it. Arin: I didn’t know I had to pay a fucking toll. Dan: Unless your plan was to get a fucking raw, hundred year old turkey and then be murdered, Dan: I wouldn’t say things went according to it. Arin: What if that was my plan? Dan: Well then, you nailed it. Arin: Everything was great!
Dan: You crushed it. Arin: I got a big smile on my face because everything went exactly how I wanted it to go. Dan: *makes a weird sound*
Arin: Look, it even saved my progress from killing that guy. Arin: And I got a Big Hearty Truffle out of it. Soooo.
Dan: It’s the same Big Hearty Truffle you got before. Arin: I don’t think that’s accurate.
Dan: *laughs* Arin: Ah! Arin: Aww, did he fall over? Dan: Mmmm. Your Steel Lizal Bow is damaged. Arin: Yeah, well, that’s his problem. Dan: I used to have two little anole lizards when I was a kid And they were named Lizzy and Lizel. And they fucked, once.
Arin: As pets?! Dan: Yeah, they were awesome. Dan: I – not all of us grew up in Florida where those things just stick on your door. *laughs* Arin: They sure do. Dan: Aw, man, I had never seen one – um – before, until I saw one like at a pet store in the mall and I was like *whispers* “Oh my God, I love them. They’re like little mini Godzillas.” Arin: Yeah. They are. And they do the little *wohm* with their throat. Dan: Yes! And it gets all red and puffy.
Arin: Yeah. Dan: To attract a mate. That’s what Lizel used to do. He’d be like *makes throaty noises* Arin: *laughs*
And Lizzy would be like “Oh, fuck yeah.” *laughs* Arin: God, look at that fucking plumage. Dan: And I’m like, you guys – You’re both in a fu- you’re the only living things in a little plastic cage that’s the size of my foot. Arin: Yeah, but you know what – Dan: You don’t need the courtship. Arin: No, but, you know, it’s like – if you’re like, married and you’re just sittin’ around –
Dan: *laughs* Arin: Sometimes it’s like: “Hey, you wanna…” and it’s like “Hehe, yeah, I’mma do a little dance for ya.” Dan: Yeah, mix a little romance in there. Arin: *makes trumpet noises* And then you’re like –
Dan: Nothing wrong with that. Arin: shit, baby. Like, you gotta get the gears turnin’. You gotta get the pumps cleaned.
Dan: Primed. Yeah.
Arin: You gotta get the gears turnin’. Dan: Yeah, that’s exactly right. I was watching an interview with Geddy Lee, lead singer of Rush, and he was saying – he’s been married to his wife for, I think, fourty years now. Arin: And did he? Dan: What? Arin: Did he Geddy Lee? Dan: I don’t even know what that means. But fine, we’ll move on.
Arin: *laughs* And they asked him like, how are you, like, what’s it like to be in a relationship that long? And he was like “My wife and I – I’m always very careful, even after all this time to treat and think of my wife as a girlfriend. Instead of as a wife.” Um, and he was like, that’s very important so you don’t take them for granted, you know? Wow. Damn. Arin: I mean, I just – I just treat my wife like a person. Dan: Also that. Arin: Cause I respect people. Dan: Yeah, alright, don’t – don’t take the high road where the road was already high. Both: *laugh* Arin: Well, I’m just sayin’, I don’t have to, like, well, you know, it’s like fuckin’ – Dan: No, that wasn’t directed at you, I was just like, thinking like it’s kinda – It was a cool way to look at it. Speaking as someone who’s never been in a relationship that’s been longer than like, three years? Like, the idea that um – someone would, uh, be in one for fourty –
Arin: Wanna hang out with you? Dan: Ouch! Arin: No! I’m not – Dan: Oh, God, Arin.
Arin: No, I didn’t mean it – Dan: Oh! The – Arin: That wasn’t a slight, that was a –
Dan: The straighted edge of your truth sword
Arin: *laughs* Dan: is hurting my soul hard. Arin: I was just saying, like, you know, I can’t imagine somebody wanting to hang out with me for fucking fourteen years, but lo and behold, somebody did. Dan: Yeah. Arin: So that’s pretty cool. Dan: And you got me, too! I mean, we’re only like six or seven years deep but I’d go another seven. Arin: Yeah, but I don’t live with you. Dan: Yeah, I mean, it only feels like –
