Dean Ornish: The world’s killer diet

With all the legitimate concerns
about AIDS and avian flu — and we’ll hear about that from the brilliant Dr. Brilliant later today — I want to talk about the other
pandemic, which is cardiovascular disease,
diabetes, hypertension — all of which are completely
preventable for at least 95 percent of people just by changing diet and lifestyle. And what’s happening is that there’s a globalization of illness
occurring, that people are starting to eat like us,
and live like us, and die like us. And
in one generation, for example, Asia’s gone from having
one of the lowest rates of heart disease and obesity
and diabetes to one of the highest. And in Africa,
cardiovascular disease equals the HIV and AIDS deaths in most countries. So there’s a critical
window of opportunity we have to make an important
difference that can affect the lives of literally
millions of people, and practice preventive
medicine on a global scale. Heart and blood vessel
diseases still kill more people — not only in this
country, but also worldwide — than everything
else combined, and yet it’s completely preventable
for almost everybody. It’s not only preventable; it’s actually reversible. And for the last
almost 29 years, we’ve been able to show
that by simply changing diet and lifestyle, using
these very high-tech, expensive, state-of-the-art
measures to prove how powerful these very simple
and low-tech and low-cost interventions can be like — quantitative arteriography,
before and after a year, and cardiac PET scans. We showed a few months
ago — we published the first study showing you
can actually stop or reverse the progression
of prostate cancer by making changes in diet
and lifestyle, and 70 percent regression in the tumor
growth, or inhibition of the tumor growth, compared
to only nine percent in the control group. And in the MRI and MR
spectroscopy here, the prostate tumor activity
is shown in red — you can see it diminishing after a year. Now there is an epidemic
of obesity: two-thirds of adults and 15 percent of kids.
What’s really concerning to me is that diabetes has
increased 70 percent in the past 10 years, and this may be the first generation in which our kids
live a shorter life span than we do. That’s pitiful, and it’s preventable. Now these are not election
returns, these are the people — the number
of the people who are obese by state, beginning in ’85,
’86, ’87 — these are from the CDC website —
’88, ’89, ’90, ’91 — you get a new category —
’92, ’93, ’94, ’95, ’96, ’97, ’98, ’99, 2000, 2001
— it gets worse. We’re kind of devolving. (Laughter) Now what can we do about this?
Well, you know, the diet that we’ve found
that can reverse heart disease and cancer is an Asian diet. But the people in Asia
are starting to eat like we are, which is why they’re
starting to get sick like we are. So I’ve been working
with a lot of the big food companies. They can make
it fun and sexy and hip and crunchy and convenient
to eat healthier foods, like — I chair the advisory
boards to McDonald’s, and PepsiCo, and ConAgra,
and Safeway, and soon Del Monte, and they’re
finding that it’s good business. The salads that you see
at McDonald’s came from the work — they’re going
to have an Asian salad. At Pepsi, two-thirds
of their revenue growth came from their better foods. And so if we can do that,
then we can free up resources for buying drugs
that you really do need for treating AIDS and HIV
and malaria and for preventing avian flu. Thank you.

72 thoughts on “Dean Ornish: The world’s killer diet

  1. no i think most people know they are eating the wrong food its just that un healthy foods seem to be more avaliable and easy. people need to get back to raw un processed foods in normal proportions. exercise and no smoking or heavey drinking. simple but not always easy.

  2. I assume it goes way beyond that. It may be the foods derived from today's highly-efficient food processing that happens at the molecular level.

  3. If only we could convince people to eat pure organic fruits, veggies and grains…. no reason to buy boxes and packages, as they are just the things to make us sick and keep big corporations and big pharmaceutical companies wallowing in big profits. When eating, keep it simple, tasty and colourful.

  4. I hope everyone watches this video with extreme caution and I highly recommend those with any real interest in science look at the related videos and watch the NUTRITION PANEL with Gary Taubes. He completely rips Ornish's argument to pieces and has since written perhaps the most impressive look at diet book ever. I encourage everyone to hear him out in his book Good Calories Bad Calories.

  5. Western Europeans seem to have adapted to drinking cows milk longer into adulthood than other people groups. If you enjoy it, use products that are reduced fat and have no added sugar or other processing. If you don't enjoy it, don't drink it.

    As for soybeans, their protein comes with fewer of the problems of meat-based proteins, but they also have numerous blocking compounds that prevent uptake of certain vitamins. Enjoy in moderation and with not too much processing.

  6. If the world stops eating fast foods, nations and economys will crumble. We need to keep the lower and middle class smart enough to think we care, but dumb enough that they will buy the meal Biggie Size and Super Jumbo XL. By playing around with nutrition terms and serving sizes, they won't know what hit them! We need the keep them fat, and our selves rich. Keeping people obese is saving the world, the environment, and my 401k. You be quiet and eat a burger, you hear me?

