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hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Caitlin and in this video I'm going to be giving you all of the random facts of information that I know pre-orientation going into the dental hygiene program so I have not gone to orientation yet these are just things that I have gathered based off of common knowledge based off of people that I've talked to while I was doing observation hours based off of information that I found online and then also based off of information that I have collected from my friend who is a junior going into your her senior year this fall in the program so the video is kind of all over the place just because it is random facts of information that I know it's gonna be things like estimated cost and schedules and scrubs and things like that so if you're interested definitely keep watching and before you do make sure to hit the subscribe button cuz there'll be so many more videos like this so let's go ahead and get into the video ok so the first thing that I know going into the dental hygiene program is that I'm going to have to get the hepatitis B vaccine oh I'm not excited about it and I'm not sure if I have to get other vaccines like I said I'm just telling you what I know as of this moment before orientation so I know that I have to get that besides B vaccine and if I don't then I have to get like a titer which is where they take your blood and they test it to see if you're immune to hepatitis B and then if you're not you have to get the hepatitis B vaccine so I'm getting a titer next week hopefully I'm immune to it but my friend already got her tighter and she's not immune to it and she's younger than I am so I'm sure I've gotten me into it I'm sure I'm gonna have to get these vaccines that's not going to be fun but that is the thing that they told us in our acceptance letter and they really congratulations you're accepted this is when the info session is oh and you might as well go ahead and get started on your hepatitis B vaccine because that's three different injections and all the injections have to be done by February of next year so just now that is something that you're gonna have to deal if you're against vaccines I don't really know what to tell ya because they definitely requirement you cannot be in the program if you don't get that and then I also know what classes I'm going to be taking in the fall I looked it up and I have it all written down here so the first class that I'm going to be doing is pre clinical dental hygiene and I do generally know that in pre clinic you work on each other and that's where you learned like your instrumentation and things like that again I do not know everything so I might sound ignorant to a lot of these things because I haven't gone to the info session and I haven't started the program yet so don't judge me okay the second class I'm gonna be taking an introduction to patient care I don't really know what that's about but that's the class that I'm gonna be taking a third class is dental anatomy and histology which I'm wondering if that's similar to had a neck Anatomy because I've always heard people thinking ahead a neck Anatomy and you would think that you would take head and neck anatomy in the first semester but this is called dental anatomy and histology so I don't know if that's the same thing or not but I know histology needs the study of tissues so it's probably dental Anatomy and then like the gum tissue maybe I don't know I'm not in the program yet and then finally the last class of everything is dental radiology and I'm pretty sure that's learning how to take x-rays yeah so yeah those four classes are the classes that I'm gonna have to take the first semester now I do also know it'll be start seeing patients the second semester so we work on each other the first semester and then the second semester that's when we start seeing patients and things like that and I also know that you are going to have to well I I also know that I'm gonna have to get my own patients I'm gonna have to find my own patients I'm pretty sure there are some people that call in and like get their routine dental cleanings they're like in the area of where my program is but I do know that those are very few and far between and I'm probably gonna add side majority of my own patients so something to stress about but I'm not gonna stress water right now cuz you know I don't got to worry about that for like another year okay okay and then I did also look up the estimated cost for my specific program please smell that this is going to be different than your program you know unless we're going to the same school but I'm not sharing the school that I go to so we'll find out in June if you're you know in my program or not so I have the estimated cost now these costs are on top of tuition so this is after your tuition page and again these are just estimated so uniforms and supplied kit is approximately $1000 instruments are approximately $4,000 yay malpractice liability insurance is $30 yearly professional dues is $80 yearly annual tuberculosis screaming is $20 a year late licensure and examination is $2,000 and then if you don't have health insurance and they have to get it to the school it's $2,300 a year and I have to get it you know they don't have all the turns so yeah I also know that my orientation in June is two hours long which seems kind of short to me I would think that it would be a little bit longer but I've also heard that it's very overwhelming so maybe like two hours as you know right before people start going insane I don't know I also know that I'm gonna have to get CPR certified which I army am because I had to get certified to apply to a program last year but I can't find my cards anywhere so I'm probably gonna have to take it again but I did hear that they have like a session where they have someone come into the school and everybody can do it at the same time so I'll probably just end up doing that instead of having to go find someone and do it in their basement that's literally what I did last year I found someone online that did CPR certification and I went into her basement and I was alone with her in her basement learning CPR the things we do for school people the things we do for school again I know that we have spine around patients and we also have to find our own boards