Arin: I don’t come home everyday and be like: “What’s uuuup?” Dan: You do sometimes. Sometimes you show up at my house and you’re like: “What’s uuup?” And I’m like… I don’t love you. *laughs* Arin: *whispers* “How could you say that?
Dan: *laughs* Dan: Sorry. You promised you’d never say it in front of the lovelies. Arin: You’re being a real meanie right now.
Dan: (laughing) I’m sorry. Arin: I don’t want to bring our bedroom courting –
Danny: *laughs* Arin: into the *laughs* fucking *both laugh* Arin: You’re really embarrassing me right now.
Dan: Oh, man. Sorry. Yeah, our nonexistent bedroom troubles *laugh* Arin: Look at all this shit, dude! Oh my God, Royal Guard’s Shield! Dan: You’d think they would’ve bothered to plunder this place in a hundred years. Arin: Naw man, who’s gonna plunder it, the fucking Moblins? They don’t know shit. Dan: Yeah, that’s what I mean. Arin: They just stand around and don’t eat the food that’s right in front of them. Dan: Yeah, I know. It’s like they took the place over and they were like “Leave the weapons and the food.” We’ll just kinda wander around for a while. Arin: We’ll just use the cool air, I guess.
Dan: Yeah. And make sure that this place falls into a state of disrepair. Arin: Yup, doing a great job at it! Arin: I’m looking around and this disrepair is getting on. Dan: What are the little floaty red things? Arin: Evil. Dan: Yeah, is that just what it is? Arin: I think it’s just concentrated evil. Dan: Yeah. Those little evil chunks. Arin: Just sort of having it’s way with the place. Dan: Just evil flakes, floating in the air.
By the way – Arin: Just imagine the scenario if there weren’t evil hanging around everywhere. Dan: not a good breakfast cereal, evil flakes. Arin: Aaah!
Dan: Kellogg’s, that was a misstep for them. Arin: If you put a little sugar on it – Dan: Well. Then it’s not so evil, is it? Arin: No. Then it’s tasty. Dan: Yeah. Arin: Tasterific. Dan: It’s like fucking Grape-Nuts. Arin: Mmmm. Dan: You put sugar on those jams and you’re like oooh, now it’s like sugarcoated pebbles that are breaking my teeth. Arin: I love Grape-Nuts. Hey, you gotta let them soak in the milk for a little bit
Dan: You sure do.
Arin: so they’re not so hard and hard. Dan: Grape-Nuts are incredible, dude. Their soaking potential – Like, you can put three Grape-Nuts – which are each the size of, you know Uh – just – just – what are they the size of? Just the smallest pebble in the ocean. Um, you can put three at the bottom of your bowl and then pour in a gallon of milk and just wait two seconds and it’s like *slurping sound* And then you just have three spongey ass Grape-Nuts
Arin: *laughs* Dan: at the bottom of your bowl. Arin: Three spongey ass Grape-Nuts. I’ll eat them all!
Dan: Yeah. Arin: I’ll eat – dude, have you ever fucking – Okay, so I’m like, I’m doing the calorie counting thing right now. Dan: Okay. Arin: Cause I’m like fuck it, why not try some other stuff?
Dan: Sure. Arin: Um. And it’s fine, whatever. But uh, I’m like, what foods can I eat, but like in regulation – I’m like, what about cereal? So I’m fucking – I pour myself a bowl of cereal without looking at the – Well, I did, I looked at the calories –
Dan: *laughs* Arin: And it’s like –
Dan: I counted, I counted them. Arin: And it’s like a 120 or something, and I’m like that’s nothing!
Dan: Is that – okay. Arin: So I pour myself a bowl, I ate it and then I looked at it again and the serving size is like a fourth of a cup.
Dan: *laughs* Arin: So the cereal that I had ended up being like fucking 500 calories or something like that. Dan: Is that a lot? Arin: Yeah, well, the daily recommendation is 2000. Dan: Okay. Arin: And my TDE is about 2200. Dan: What does that mean? Arin: It means how much you burn during the day just by existing. Dan: Okay. Arin: Because I’m a bit fat man, 6’2″ –
Dan: *laughs* Arin: I weigh 220 pounds. Dan: Okay. Arin: So, uh – I require a lot of calories to operate on the levels that I operate on. Dan: Right. Arin: I walk around, I carry around this big lump of coal in my body. Dan: I eat a lot. I burn a lot of calories eating *laughs* Arin: Dude. Dan: What? Arin: You know what I fucking learned the other day?
