Career Spotlight: Medical Assisting

If you want to work in a physician’s office this is the program for you. If you like to talk to people, help people. If you like front office or back office and what I refer to as front office is paperwork back office is any of the clinical skills. So if you’ve always wanted to learn to do injections and blood draws and run an EKG, spirometry, work with children, work with older adults with a physician’s office you can pick your gamut.You can work in any specialty so if you like derm(atology) and you’re interested in skin, or you like working with babies and pediatrics is for you. Medical assistants work in all the physician’s offices. Some will work in the blood banks even just drawing blood all day. I want anyone who is considering a nursing or healthcare degree to think about medical assisting. It is a great place to be or a great place to use as a springboard to launch you into where you want to be.

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