Checking Out Hillside Natural Wellness

Hola mi amigos! So today I am in South Anchorage at the Hillside
Natural Wellness cannabis retail shop with…Kyle, and we are gonna check and tour the building,
which is brand new. The grand opening is February 1st and so everybody’s
busy getting ready for that. So let’s go inside and get a tour and check
it out. Hey man. Welcome to Hillside. Thank you brother! Alright so I am here with Ashley. What do you do here? I’m the Operations Director. What does that mean, because I have no idea. That means I make sure everything is running
smoothly. Well Ashley’s gonna give us a quick tour of
Hillside Natural Wellness – we’re gonna check it out. So this is our merchandise corner. We have these beautiful hemp material t-shirts,
fun hoodies. Almost everything in here was custom made
by our team. So like this shelf was made in Alaska by our
team. Ok that’s cool! The welding was done here. All of the finishing work. All of this shelf. Everything. So now we’re at the front counter. What is this? What are we gonna do? So this is all loose marijuana flower, and
these individual containers – you can pick them up – you can walk around with it. There’s a safety tamper resistant seal that
you can’t get the flower actually out of here. Feel free to take a look! Actually that smells pretty good. So the really unique thing about the cannabis
industry here is that if you’re into supporting Alaska grown – every product on our shelf
is Alaska grown. This was grown by Green Life Supply and they’re
out of Fairbanks. So this is a pre-roll, and it was grown by
High Tide Farms out in Wasilla. Alright so we got Orange Cream Soda. We got Susitna Sage. Tangie Banana? Tangy? Tangie? Tangie Banana. And then we got Fruit Salad. They all sound delightful. And it’s all from Fairbanks. Alright guys so thank you for tuning into
another vlog. I appreciate you watching. Thank you to Ashley for giving us an exclusive
first look at Hillside Natural Wellness – conveniently located on the south side – right behind Carr’s
on Abbott. Guys – make sure to come here tomorrow – February
1st – Noon-8 for their grand opening. Check it out. Check out all the cool stuff they have here. It’s the only cannabis retail store on south
side that you can come to. So check it out. And guys – THANK YOU for watching this video
and as always – I’ll see you next week!

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