Choosing Wisely: Inspiring Conversations on the Wise Use of Health Care Resources

Choosing wisely is leadership and partnership
leadership by professional societies thinking differently about how we use
resources and partnership with consumer organizations and patients
to figure out how to talk about it in a way that realizes the best of being
a doctor it is bringing together the patient and
the doctor using the same script and the same goals to achieve what we all want which is
better health care in America choosing wisely is the right initiative
at the right time and the right message for both
physicians and their patients. Choosing wisely is the profession stepping up to really
identify the issue of overuse and unnecessary tests and
procedures choosing wisely is a great step forward
in the leaders of the profession taking ownership for helping the profession reduce low
value care The choosing wisely campaign is helping
us be the best, most ethical physicians we can
possibly be. Choosing wisely is the first giant step and transforming in the US health care
system by focusing all us doctors on what the medical evidence says delivers the
highest quality of care to our patients. Choosing wisely is an
outstanding and powerful tool to help facilitate patient-centered
decision-making and evidence-based medicine for our country. choosing wisely should become a fundamental conceptual approach to medical student education resident education, continuing medical
education. Choosing wisely is a very important
signal that the profession have medicine has taken
responsibility for both the quality and cost of health
care. Choosing Wisely is one of the most innovative, powerful
campaigns in which physicians can take back medicine, take back accountability, take
back the professionalism Choosing wisely is a great step that is
quite innovative on the path a better patient care

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