Dan: What? Arin: Alright. This is gonna blow your fucking mind. Dan: I’m ready, I’ve got my helmet on. Arin: This is gonna rock your dick off, dude. Dan: Hold on, let me lay some fucking paper towels down on the couch (laughing) Arin: Hold on, hold on. I’m serious though. Dan: for when my brains are – Arin: This is gonna – this is gonna like, make your dick shatter in two. Dan: Oh, well. Let me layer uh, some extra paper towels, then. /s Arin: This is gonna flatten your skull so that your brain is on a one dimensional plane. Dan: Oh my God, I’ll go two ply. /s Arin: Where do you think –
Dan: Uhu. Arin: when you lose weight, where do you think it goes? Dan: Into heaven? Arin: But seriously though. Dan: When you lose weight? Arin: Where does it go? Dan: I thought it just – …I don’t know. Arin: Did I ju – Fucking Siri. It’s – Oh.
Dan: *laughs* Arin: Oh, it’s because I said ‘seriously’. Dan: Oh! *laughs* Arin: Okay.
Dan: Is Siri sticky, is that why you threw her down? Arin: What? Dan: Is that why you threw Siri down, cause – Arin: No, because I said ‘seriously’. Dan: Ooooh. Arin: and then she thought I was talking to her. Dan: No, but you threw the phone down after you picked it up, like in a very like ugh kind of way. Arin: No, because I didn’t want to deal with her. Dan: Oh, okay. Arin: I don’t want to deal with her fucking bullshit.
Dan: I thought it was sticky, cause when I walked in to the Grump room today, you were like, “Dude, everything is sticky, man.”
Arin: *laughs* Dan: “And I don’t know why.” Dan: I was like, I don’t know either Arin, I haven’t been here in days! Arin: Pretty sure it had to do with the half opened can of Monster that like was dripping – And it wasn’t mine, by the way, I know that’s the – Dan: The first thing that people are gonna say.
Arin: Yeah. Arin: Okay, okay, okay, back to the topic at hand.
Dan: Okay. Arin: Where do you think uh it goes? Dan: I don’t know, I never really thought about it, I just thought it’s – it just kinda vaporizes. Arin: Okay, but, wh – but if you had to guess? Dan: If I had to guess?
Arin: Yeah. Dan: I don’t know, my guess is it will probably make me sound stupid. Arin: No. Dan: Wouldn’t it just be converted into energy? Arin: Well – because nobody gets it right.
Dan: Okay. Arin: Because it’s so weird. Dan: Where does it go? Arin: Guess! Dan: You poop it out? Arin: No. Dan: Do you…poop it in? *both laugh* Arin: And you were afraid of sounding stupid!
Dan: *laughs* Yeah, tell me. Arin: You breathe it out. Dan: No shit!
Arin: Yeah! Dan: You breathe out fat?
Arin: Yes! Isn’t that nuts? *panting sounds by Dan* Arin: Exactly – well, so, if you do that, you’re just hyperventilating. Dan: Damnit. Arin: So, what cardio does, whenever somebody says like, you know if you’re working out to lose weight, do something that makes you breathe heavy.
Dan: Okay. Arin: Because your body needs the oxygen, right. Dan: Mhm. Arin: So, if you’re just breathing like that, it’s like your body’s not using that. You’ll end up giving yourself a headache.
Dan: Right. Arin: But if you’re breathing heavy because your body needs more oxygen, then it’ll use that oxygen and you won’t get a headache from breathing heavy. Dan: Get out of here. Arin: See what I’m saying? Um. But anyway. Yeah! So fat is like a really simple chemical compound. It’s like carbon and hydrogen or some shit, and then when oxygen is introduced to it, it gets converted into, uh, carbondioxide and water. Dan: Wow. Arin: Yeah! Like fucking, like straight up chemistry. Dan: I – wha – I’m sure that’s why sex burns so many calories, too cause you’re doing all that heavy breathing.
Arin: Yeah. Dan: Woah. Arin: Isn’t that nuts?
Dan: Yeah. Next time I’m with a girl and she’s breathing heavily on my person, I’m gonna be like: “Yeah, breathe your fat unto me.” Arin: But so, okay, so – Dan: This took a weird turn.
Arin: Where the fuck am I going? Okay, so. It’s actually 85% br – uh – air and or carbondioxide and then 15% water, and nobody knows what water that is. If it’s sweat, if it’s pee, whatever, they haven’t figured that out yet. Arin: But –
Dan: Woah.
Arin: So if you lost ten pounds 8.5 pounds of that is just fucking – you breathed it out. Dan: What – uhm –