  7. Good comments from Dr. Ornish, but his diet isn't that great. Try the paleo diet, that's what I eat and I have very few health problems.

  8. I agree with last comment. Dean Ornish diet is the perfect diet if you want to be diabetic and having heart disease. Dean Ornish= High Carb Diet.
    A paleo diet rich in fat and moderate-low in carbs is the most scientific approach. Read GOOD CALORIES BAD CALORIES by Gary Taubes.
    Dean Ornish diet is a public danger.

  9. @MelodiesfromHeaven @MelodiesfromHeaven Eating little fat is unhealthy, and Ornish fears fat. Cardiologist William David became diabetic with Ornish terrible diet

  10. @LibertarianEurope It's IMPOSSIBLE for a plant-based diet to CAUSE diabetes. William David probably wasn't following it correctly, or ALREADY had the predisposition to it in his genes.

    Ridiculous what people will say to keep their meat. Man up and try something healthy for once!

  11. @stmml02 Its ridiculous. What cause diabetes are carbs= most of them are plant-based foods. Homo sapiens needs a diet with animals and animal fats, and also some vegetables. Vegetarianism is 'contra naturam'. Learn about paleo diets. Grass-fed meat is 100% healthy, for example this meat contains CLA, which combats cancer. Study, please

  12. Comments comments …. the truth is our American diet is not good for us and it is killing us so something is wrong

  13. Obesity pandemic in the U.S.? People in other countries act surprised until they live here, and gain 20 pounds just by breathing. Only halfwits attribute obesity exclusively from inactivity and over eating. The truth is America, unlike other countries, does nothing to regulate the poisons like HFCS, MSG etc. in the food supply. In fact the FDA takes payoff to look the other way. When they want to fatten mice for studies they, you guessed it, feed them MSG.

  14. @LadyCopper1 There^s nothing wrong with pasteurized milk.It still has plenty of calcium,Vit D, & other nutrients your body needs no different than non pasteurized. Its longer shelf life is also a bonus. most people have zilch problem digesting pasteurized milk

  15. @cdnp4p The health benefits are the same from pasteurized milk.Calcium,Vit D other nutrients are plenty & well absorbed by most people. The cost is down * a longer shelf life. There is no evidence that pasteurized milk is bad

  16. @LibertarianEurope Thats why Taubes has a huge Fat Gut that contributes to heart disease & looks 10 years older than he does because he hails as evil those anti cancer anti heart disease carbs filled with anti oxidants in fruits,vegetables & grains. Some fat is needed but just a liitle.Fat has more calories per gram than carbs or protein. Its not called fat for nothing & it will make you Fat if u indulge too much in.

  17. @RippedtoShreds2008 No its not back in the 60s,70s we drank Coke,had white toast,ate apple pie,french fries,had Cereals with sugar for breakfast.Hardly anyone was obese because we moved,played sports & were active. Today with video games,200 channel tvs,various home entertainment,work that involves less activity, we sit on our asses alot.Acylation Stimulating protein a hormone will shove fat into your fat cells without carbs or insulin present if u eat too much & expend less.

  18. @mrkitanai1 Milk contains Calcium–builds bones & teeth,Protein–serves as muscle repair/growth,Phosphorous & Vit. D–helps strenghten bones,Vit B12–maintains healthy blood cells,Vit A–helps immune system & eyesight,Riboflavin–helps convert food into energy,Niacin–metabolizes sugars & fatty acids. Your right why would a adult drink something as useless & nutrition less as Pasteurized milk

  19. It's been destroyed. It's like chemo. Poison. It's been completely altered, denatured, and is devoid of healthful properties. Raw milk, if anything, and not that of a cow. Pasteurized milk is not easily palatable. I know tons of people who have milk aversion, even nasty reactions. I'm one of them.

  20. theres plenty of calcium,b12,phosphorous,magnesium.riboflavin,zinc in milk.Its safer to drink pasteurized.millions of kids grew up with this without any health defects.It can help build muscle.a few are allergic & therefore should be avoided but low fat milk/dairy in conjunction with other lifestyle changes is healthy

  21. The countries with the highest milk consumption also have the most osteoporosis, juvenile diabetes, and any food that has been over-manipulated tends to cause problems. Do you work for the dairy industry? (that's not a swipe). I can see organic yoghurt or raw fermented milk having benefits, but certainly not the milk in a box that we grew up on. In my case, threw up on. I got terrible gas and diarrhea every time I drank it. I know many people in the same boat.

  22. All of those vitamins and minerals are found in abundance in many other foods, and without the deleterious side effects.

