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Hello all this is raisa george from Welcome to our video channel on jobs and careers Today I will be talking about the career opportunities in BDS Where in today going in for medical or engineering
as a career is growing, but being a dental surgeon is now the choice of many people around.
BDS – Bachelors of Dental surgery, under the Dentist Act, 1948, The Dental Council
of India award this degree to the various students applying for the degree. A BDS degree requires the Science stream in high school (pre-university). One need to
appear for an entrance exam of the medical college or All India Pre- Medical/ Pre- dental
examination conducted by CBSE every year for MBBS or BDS, a four year degree with a compulsory
1year internship. This degree gives out a dental surgeon who is ready to make his name
in medical career. With the increasing demand of dental doctors all around the value of
degree is increasing day by day. It’s being a bright future for a dental surgeon earning
in thousands and Lakhs. After completing 5years degree one can move
further for higher studies to get specialization. The scope of degree does not rely just to
be a dental surgeon but one can also go for research work, work with forensic labs which
work for crime branch. One wishing to move to abroad can go to Dubai, Saudi Arab etc
where the demand of dental surgeon is on high rates. One can chose to work with government
hospitals and have a secured job or could start its own dental clinic.
Getting in specialization one can opt for various certificate courses like in Dental
Hygienist, Dental Mechanic, Endodontic, Orthodontics, Cosmetic Dermatology and Cosmetology or Dental
Assistance. Other than this one can opt for Post graduate course,
• MDS – Masters in Dental Surgery which is for more 3years giving specialization in
different field of dentistry like Community Dentistry, Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery,
Oral Medicine, Orthodontics, Pedodontics and Preventive Dentistry, Oral Pathology, Pedodontics
and Preventive Dentistry, Periodontics etc opening up career options in the field of
dentistry. • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Dentistry
which helps one to get a research degree in this field and further work as a researcher
in medical field. • Going for MBA after BDS give out a more
options to go for like in administration and management in medical institutions, research
centre’s or hospitals. One can go for this degree from various colleges
around sphere providing valuable education in this field. Some of the famous institutes
in India for this degree are • Government Dental College and hospital,
Mumbai, • Nair Hospital Dental college, Mumbai,
• Dental wing, Maulana azad Medical College, New Delhi,
• Dr R.Ahmed Dental College and Hospital, Kolkata.
Other than these many other colleges are providing this degree. Many other universities in abroad
give opportunity to make a career in densitry proving BDS and post graduate degree. Some
of these universities are: • University of Bridgeport
• The university of Lowa • BPP university
• University of Sheffield etc One can make out safe and settled career after
spending 5 years in this degree. A government job or start your own clinic is all of your
choice. Both the public and private sector demands dentist. Various career options after
this degree are: • Consultant
• Dental Assistant • Dental Hygienist
• Dental Surgeon • Dental Lab technician/Ceramist
• Forensics • Private practitioner
• Oral Pathologist • Public Health Specialist
• Professors • Medical Representative/ Sale Representative
• Cosmetic Dermatologist etc One can join with various Public health centres,
Community health centres or Health research centre’s as per his choice. If he wishes
he can also join Army Dental Corps in Defense by appearing in IAS or other UPSC exams. BDS
is a degree providing you with a healthy career option, making you a doctor little different
from league. Being a dental or oral surgeon. Getting into this profession opens up option
to enter the famous medical institutions, hospitals, test labs, all around the world.
So going for BDS gives you a healthy career with a bright future and life time earning.
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44 thoughts on “CAREERS IN BDS – MDS,P.Hd,Consultant,Medical Institutions,Research Centre’s,Hospitals

  1. blebee. ur informations are wrong!!!u can earn very well in this profession if u acquire the right knowledge and garnish ur hand skills!!it's all about attitude whether u make it or break it:))

  2. @ranju shrestha
    if u r from India, job recession , govt hospital contain only 1 or 2. seats of Bds post for that post mds /Bds both r in competition,
    if u r very rich then u can easy buy chair start ur own practice

  3. Brush up your knowledge in the field of dentistry then only make the videos.
    Miss Story Teller The Dental Mechanics , Dental Hygienist , lab technician all are different branch You will not become a Hygienist OR technician after BDS.

  4. all dental students viewers & all those who are trying to make a career in dental from india please don;t do it from india i suggest only do it from foreign countries govt has closed all BDS seats in colleges so , better watch out its totally & absolutely garbage course unless & until you have good sources from parents , relation or family tree doctors or dental surgeons avg middle class people please don;t waste ur career in dental do something else my heartiest suggestion to you all there is nothing in this field opening a clinic takes lakhs of money & there is no certainty even after opening up a clininc you'll earn like lakhpati there's no guarantee talking about pg also its waste unless u have jugaad or gud source

  5. u dont need bds to be a dental hygienist , dental assistant , dental lab technician….please do proper research before publishing such videos

  6. Believe me don't do BDS you are going to suffer a lot… Opening a clinic is not an easy task you need huge investment with minimum 5-10lakh depend on the location besides there is no job for BDS

  7. Bds is not good no future at all Iam very Sad If we know about this earlier we would have not Selected this Course my Suggestion to everyone don't do Bds

  8. This comment is for all those who criticized dentistry, guys let me ask you one question, if you get a tooth ache, or want to do a root canal or an oral surgery, whom will you go to, or which doctor will you consult, a BDS doctor or an MBBS doctor? Obviously BDS doctor, isn't it, if you people say that don't go for BDS and all those stuff, who will take care of your oral problems, tell me????? 😊

  9. Dont do BDS is my advice to every newbie.. who is deciding a career in medical line.. . Its the worse thing you can do to yourself and your family if you are especially not financially sound . Instead of spending 15-20 lakhs on BDS you will be better off spending 40 lakhs on MBBS. I am regretting every single day of my life in BDS …. please dont ruin your life especially if you are only compromising because you didnt got seat in MBBS either repeat exam or spend more for MBBS…believe me you will thank me later..more than 80 percent of people are jobless or underpaid.. i am living abroad and even here and from friends in other countries there is no demand there are surplus dentists all over …. i had have lot of extreme struggle to get through here … my family was very supportive to me but most parents or partner are not supportive so think deeply before you decide for this career ….!!!only if you really have passion for this field or your life aim was doing it and u are very attracted to this field theres very particular reason that you will only want to become bds even if you had option of mbbs and you cant think otherwise then i will say you caaan get into this but anything else or you are unsure of your feeling then better dont choose it …rest is personal choice and personal goals and luck.

  10. Thank u mam aap ne humein itna encourage kiya… Carrier patshala walon nai to hamein bds karne se mana kiya thank u so so much mam

  11. Thank u mam for such nice information ….ye carrier pathsala to sala jasehi bat karta hai….use kuch nahi pata hai bds k bareme our bhokta raheta hai

  12. She is just reading something that the producer has projected in front of her. She doesn't know anything regarding the profession. Many things she is telling is rubbish and wrong. Please do a proper research before posting such ridiculous misleading videos.
    This job is not for a kind of people who needs monthly salary from someone. It's needs you to start Ur own clinical setup and very good communication skills to convince the patients. Simply no one can earn anything. It needs hard work. Normally from dental clinic we can easily earn atleast a minimum of 1 lakh per month if we put a little effort. Also there is no limit in generating income as the time passes. I know many of my friends earning more than 4-5 lakhs per month from dental clinic. But if we work in someone else's clinic, we won't be paid much. Then the payment will be very less like a trainee. It's a very good career for energetic and passionate candidates,but not for the people who always want comfort zone.

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