Arin: Isn’t that nuts?
Dan: Where did you learn this? Arin: Uh, it was a TED talk. Dan: No shit!
Arin: Yeah. Dan: Wow.
Arin: The science of losing weight. Isn’t that nuts?
Dan: That is superfascinating and weird.
Arin: It’s so cool! It – it – it – so that’s why when you like wake up in the morning, you’re like “Oh shit, I lost like fucking 2 pounds in my sleep.”
Dan: Mhm. Arin: Cause you’re just breathing for 8 hours. Dan: So I’m – I’mma –
Arin: *mutters* Wow, what the fuck am I doing, man? Dan: That’s an excellent question. You are really retracing your steps here. Um. Maybe through that opening? Arin: Yeah. I think I’m gonna try that. Dan: Um. Yeah, like – and I’m pretty much skinny to the point where it’ll be dangerous for me to lose any more weight. So maybe I just need to stop breathing!
Arin: Yeah, you should – yeah. Dan: Maybe that’s the healthiest choice.
Arin: Put a kibosh on that shit.
Dan: Yeah. Arin: Cause…Lord knows we don’t need breathing. /s Dan: Here I go. *Dan inhales* Arin: Thank God. Dan (while holding breath): Oh, I can actually feel myself getting fatter. Arin: Yeah, man. It’s uh – it’s heavy shit. Dan: Are you – oh, boy. You’re close to Ganon. Arin: I’m close to Ganon, dude.
Dan: Oh my God, so exciting.
Arin: Calamity is almost right around the corner. *both chuckle* Dan: That’s what my horoscope said today! *Arin laughs* Arin: Uh, you’re a pisces and it says “good luck and fortune will bestow upon you.” Dan: “Calamity is right around the corner!” Arin: I’m a capricorn and it says “Death and forever sadness will always be there for you in a pinch.” *Dan laughs* Arin: Ow! A pinch! Dan: Leonardo DaPinchi!
*Arin laughs*
Dan: Our pet hermit crab. I fucking love that shit. I still think about that every now and then and giggle. Arin: Leonardo Da Pinchi.
Dan: Yeah! *Dan giggles*
Arin: It’s something I said and I forgot. Dan: Yeah, I believe so, actually.
Arin: Hahaha, goddamnit. Arin: Why don’t I have a fucking handle on the funny shit that I say? Dan: Why – why –
Arin: Everything I remember is like, man, I wasn’t funny that day. And then you bring up something and you’re like “Man, I remember this one time you were funny.” *Dan laughs* Arin: And I’m like, why don’t I remember that?! Dan: I remember hundreds of thousands of times you were funny. Arin: Like, name one?! Dan: Game…Grumps.
*Arin laughs* *Arin makes buzzer sound* Dan: Oh, boy. Arin: Game Grumps is not funny, Dan.
Dan: Uh-oh, uh-oh. Arin: There’s nothing funny about Game Grumps (laughing). Dan: Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh, look out. Oooh, I’m scared. Arin: Aaaah! Arin: There it goes.
Dan: Oooooh. Arin: Oooooh.
Dan: That was just in time. Arin: That sucked for you. Dan: Whew! Arin: Dan, Game Grumps is no joke, okay!
Dan: Okay. Arin: It’s not just a thing you can make jokes about. You can giggle over. Dan: Oh, there’s the eye. Arin: It’s the eye of Saruman. Dan: Sauron, but it’s okay. Arin: I’ve – I’ve – *laughs* Dan: There actually is another character named Saruman – Arin: George Clinton? Dan: in, in the Lord of the Rings, so. Arin: Is there somebody named George Clinton? Dan: Uh, no –
Arin: Did we talk about this?
Dan: – he was in Parliament Funkadelic. Arin: Okay, yeah, we talked about him.
Dan: Yeah, you might be thinking of George Clinton. Arin: Have we talked about uh – Randall Wilson? Dan: Who’s that?
Arin: Exactly, who is that? Dan: Next time on Game Grumps.
Arin: Just a name I made up. Dan: Oh, boy. Arin: Look at how close to Calamity Ganon I am!
Dan: Oh my God! That’s exciting! Arin: I’m about to get zapped! Dan: Yeah. Dan: You’re about to –
*Arin yelling* Arin: Here we go.
Dan: Look how close to Ganon I’m about to die. Arin: Oooooh, no, more zappies!
Dan: No, drop down the thing! Oh, you’ll never make it. Arin: Ooooooooh!
Dan: What a terrible idea. Bye!
Arin: Drop down what thing? Arin: Aaaaah! *Dan laughing*
There’s lasers coming at me from every which way! Dan: There – holy shit. Arin: Oooh.
Dan: Okay. Arin: Next time, we’re gonna walk up down the scary corridor.
Dan: Oh my Lord. *tv zap* Arin: He’s my Lord too, Dan. Or she. Dan: Good. *both chuckle*

