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My god. There’s a goat on my back! Hello Vogue, I’m Sophie Turner, and generally,
I like to work out, I box and things like that,
I hate yoga, but today, I’ve made an exception because
we’re doing something very exciting. Goat yoga. So what actually is goat yoga? Goats are natural climbers,
whenever they see a flat surface, – they want to climb on it or jump on it.
– They just hop on? And in goat yoga,
that flat surface is you. – Will they pee on me? What will happen?
– Hopefully not! One big one is you have
to have your hair up because they will chew on your hair. – Ahh I love that, free haircut as well.
– [Laughs] Perfect, I’m excited. – Good, good.
– Let’s do it! Alright, let’s go! So everyone starts sitting down.
We’re going to inhale, lift the arms up. Yoga’s new for me. I have actually been told by a doctor
never to do yoga, but, I made an excuse for the goats. Coming back to centre, we’ll switch sides. – Beautiful, the goats are ready to come out.
– Yes! The excitement I felt
throughout my body when I saw the goats walk in,
was just complete and pure ecstasy. Hi! Awww! Oh, the babies! I’ve never felt that excited
about anything in my life, ever, and I’ve been proposed to and
that wasn’t even the best day of my life, this was. Look what I’ve got, right there. Oh, thank you. All the poses are goat friendly,
low to the ground. If everyone can get down
on your bellies. Cobra is the closest thing
to lying down, and so I really enjoyed that. Zipping those legs together,
toes on the mat, and breathe. A goat, a heavy goat,
a big mumma goat began to walk on my back. – Oh! [Laughs]
– [Laughs] Nice deep tissue massage. Oh wow! It was pretty painful, it was
like a sports massage. Woah, that was rough. [Laughs]. Yeah, I didn’t really do any yoga,
I definitely felt myself distracted, I did nothing but pet goats. Hello! That’s how I look when I run as well. And then exhale, slowly come down. This is the embarrassing part. Where’s a goat for me to pet,
while you guys do that. Come here Lucy! Lucy, the baby goat, just a month old. Oh, yeah. Is this Lucy again? She holds a special place in my heart. Here you go. Let’s just hang out
for a while. Oh! [Laughs]
Is this one Lucy? Oh that’s Ethel. I often get called the G.O.A.T,
because, I don’t know, people say I’m the greatest of all time,
so, yeah, I’m the G.O.A.T. Come here, we’ll live together.
You’re coming home with me. This is what yoga really should be. Damn! It’s like me at a bar! [Laughs]. Lucy was the greatest of all, well,
which goat was the one that peed on my mat? Oh sh*t, oh my god!
Oh my god, oh my god! Okay great, so that’s a wrap! I think that was
the greatest goat of all time. The G.G.O.A.T. The ggoat. Was that Lucy? Oh it was Ethel,
I know Lucy wouldn’t do that to me. A goat peed on my mat,
another goat peed there and I’m feeding goats with bottles while,
kind of ish doing yoga, but this is great. Yeah. It was hard to leave class. Okay everyone, class is wrapped.
Good job! She doesn’t want to leave. This is great! Right, I’m taking
you with me, come on, we’re going! Thank you, namaste. Namaste. – [Goat Bleets]
– [Laughter] Hi Vogue, this is Sophie Turner and
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