Bulking Meal Plan: Carb Backloading & Diet Tips For Getting Huge

Yo what’s going on, guys? Troy here with Muscle
Tactics, chillin’ up here in Hollywood hills. We got the symbolic Hollywood sign behind
me. And you know what’s crazy? Every time I look at it, I’m like, That’s it. It’s like
people have this image in their head that it’s this gigantic sign and then you get up
here and it’s just a tiny, little sign. Still pretty cool, still an amazing view. We got
up here downtown Los Angeles. You could even see all the way if I can get my camera guy
to rotate all the way over – you could even see Santa Monica beach and the ocean in the
background, so pretty much at the top of L.A. up here. I actually just got back from the Mr. Olympia
Convention in Las Vegas. I met so many people that I just learned a ton from, some of the
top fitness models – had a great chance to talk with Greg Plitt, someone I’ve always
looked up to in the fitness industry. I talked to Rob Riches, talked to Jim Stoppani – the
doctor from bodybuilding.com. I actually was in the gym at six in the morning and saw Kai
Greene, the dude who took second at the Mr. Olympia contest. So brushed shoulders, talked
to people at the very top of the fitness industry, and I learned some incredible knowledge on
a lot of great diet tricks on how to really get big, how to manipulate those hormones. Two things that I learned that are really
powerful for lean muscle gains is the concept of carbohydrate backloading and intermittent
fasting. I think that if you combine them both, it’s going to give you guys incredible
results – really powerful, anabolic overload on your body. I don’t want to dive into too much scientific
facts regarding intermittent fasting. I know the HodgeTwins have a channel & I believe
it’s just called FastingTwins. It’s all about intermittent fasting and all the science around
it. But I think the combination of carb backloading and intermittent fasting is really the best
of both worlds. Intermittent fasting is when you go & you
have just an eating window. A really easy way to do it is you have, say, an 8-hour window
where you consume all your food, then you go 16 hours without eating. This has really
great hormonal benefits and it increases your testosterone, increases your HGH, helps you
stay lean and actually going to help you build muscle. I’m not going to dive into the science
and all that; that’ll definitely be in another video, but I want to combine that with carbohydrate
backloading. Carbohydrate backloading, I think, is one
of the best things that you can do as a naturally skinny guy to maximize your lean muscle gains.
I’ve been doing this recently, and I’m really trying to get lean here over the next couple
of months, and I think carbohydrate backloading is one of the best strategies for achieving
that, especially in conjunction with intermittent fasting.
How I do carbohydrate backloading is, first off, I’ll stop eating at around 6, 7 somewhere
between 6 and 8 pm the night before, and then I’ll wake up and I will work out actually
on an empty stomach. So when you combine this with intermittent fasting, it’s really easy
to pull off. So obviously if I stop eating at 6 o’clock the next night and I wake up
at 8am, get my workout in, and all of a sudden it’s 10pm – I’ve essentially gone 16 hours
without eating anything if you go from 6pm to 10am the next day. So it’s really easy
to incorporate the concepts of intermittent fasting along with your carbohydrate backloading. So how I do carbohydrate backloading – well
obviously, stop eating between 6 and 8pm the night before. I’ll get up, I’ll work out on
an empty stomach and then I will consume all my day’s carbohydrates after I work out. That’s
the whole backloading part. You’re consuming all of your carbs post-workout. And I noticed
somewhat – you’d think your energy levels will be really low. Well my energy levels
are sky high when I do this. When I was – I couldn’t believe one time,
I actually worked out in the gym where I hadn’t eaten anything in 18 hours, my energy levels
were sky high. So you kind of reach that point where you’re hungry from hours, maybe 4 through
6 or 4 through 8, and then all of a sudden you get to that point where you feel good
because – keep in mind that it takes energy to digest a lot of food, and I notice when
I eat really big meals and I try to go to the gym, in an hour or two hours after that
I just feel a little lethargic, a little slow. So I’ll wake up, I’ll drink a ton of water
– sometimes I’ll have green tea or coffee. And that’s another thing. If you guys take
pre-workout, or you do coffee or green tea, and you do it on an empty stomach, it is very,
very powerful. You’re going to feel the effects of that caffeine, feel the effects of that
pre-workout a lot more. So that is something that I highly recommend that you guys do. Back to the carbohydrate backloading. I get
in that great workout, and then post-workout – instantly, I hit that post-workout insulin
spike, so the first thing that goes in my body is my fast-digesting whey shake with
my fast-digesting dextrose or Maltodextrin power. I have 50-60 grams of fast-digesting
carbs – that’ll be my first meal. Then about an hour later, I will have more fast-digesting
carbs. I’ll have some white rice or jasmine rice – basmati rice, another personal favorite.
Some kind of rapid-digesting carb, maybe some white potato, but some other form of a simple
digesting carb, and then maybe about an hour and a half to two hours later, I’ll slowly
transition from those rapid-digesting carbohydrates to the slower complex carbs. Now I’ll start
working in things like sweet potatoes, oatmeal, black beans, quinoa, so it’s a transition
from hitting those really rapid-digesting carbs as I get that insulin spike, then you
go for those slow-digesting complex carbohydrates. So I will consume all my carbohydrates for
my day, post-workout. This has the most anabolic effect. Keep in mind that post-workout insulin
is very anabolic, so you want to be consuming all of your body – all of your carbohydrates
for the day post-workout, ideally, if you want to maximize your insulin levels for lean
muscle building. Insulin is actually – I read in the book Nutrient
Timing – the most anabolic hormone in your body. That’s why pro bodybuilders are obviously
kind of guinea pigs where they’re injecting testosterone and HGH and all those crap in
their body, and obviously that’s super dangerous. But one of the things they actually inject
is insulin just because it’s so anabolic. So you guys can kind of do it the healthy
way and just carb backload, consume all of your daily carbohydrates post-workout. That’s
a really easy way to do carb backloading; obviously it’s easy to mix in intermittent
fasting along with carb backloading if you just cut off your meals, 5, 6, 7pm the day
before. So I highly recommend to you guys, try carb backloading. It’s always good to
throw new things into your diet to kind of shock it up, so if you guys are having trouble
with your lean muscle gains, maybe trying carb backloading will really hit that heavy
insulin spike post-workout. You guys will burst through that plateau and see some incredible
lean muscle gains.

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  1. Get JACKED with CARBS! If you want to speed up your gains you need to start carbohydrate loading immediately. Watch this video to get the blueprint on carb backloading. 

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  2. You can weep all the same benefits just fasting with fat. As long as you keep your insulin low the first half of the day your gunna mobilize tons of bf. If u fast or eat fat. Still great knowledge and video!!!

  3. Great stuff, you could also simplify the concepts of "insulin spikes", or terms like that for people that do not have the scientific understanding.  This would increase help with reaching out other communities. Keep up the work! Shared

  4. sup man ive been struggling to get gains for years and now i just finished school (im 18) im doing a ton of research, could you tell me your experience with carb backloading? If it's shit anything else you'd suggest for me? Im the natural skinny guy with a normal (not huge) belly and almost no muscle at all. 56KG 175CM.
    It would help me out a TON !!!

  5. Great video but fasting should be in morning all way to pm time and carbs should be eating after gym and on time not in morning

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