ChiroTouch Testimonial: Review from Dr Victor Helo from Total Wellness Center

My name is Dr. Victor Helo. I
practice in Studio City. I have been a client with ChiroTouch for the past
three years. As a doctor time is important and notes and documentation is
very important to us. With ChiroTouch I use the macros
especially the bulletproof and my notes is done within 30 seconds
especially my report or the first examination. When we have an insurance company asking for documentation we get the papers on the spot. It’s very
easy for me to get my notes done in the same night, ready to print. ready to print. And the integration with the patient using the iPads, going from room to room using the
software is wonderful. Customer service is great. They try to get to you and help you when we have an issues. I
recommend it to anybody they should get ChiroTouch. It is actually the best
software for chiropractic.

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