Castro says Biden ‘forgot’ what he said on health care. Let’s review.

-He wanted every single person
in this country covered. My plan would do that. Your plan would not. -They do not have to buy in.
-They do not have to buy in. -You just said that. You just said
that two minutes ago. You just said two minutes ago
that they would have to buy in. You said they would
have to buy in. Are you forgetting
what you said two minutes ago? -Anyone who can’t afford it gets
automatically enrolled in the Medicare
type option we have. If you lose the job
from your employer, you automatically
can buy into this. No pre-existing condition
can stop you from buying in. You get covered, period. -You said two minutes ago
that they had to buy in, and now you’re saying
they don’t have to buy in. You’re forgetting that.
-I said anyone, like your grandmother
who has no money. You’re automatically enrolled. -We need a healthcare system
that automatically enrolls people regardless of whether
they choose to opt in or not. If you lose your job,
for instance, his healthcare plan would not
automatically enroll you. You would have to opt in. My healthcare plan would. That’s a big difference. I’m fulfilling the legacy
of Barack Obama, and you’re not. -That’ll be a surprise to him.
-Andrew Yang.

79 thoughts on “Castro says Biden ‘forgot’ what he said on health care. Let’s review.

  1. Oh Please… It's a primary. Castro is calling out Biden for his small centrist plan that DOES leave out 10 million people. Also, stop using civility and politeness as a way for someone to bet Trump. Whoever takes on Trump needs to be tough and Hard hitting. Also, focus on policy instead of tone for the case of civility!

  2. Castro just embarrassed Biden all night! Biden is done, the fake polls and media are propping the guy up. This paper champion couldn’t find his car in a circle k parking lot!

  3. Ageist! Way ta correct the youngster Papa Joe! Very insubordinate of Mr. Castro. He should formally apologize to Veep Biden and put it behind them both quickly.

  4. Huddle around their record player or ph… he started saying phonograph!! What’s next victrola??? Biden is a dinosaur!!! He forgot Warren’s and Sanders’ names in the beginning remember? (The senator to my right the senator to my left)

  5. Castro botched that big time. If you’re gonna go after Joe, it better be for an actual gaffe. Let the clown show roll on ! 🤡🤡🤡

  6. What Biden meant was they will be automatically "ENROLLED", but he misused the word and said "BUY IN". There is no reason to say the word "AUTOMATICALLY" if he actually meant "BUY IN". You can't automatically "buy in" without actually buying in.

  7. Joe wants you to buy healthcare after you loose your job lol I don’t plan on buying anything other than a roof over my head if I loose my job no thank you creepy joe biden I will not vote for you

  8. Castro came across as a total bully attacking Joe Biden like that, and he wasn't even right. I never liked Castro but he really came across as a total fuckhead tonight

  9. Biden said that you would be automatically enrolled followed immediately by saying that you can buy in. The bottom line is that you will have to be able to afford insurance under Biden. Sanders is the strongest on healthcare. If healthcare is your main issue, he's the best option. Period.

  10. The best part of this moment was right after when Andrew Yang said "This is why these debates are becoming unwatchable." Truer words have never been spoken.

  11. What a sad attempt at a cheap shot by Castro. It’s like he thought “This is my moment!” and then failed like a sad, slow little man who’s still getting over not being popular in high school. Why is he even on the stage?

  12. No plan we'll just use magic..pretty expensive w open borders..we care so much we'll insure the world..Medicaid for every body

  13. castro was only there because the DNC cherry-picked polls to get him in, Tulsi has far more support and is beating harris in New Hampshire.

  14. Joe's toast, with him acting like he's suffering from Alzheimer's & everyone attacking him, he's not going to last! Obama's really killing him by not endorsing him, he already knew better!

  15. Can we get people in the house that isnt stuck on that 1980s model? Times have changed. These candidates are good people but most of them are still thinking this is the olden days

  16. Bunch of morons dancing like clowns to gain power and riches.. Morality, Trust, Honesty, these words are not in there vocabulary.

  17. I'm not a fan of Biden but Castro is a racist moron. the only people he would take care of it as president or other Latinos and Hispanics he doesn't give a damn for us.

  18. How come every single candidate has a fail moments like they are giving Trump another 4 years. And Andrew Yang is already being denied time to even make his statements so nobody wins here.

  19. Nothing personal against Joe Biden but, Joe has seen his best days in politics. A little dementia is setting in. Same goes for Donald Trump. This is a younger, diverse man or woman's game now. Old White Men is through. Sorry…

  20. Hey libs, maybe you can bring out Hillary and give the old girl another run? Or what the Hell, John Kerry or maybe even Al Gore? They aren't doing anything these days.

  21. well, Castro was not 100% accurate with his attack, but this review doesn't prove him wrong. Biden said "you automatically can buy into this", which is confusing because "can" implies choice, and how is it automatic if he's still saying "buy into".

    regardless of the justification of this instance, it's pretty clear Biden is not fit for president over the course of his many presentations.

  22. Look at how people react: Castro is a bully, it is so low to denigrate or bring up Biden's age, "cheap shot"….this is stuff Trump does daily and nobody cares. A normal reaction to this behavior is how Castro came across to most people tonight….Trump is graded on such a curve

  23. Watching these clowns it's like watching your whole Nightmare unravel in front of your face" if this is still what America's got to offer its over,,,

  24. Everyone has seen the news articles talking about biden making gaffs, Castro was trying to push that with his very obvious attack. Disgusting.

  25. Well THEY ALL forgot to close The Border…

    The COMMUNIST Party is at war with The White Man and Ol'Joe is the closest thing on that stage. 🐸🤫

  26. I strongly believe that Castro was instructed by the DNC to call out Biden mistakenly, so that we can see how Joe isn't really going senile and everyone exaggerates It.
    I'd bet my nut on it as conspiratorial as it may sound. DNC is a wicked bunch, fear them the same way you need to fear the GOP 👎

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