Centralized Visibility and Control in the Lab

(dramatic music) – For every 30 minutes of
turnaround time delay in the lab, there is a 17 minute increase in emergency room length
of stay for the patient. Hi, I’m Haley Mancini, and we
are here amongst the experts, learning all about how
digital technologies are transforming our industry. Across diagnostic sites,
so much is in silos. Data, analyzers, devices, even people, divided by distance, by walls, by processes, or simply by force of habit. The result of these divisions? Partial visibility, limited insight, and duplication of efforts. Digitalization is helping us
to transcend those barriers. Let’s talk to one of our
experts, Dan Gundler. Dan, thank you so much for
taking the time to talk to me. – Thank you for having me. – So Dan, how is digitalization impacting the point-of-care space? – Well today, a centralized
application can oversee hundreds of point-of-care devices and track operator
certification and errors. This really helps increase productivity. Today, data analytics allow
you to focus your training only on those who need it. For example, our customer
in Queensland, Australia manages hundreds of devices
and thousands of users. They ensure better compliance by using management by exception,
which is only targeting those users that require specific training without being disruptive to their staff. This helps improve staff performance, patient care, and costs. Today, the monitoring of
onboard and stockroom inventory across multiple sites can be centralized, and inventory could be
automatically ordered based on consumption levels. This helps avoid costly downtimes. Now, suppose your
application could predict even smarter future inventory needs by synthesizing broader data
from historical testing trends, inventory policies, and even population or
environmental statistics. What if the application could trace problem samples to one draw site? Think what that would do for turnaround times and patient care. – Amazing, well, thank you, Dan. And there you have it: More
insight, better control. Digitalization and AI are
revolutionizing diagnostics. To learn more, click on the links below. (music crescendos) (Siemens Healthineers jingle)

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