100 thoughts on “Breath of the Wild: Some Fitness Talk – PART 78 – Game Grumps

  1. one of them is Pisces, the other is Capricorn

    that means one of them is feferi and the other is gamzee

  2. Omg Arin you idiot, fat is mixed with oxygen, and then releases energy, which powers your body. You don't "breath it out"

  3. Arin, you spewed a bunch of actually cool facts and made me think you were smart, then ruined it by saying you breathe out 2lbs of carbon over each night. No, most of the weight you lose and gain over the course of hours and days is water weight. To take a relatively accurate measurement, measure weight at the same time each day. The human body can process at minimum definition of kidney Function 30ml of urine per hour and this is approx an ounce of fluid. The average human bladder holds about 400 to 600ml, or around .75-1.25 pounds Of water weight.

  4. "It was a TED talk"

    oh so 98% chance of it being complete bullshit and 2% chance of it being somewhat true but incredibly simplified and sensationalised, got it

  5. Am I the only person who noticed that Dan told the same exact story about his pet lizards and their sexual antics in one of the episodes of their sonic adventure playthrough… when they were in the snowcap mountains or whatever?


    Did you know that when you exercise, it burns the fat into literally carbon dioxide and you breath it out? Did you know that you're producing five times as much carbon dioxide when you exercise? Did you know that when carbon dioxide pollutes the atmosphere it creates global warming? That would make YOU! responsible for global warming when YOU! exercise.


  7. Anyone else get kinda agitaded when arin swaps weapons to get better ones but when he does he has a sword with 20 attack but he'll drop a more powerful one so he can get a new one

  8. That "the weight primarily goes out of your body through breathing" thing isn't true for anyone who sees this. That was some misinformed pop science article going around.

