CrossFit – “The Foundation Is Nutrition”

We see somebody. They come in. They work hard. They’re hitting the workouts with a good amount of intensity. They’re consistent. They make gains. They make gains. They make gains. They plateau. They regress. What’s going on there is something we call, “failure to thrive” And what that is is a nutrition-related issue When we use constantly varied, high intensity, functional movement and combine it with a meat and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar kind of paradigm what we get is a jet stream of adaptation. Which I think is in no small part responsible for what’s going on here today. If you are training people, you got one oar in the water if you’re not talking about nutrition. Nicole: Greg developed this nifty little pyramid here. At the bottom of it we’ve got nutrition, Metcon, Gymnastics, Weightlifting and throwing, And sport. Each level builds on the level below it. If your nutrition sucks, these things will not be where they could be if it were more solid. Greg: Paleo is the easy paradigm. Meats and vegetables, nuts and seeds, some fruit, little starch, no sugar. If it’s in the aisles of the grocery store, just don’t eat it. There’s a better way than paleo, even and that is to not just look at the quality of the foods, but to simultaneously look at the quantity. All you need is one hand and one eye. Now if you have one of each, you’re in good shape. You can follow the Zone Diet. Simply divide your plate at every meal into three equal sections On one-third of the plate you put some low-fat protein. Now what about the other two-thirds of the plate? You fill it with low-glycemic load carbohydrates. Here’s the good part: you have to add back fat. And the more elite athlete you are, the more fat you have to add back. We’re fans of the Zone [Diet] because it does give me accurate and precise prescription for caloric intake and—more importantly—the exact levels of macronutrient that I can start at. Not that you’re optimally going to be effective at 40-30-30 or 5 blocks of protein, carbs, and fat but that I know what it is that you have been eating and can then make knowledgable, enlightened decisions as to how to tweak your diet and look at the effect. When we move from paleo to something Zone-like, we actually develop– We put the nutritional prescription on a quantifiable basis. We’re turning nutrition from religion to emperical science. And I learned the lessons as to what happens when you tweak these knobs. Nicole: Optimized performance. You need to know exactly what you’re putting in your body, exactly how much of it, and exactly the results that you’re getting out. You know nutrition’s not an either/or kind of a thing. It’s not quality or quantity, it can and it should be both. Greg: And there’s a whole camp of physicians, nutritionists, exercise phys guys that understand that excessive consumption of refined carbohydrate is the real 800-pound gorilla of metabolic derangement that is killing Americans by the millions. Gary: You have to match calories in to calories out. If you take 20 calories a day and stick it in your fat tissue without burning it, you will gain 20 pounds in a decade. 20 calories a day times 365 days in a year times ten years divided by 3500 which is roughly the amount of calories in a pound of fat you end up with 21 pounds in a decade. Even if you’re the Guinness World Record holder in calorie counting, you have no idea how much you’re expending. We’re just guessing. Considering this, the key question isn’t why do some of us get fat, the key question is if this is how we maintain our weight, why don’t we all get fat? Or half of us look fat and the other half look anorexic because the mathematics works both ways, right? Greg: What’s causing heart disease is not dietary fat intake, but excessive consumption of carbohydrate. We’re eating right now about 150 pounds of sugar per man, woman, and child, annually. I’ll give you another easy way to eat if you want to get to the same end point. These are all just models for effective nutritional strategies for avoiding heart disease, death, and misery. If it’s got a food label on it, it’s not food. Like how many grams of fat, and sodium. If it’s got that on it, it isn’t food. Nicole: If you’re not sure what’s in it, if cockroaches won’t eat it, like Twinkies, you probably shouldn’t either.

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  1. rich froning doesnt do this, its pretty hilarious. Instead he listens to his body. Ive heard he doesnt like much breads or pastas either.

  2. Reading through the comments, I'm SO GLAD that finally some people know the truth and are mentioning high carbs/high fruits instead of that much fat. Anyone who is currently following the advice from this video, please do yourself a favor and look into eating less fat and way more carbs. I eat 15 bananas a day, several potatoes/sweet potatoes, tons of vegetables, chick peas, a few organic eggs, and very little fat. So why do I still have a sixpack even though I'm eating that many bananas?

  3. why would having a paleo diet make you perform better at crossfit compared to other diets? i don't understand

  4. "What's causing heart disease is not dietary fat intake, but excessive consumption of carbohydrates."
    This is a clearly wrong statement that contradicts an overwhelming consensus of scientific research. Yes, higher sugar intake obviously correlates to cardiovascular disease rates, but this doesn't allow such a radical statement.
    I am not aware about a single study that has shown clearly that saturated fat is a better caloric source than moderately glycaemic carbohydrates, but of numerous who contradict to this.

  5. IMO meats, vegetabls, gluten free grains, fruits, and good oils and you're g2g. If it has more then one ingredient, probably shouldn't eat it.

  6. This is completely misinformation; the world reowned antropologist from Dartmouth college, Nathaniel Dominy, PhD : "A mayority of calories for most hunger- gatherer societies came from plant-foods, not animal foods, thus humans might be more appropriately described as starchivores".

    The myths that human brain double in siza cause of eating meat doesnt have any proved. From the Asia continent to the Americas, Plant based was the source of their diet. There are top athlete eating like and they all said the same that they're more healthy and they're perfomances has been improved. Just look at Football pkayer David Carter 300 lb of plant strong

  7. Everyone keeps sayin he's drinking a coors light. I can't tell. The can is facing the other way. I don't drink coors light so I dont know.

