B!TONIC – Innovative startup in health-care and lifestyle

at Peconic were a very young international team were based in Central and Eastern Europe and we keep expanding the number of countries that we work in because we’re just so excited about the work that we’re doing the idea of photonic actually started from the recommendation of the World Health Organization which says that most of the problems of our age actually come from lifestyles which can be easily changed if we would just know more about nutrition and sports and that’s also our mission to make it very fun and very accessible for everyone to understand how micronutrients and how movements in sport can actually improve your life and and this is why we now work actually on four levels one level is of course the bitonic supplements which you can also find in your pharmacies we exclusively use products high quality products which are produced in Germany and fulfill the strict regulatory requirements and in the EU all our products are vegan so we do not use animal shallop teens but rather and plant derived cellulose material for our capsules [Music] according to the research results in the field of nutritional sciences we we use only bioactive micronutrients which show a high availability so they can easily be absorbed from the human body so P tonic and provides you with high quality products and which are big vegan and the second level is a mobile app called life mode the app is designed for both Android and iOS platforms it’s used by people from 16 years of age to 18 the objective of life mode is to correlate nutrition sport with your lifestyle third level are a lot of platforms of information where you can find online articles that we work in detail to actually break it down and explain it easier and the fourth level are actually nutrition trainings which can benefit the employees of companies to get more energy at the workplace or to manage their productivity better because we are a social business our profits are reinvested in two foundations one in Moldova and one in Romania with these foundations we are hoping to help the next generation of children and young people to understand better nutrition and its values we provide free trainings and a full educational curricula for them on minerals vitamins proteins and absolutely everything they need to know to have a better nutrition and a better life span you

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