  9. I know Arin isn't going to see this but I'm still going to clear something up. The action of breathing is not what makes you lose weight. You are right that you breath heavily when you work out because your body needs more oxygen. That oxygen is used in a chemical reaction (cellular respiration) that harnesses the energy in the molecular bonds of organic molecules and creates water and carbon dioxide as byproducts. Typically this process uses carbohydrates (sugar, starch) but will turn to lipids (fat) and proteins as the other resources run out. And if you consume more carbohydrates than your body needs for energy, the excess is stored as fat. Obviously this is super over simplified but I hope it makes sense. Basically, when you work out your body needs more energy and will start using fat to produce that energy if it doesn't have enough carbohydrates. And in the process of doing so, the fat will be converted to the lower energy molecules of H2O and CO2.

  10. Swollen lymph nodes caaaaaan be serious. I dismissed my swollen lymph nodes. Next day had splotchy wrists, ankles, forearms and shins and bloated organs about to burst as my white blood cells had overproduced well over x 150 and were tearing me apart from the inside as my body tried to kill the cancer that had suddenly burst into my bloodstream like a spider's venom. Lymph nodes swelling up like you're a human toad are one of the signs it's coming / getting bad.

  11. "The serrated edge of your truth sword hurt my soul heart."
    Holy jeepers, I didn't know this was a guest grumps with Shakespeare

  12. It’s not the fat itself that is lost, the energy that the fat stores is burned to bond adp and a phosphorous molecule is bonded into atp. This is called hydrolysis because it creates a water molecule and carbon dioxide. So your not completely wrong. Fat is actually a very complex molecule that extends in very long chains of bonds and molecules.

  13. Arin called himself a big fat dude because he weighs 220 pounds and is 6' 2"….. I'm 6' 3" and I weigh 380… I'm a fucking fat ass.

  14. Arin is a fucking idiot but still seems like a cool and funny dude, which is why I don't care enough to stop watching

  15. Breath of the Wild: where 100 year old raw poultry is good as new but half of the equipment is rusted. MAKES SENSE.

  16. So what your body does, is chopping those big molecules (fats, carbohydrates and proteins) into smaller molecules (different path's for different kinds of fuel). No matter what the starting molecule is they are all chopped down slowly into carbondioxide and water (most famous of these mechanisms is the glycolysis, which everybody learns in school). And we actually do know where the water goes, it just joins the rest of the water in your body and mixes so much with it that it will end up in your blood, your cells, your pee, your saliva AND your sweat, as well as some other places.
    The breathing itself has nothing to do with the burning of fat and carbohydrates, its just a way of your body to get rid of the carbohydrate and to get more oxygen so that you can burn more. Because so much of this is needed when you are burning a lot of stuff (for example during sex or cardio training) your body tells you to breath more.
    Fun fact, alcohol is burned in a similar way, thats why it makes you fat if you drink to much of it.

    – Bob, an actual scientist (biology and bioinformatics to be precise)

  17. So basically… You lose weight by converting fat into energy and then breathing it out… Not revolutionary information, Arin. Dan technically got it right the first time (with the "gets converted into energy" statement).

  18. I feel bothered that no one has pointed out that arin keeps dropping 40+ weapons most of the time for 50+ weapons instead of dropping the 20 eightfold blade for the first seven minutes

  19. They've had that EXACT same conversation about dans lizards in their fire red playthrough.. talked about how they used to jump in front of bikes and shit

  20. It's interesting what all I learn from two guys who like to make dick jokes and play video games for a living.

  21. 6:10, you have, not 1, not 2, but fucking 3 Knight's Bows, all 26 damage, and instead of getting rid of one of them, you get rid of the 36 STEEL LIZAL BOW!!!

  22. "I could never love the sea, for it only waves… and never calls me back."
    "She permits lots of sea men.."
    "and… boats of various sizes and shapes.."
    "Though I oft wonder… if these sea men shouting, 'I'm off to scrub the poop deck' is secret code for bein' homosexual.."
    "Bah! I better prepare.. any attack upon us might leave us with a… a 'holy ship', ya might say."
    "What say ye, Squawks?" harsh parrot whistle Do what you want 'cuz a pirate is free~
    "Ah, Squawks.. You're a bird.. in a boat.. with a bunch of bloated, blasphemous bastards like me-self.."
    "Wouldn't have it any other way.."
    "Sir, we've just run out of the last of our food!"
    "…Cock." wrings the parrot's neck, as a tear falls from his eye to his beard
    "Oh, wait… we just found the bread! Apparently Franz was playing a joke and stashing some away, the doof!"
    throws food-keeper off the side of the boat
    "That was for you, Squawks.. May you rest in peace.."
    throws Franz off the side of the boat
    "That'll learn ye!"