  8. you Americans are funny. Your food tastes like shit. Vegetables like plastic, in industrial food is put a lot of sugar, portions are for like hungry lions. Best way is cooking for yourself. You dont have a habit to go for a walk, u sit all day… You are in zomby mode. Work, home, work, home and you wonder why are you the fattest nation in the world

  9. Good carbs = energy, more energy = better workouts. Any good athlete would say so. Fuck paleo, eat to fuel the body.

  10. The best diet depends on the person. Some like paleo, some are vegan, some follow a bodybuilder type diet. If it works for them, it can work for you. But YOU have to try it, don't let other people decide for you.

  11. A good rule of thumb is to look at the people giving out the advice and more often than not the paleo/Atkins/zone cuntbags look like shit and the high carb low fat vegans look great.

    The fact every cell in your body is powered by sugar. So carb the fuck up and start fuelling your body on whole plant foods not cancer promoting and artery clogging animal foods.

  12. "If its got a food label on it, its not food" Even he knows that didn't make sense. last time I checked healthy food had labels on them. So plain meat that has a label is not food??? lol

  13. I am involved with crossfit, but this video sounds like cult shit. Everyone knows that they shouldn't eat ice cream and Twinkies every day. Having discipline to eat right most of the time is the key to success and don't let anyone tell you that you are doing it wrong.

  14. Old, fat guy – who has his hands on his hand like he's tired when he's only sitting on a chair and with terrible posture – is telling me what to eat for max energy/health? lol, ok. Grandpa can barely keep his eyes open

  15. Fat loss is primarily about calorie deficit. Let's say that it takes 2500 calories per day to maintain your weight and you take in 2000 per day of carbs. You'll still lose 1lb a week. Now obviously you want a well rounded healthy diet where you consume junk food sparingly in moderation. But complex carbs are NOT the enemy. If you train like an athlete, they provide fuel for your body. Personally, I'm a fan of intermittent fasting.

  16. U can do it solo, u can do it solo… if you eat 54,3989809098 grams protein per days u can look like me. (But the advertising = shit = good morphology)

  17. If you train for marathons… You are supposed to have one energy gel every 45 minutes during long runs. Those gels are basically 100 calories (mostly sugar). Is that OK?

  18. No the foundation is steroids. Everyone knows you Crossfit losers are on drugs. Your women look jacked like men….its disgusting

  19. Ha ha anyone else see at 2.15  the coke can and coke bottle on the table by the outta shape guy?  Arms behind head in classic display of arrogance .  Leaning back so you can look down your nose. Not inspiring.

  20. Wow this guy has absolutely no idea what he's talking about. Carbs don't cause heart disease, animal products/proteins and fats do! This is so inaccurate that I literally laughed

  21. No offense, if you can sustain that good for you! But I'm sticking with my flexible dieting. Because it works for me.

  22. Contrasting lay out what Greg Glassman said: Religion and the empirical science, does he hint something through this statement??

  23. My problem with this diet is the huge amount of meat (as a European, it's way way too much…!) and too little fruits. They are right to suggest no added sugar, no processed stuff and more veggies…but beyond that it's just not for me. Also, the right kind of bread (whole grain with no added crap, baked in a bakery) is very healthy.

  24. LOL what is wrong with some of you people. Stay away from processed food and sugar. It's not rocket science. Here is a simple plain. If it has a list of ingredients don't eat it.

  25. Greg: "what causes heart disease is not dietary fat intake, but excessive consumption of carbohydrate." 4:30

    This is a strong point that should be looked into and it is contrary to the documentary "What the health" which stresses that fat from meats is the biggest cause to heart disease.

  26. hi guys im new in this stuff, the problem iam facing is i get hungry what is the substitute snack i can take. or should i avoid eating i not talking about main 3 meals which is breakfast , lunch & dinner

  27. The world health organization has processed meats listed as category 1 carcinogens same a cigarettes and asbestos. Unprocessed meats category 2. It's not healthy and completely unnecessary in the diet.

  28. We learned about the diet program “sowo hope site” (Google it) by googling around for info in the weight-loss sites. In just a few days, I’ve lost greater than 12 lbs. It’s the best diet plan I’ve ever before seen and it sure works for me.

  29. They discus nutrition and in their video you can see processed meat (which is a Group 1 Carcinogenic) in the same category as cigarettes. I'm a bit confused?

  30. The only food in this video that doesn't cause cancer is the strawberries, the dude is nuking giant pile of processed meat which is proven to cause cancer in over 900 studies and drinking an aspartame cola, then only eats 3 of the strawberries, is this a joke? What a big disservice.

  31. And yet several of the Top CrossFit athletes eat GUMMY BEARS…. mmm interesting. Everything in moderation. Everybody knows what they should eat. It's not the knowing, but sticking to it, DOING IT.

  32. Whole food starches are extremely healthy. Sweet potato for example… one of the most nutritious foods available.

  33. I'm sorry but counting the carbs for a type one diabetic is very complicated to be honest carbs do turn into sugar one way or another.

  34. Wait, they're quoting Gary Taubes??! Geez. I love CrossFit, but they have the diet part kinda messed up. This is evidenced by their top athletes not following their no carbs recommendation either.

  35. As an Egyptian I've never see ancient Egyptian had heart disease, but most of the modern Egyptian on risks of cancer and heart disease because of all that usa's process carbs companies over there

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