Chopra Addiction & Wellness Center – Squamish, BC. Canada

I'm really very happy to announce the opening of the Chopra addictions and Wellness Center when you look at a person is never about an addiction it's what they are sitting with the underlying issues and that's what we actually specialize in we customized the program to individual needs we have guests who come from anywhere from four weeks to up to even 12 weeks and most guests that do arrive at the center they feel they've come to our home they really feel a lot of love and support and compassion by all the staff this is a very compassionate place so when folks come it doesn't matter what their background is what their circumstances are what their substance of choice or substances are we're equipped to handle that it's an atmosphere that breathes and supports wellness so then people's body incontrovertibly know it's a safe place to work deeply to go to places that are scary but that require healing so there's so much faith that gets established here because of the commitment to wellness we are very different in that we recognize that addiction although it's considered to be the number one disease of our civilization addiction is also a search for spiritual well-being a search for spiritual exaltation search for spiritual meaning and spiritual ecstasy we believe that addiction is a memory that's very primordial and links to the memory of pleasure at the center we have a center physician who does the initial admission intakes we have nurses on staff our medical director is a psychiatrist who's also an addiction ologist we have Chopra certified teachers on staff who facilitating teach yoga and meditation massage therapists occupant wrist up therapist staff members who are there because they want to be around people who are needing support and a wonderful team of health care providers going to a spiritual domain which transcends the body mind system goes beyond that to the level of the soul is actually the only long-term cure for all kinds of addictions so when people come to the Chopra addiction and wellness center they will experience meditation mind-body techniques yoga breathing techniques that help them transcend on the daily basis but they're also experienced body therapies that allowed the cells of the body to get rid of their toxins we also offer wellness weeks for those people who may require just a break away from the daily routine and if they have stress or if they lost a loved one or they lost a job or anything that's causing them stress they can come to the center and heal there participate in the program and it's just a wonderful space we have literally the cleanest water the cleanest air the purest diet people are introduced to meditation we have gymnasium and people are invited to exercise they're invited to rest yoga instructors it's all here so that people have an absolutely holistic experience of getting well I think that the aftercare is just as important as the care that is given here this is a beautiful bubble and it's very important that we have that in place after care when they leave so that they feel as though that support is leaving with them once at Paradise Valley you always have part of Paradise Valley with you the goal ultimately is to establish a state of awareness that is very pleasurable so you are creating a new memory that is also free from cravings but then to introduce on top of that a new experience which is more pleasurable and more healthy than the addictive situation the primary goal would be to have a healthy relationship with themselves and with others that's the key and that's where we find that when people don't have a healthy relationship with themselves or others that's when they end up being depressed heaven xiety organic addiction so it's a key to develop a healthy relationship with your own self so the combination of all this I think is way superior to any other addiction center that exists and we hope that other people will actually follow our model introduced in their own centers the techniques that we are using it is very rewarding when we see guests do well on the path and and knowing that that if they are struggling that they're reaching out because that's the key is being able to reach out and get more help this is the one and only Joe prediction and wellness center in the world and we are very proud that this is a breakthrough you

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