  23. Monsters WILL actually take weapons and eat food. If they aren't holding any weapons and see you approach, they'll run over to the nearest weapon and pick it up to use, or if there are no weapons they'll throw rocks (moblins may even pick up smaller monsters to throw lol). They'll also eat meat (lizalfos can eat bugs too I think) if it's lying around or if you put on a monster mask and give it to them, and bokoblins will hunt animals (some ride horses or bears to hunt). I just love the idle behaviors of the monsters, they're nice little details.

  24. When you breathe out you are also breathing out condensation (water). That's why a mirror or window fogs up when you breathe on it.

  25. Getting your biology knowledge from a TED talk is like getting your news from CNN or FOX news. It's mostly bullshit, and is pushing an agenda.

  26. I had swollen lymph nodes for a few months once because I had mono really bad, and I was stuck in bed the whole time, but my family was living in an RV at the time so I was just lying in the back of an old RV in a parking lot for a few months with literally nothing to do, then near the end of it my sister made me get out of bed and ride a bike and it had barely working brakes and I crashed and broke my wrist for I think the eleventh time. I have a great life..

  27. "Unless your plan was to pick up a raw 100 year old turkey and then get murdered, I don't think that went according to it."

  28. I love how food thats there clearly has to be 100 years old. The monsters easily could've brought the food in…you know, recently?

  29. Arin is usually an idiot but he's actually correct about breathing out the fat.
    How it works is that fat is broken down into glucose, and the glucose enters glycolysis, which generates the energy we need for living. the waste products are, of course, carbon dioxide and water. We thus breathe out this.
    Poop in fact is just non-digestible components and occasionally dead blood cells along with other wastes. very little fat is in it. If you have much fat in your poop, youre gonna have a bad time. It indicates that there's something wrong with your gall bladder.

  30. Dude, you lose fat through cellular respiration, burning energy. Not regular respiration, ya dingus.

  31. while Arin isn't technically wrong about you breathing out fat, it's times like this that really remind me that Arin never finished high school…..fat storage starts being used when you burn more calories than you use in a day, fat is literally stored energy. When you normally eat your body breaks down sugars and starches into energy that drives systems by cellular respiration. So by burning fat, you're just driving ATP synthesis, which expels water and CO2, like when you normally eat. Idk it sort of is annoying the way Arin doesn't acknowledge his ignorance and continues on rants about how education isn't important. While a good amount of the things he's says have some valuable truths to them, it's moments like this that make me happy I never dropped out…

  32. But fat is just stored energy? When you burn fat, it's just converted into energy. That's why long distance swimmers will bulk up prior to a competition. By the end, they can lose up to 10 pounds of fat.

  33. You guys making jokes about horoscopes reminded me of something I saw: somebody had made a tweet saying "happiness is like peeing yourself: everyone around you can see it but only you can feel the warmth" and somebody replied "happiness is like peeing yourself: I haven't felt it since I was eight" and when I saw that I fucking lost my shit 😂

  34. The best birthday present I ever received was 6 2-pound boxes of Grape Nuts held together with a rubber band.

  35. Dan: "I'm pretty much skinny to the point where it'd be dangerous for me to lose any more weight."

    >is 30 pounds heavier than me and we're both the same height

    Me: "Nah, you got a ways to go, you're fine."

  36. "Guys, you're in a little cage the size of a brick, you don't need the courtship."
    Counter-argument: "Guys, you're in an elevator with nobody else around. You don't need consent."

  37. Skipping through the video as I sometimes do, I got this little snatch of dialogue:
    " . . . The amount of calories I require to" (skip) "make your dick shatter in two."

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