  23. First of all if your refering to North America,it has been revealed that americans/canadians don^t recieve enough calcium to start—that cancels blaming milk. Secondly we have the Highest consumption of Soft Drinks that have a substance that leaches calcium from bones.Thirdly we aren^t that active,sedentary lifestyles as economies go from labour to computers & desks with people lazing at home with their 200 channels doesn^t help build/maintain bones. Milk is not healthy ….but Very Healthy!

  24. Variety is the Spice of Life. Try some with your cereal,oatmeal,whey protein, or in a glass after you eat something like pumpkin pie—-real nice

  25. Milk does not provide calcium. Sorry to inform you, but protein blocks its absorption. Milk is a better source of riboflavin (vitamin B-2) than calcium. Just because a food contains something (or that something is often added to the processed product, afterward, meaning that it's not inherently contained therein) does not mean that the human body will absorb it, even a little- let alone at all. What people actually need more of is vitamin D.

    Stop spreading popular myths of milk.

  26. Yes it does get absorbed,maybe not in its entirety but a fair amount of it does.Calcium absorption in milk is not as good as Broccoli but it is better than spinach.Once again children have had there bones grow & good health because of milk.Its also nutritious.Unfortunately too many turn to sugary sodas & junk food early on.

  27. You're right about soft drinks. Hard to argue that. But there are lots of people who are sedentary. It's hard to link milk with variables that are so hard to measure and connect to overall health. I do find it odd that we drink the milk of another species, well beyond the weaning years. Why don't we drink elephant milk? Dog milk? That part makes me scratch my head. I'll stick with the organic yoghurt and fermented raw milk argument. But not the factory produced gunk.

  28. Lol Calories? It sounds like a child talking about nutrition. Study please, not all calories are the same my friend.

    Taubes is more fit than Ornish. Ornish is a perfect example of sagged skin compared with people on traditional healthy food rich in traditional fats like butter cod liver oil or coconut.

  29. Ornish looks fine,I saw a picture of Taubes with a huge gut(a precursor to possible health issues),This video is from 2007.Taubes in more recent videos looks 10 yrs older with dull skin & a sickly appearance typical when you deprive your body of healthy nutrients. I enjoy meat but rest assured eating red meat everyday is a danger to health & if you have advanced hear disease evidence points to a ornish diet to prevent heart atck.Of course eating Red meat does not necessarily cause heart disease

  30. Most people are lactose intolerant, and it's not natural to drink past the weaning stage, especially to drink milk of another species. Ever since I switched to soy milk, almond, and rice milk, I've felt so much healthier. It's also fortified with calcium and provides about 50% of the daily value of calcium (around 500mg) per serving, which is ideal since the body cannot absorb more calcium than that at a time. Once we kick the dairy habit, I think we'll see our health change in amazing ways.

  31. There is no reason for humans to eat animals or their by-products–never mind that raising animals for food contributes to global warming, abuses animals in the process and is one of THE most polluting industries on the planet. A plant based diet is the healthiest and promotes optimum health. Oh, and btw, we are the only species on the planet that drinks another species milk and does it into our adulthood. Does that make sense? Pour that in your glass and drink it.

  32. 1) Everything your body needs on the cellular level is in animal fat. 2) Global warming doesn't exist. 3) The lipid hypothesis is the reason why diabetes is so prevalent. 4) Clever and true.

  33. Watch these two, yes by all means move, don't sit too much, get a standing desk for your office work, engage in any physical activity that you like, yoga is popular etc. But watch these. watch?v=UMhLBPPtlrY watch?v=ktQzM2IA-qU

  34. High fat, and protein while keeping carbs very low is the way to go! Went from 440 to 360 in a year, and still going. This was all lost with no excersie. No blood sugar spikes = weight loss. Veggies are good still, but fruits are very high in carbs, so are potatoes, yams, and other starches. Telling people that Keto is the way to go is a waste of time for most people, since we are all brainwashed to eat healthy grains and lots of fruits and veggies. Good luck!! đŸ™‚

  35. This guy is such a tool. The human body has no problem digesting animal fat. It does on the other hand have problems digesting sucrose, glucose, fructose. How could anyone in good conscience say that bread is more healthy than steak. 

  36. Gotta love YT commentors who honestly believe they know more from their Wikipedia education than one of the leaders in field.

  37. I wish TED would remove everything by this sham. He's perpetuating misinformation and illness, not an Idea I want to get behind.

  38. Amazingly ignorant people attempting to dispel Dr Ornish's collective research. Maybe his rushed, sound-bite type presentation hurt their feelings? To all meat eaters: Enjoy your depressing future which will be full of pain and hardship as your bodies begin to prematurely break down.

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