patient you have to find your own boards patient with the exact right amount of problems going their mouths for you to bring them to your test and you have to work on them for your test so again I'm not gonna have to worry about that for like two years from now so I'm not gonna stress out about it right now even though I want to also the final thing that I know just based off of me gathering information is that online it says that the typical schedule is eight to four two days a week and then 7:30 to 5:30 two days a week and then Fridays eight to twelve so it is Monday through Friday generally eight to like five and then eight to twelve on Fridays so that was everything that I know now I'm gonna go ahead and get into everything that I know based off of my friend was in the program right now so she told me that the hepatitis B is very painful so you know I figured out throw that in there since I've talked about hepatitis B before she told me that it's very beautiful so I'll definitely be looking forward to that she told me that the second shot is the work she have to get three and she told me that the second shot is the most painful out of all of them which is weird to me about whatever whenever it comes to scrubs they have one base color that everybody gets so like everybody gets a certain color which is like our school color basically and then they pick a secondary color so you get to color scrubs but they change it every year so everybody has the one base color and then the secondary color like for the seniors right now is turquoise and then the secondary color for the juniors right now is green and then whenever we go to the info session I'm pretty sure they'll tell us what our other color scrubs are and I'll definitely let you guys see the scrubs and I really get them I'm gonna be so excited for that apparently the girl that I friends lift that is a junior right now she said that they were supposed to get like pink and gray but it never happened and she ended up with the base color and then green so who knows I hope I don't want things I think pink is not cute so I just hope we don't get pink but I just changed my cell phone we're probably gonna get big now my friend also told me that you have to get these super ugly shoes called nurse mates apparently they give you four different styles to choose from they have to be all black and leather and apparently they're hideous and like $80 so there's that you let you choose between like for style like there's four different styles of them and even the cutest ones my friend said are hideous so yay then I also know that starting the second semester so the first semester you work on each other and then the second semester you start seeing patients but the second semester you're seeing patients who have been to the dentist like within the last six months or it have been going to the dentist regularly that people who like me an extensive like pareo work people who have healthy gums and teeth and things like that so the second semester you see five patients they have to be there from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 so when I think you're thinking about convincing my family and friends to come you know 30 minutes 45 minutes depending on where they are up the road from eight o'clock to four thirty kinda sounds daunting to convince the money to do that but obviously people have been doing it for the longest time and I know I'll be able to do it too I'm not gonna stress do you see the recurring theme here I'm not gonna stress no matter what I hear apparently summer semester which is eight weeks long you have to see eight patients but I do believe that's when you start seeing pareo patients don't quote me though and then we don't know how many ambitions needed to see the last two semesters but my friend heard that the last a very very last semester you have to see somewhere around 30 patients like you're not really taking classes anymore you're just straight seeing patients back to back to back like seeing your recall patients from you know six months before so it's pretty intense towards the end and I was enjoying my observation hours to apply the lady that I talked to she went to the same program that I was applying for and she said that by the end of it you end up being like 60 or 70 patients so yellow on practice also something else that I heard was that apparently there are tests in this program where if you fail them you're out of the program there's 14 people in the program and there was a test and only form them past it and if they all failed again they were all out of the program so apparently it gets really intense and you can't fail things more than once because you have to meet certain requirements so it gets it gets really crazy all also we get normal breaks just like the rest of the school this is something that I wondered and I asked my friend about I wondered like okay if the school is on break for three weeks you know in December or in the summer like in between like the spring and summer classes do we get the full three weeks or are we on our own little like break schedule and she said no we get the exact same breaks as everybody else does you know that's something that's good to know because I'll be marking those on my calendar looking forward to those you know yeah we get the same exact holiday the same exact breaks as everybody else that goes to school it just takes regular classes so also something else that I know is that we get it bigs so the people who are going to be seniors going into the program has we're going be juniors going into the program they pair us up with our own big and I don't really know the extent of that but it sounds exciting to me and I'm already like looking at like little kid gifts that I can like give her hopefully it's gonna be my friend that I'm talking about has given me all this information she said she's gonna request me as her little so then I also know that we only wear scrubs on days that we have clinic or laps so we don't wear scrubs every single day so I'll still be able to wear cute stuff you know and then on the days that you wear that you have lab or clinic then you just wear your scrubs to school then the last thing that I tried and told me that is really exciting is that she said you make a whole bunch of friends in hygiene school and that just sounds so awesome to me especially being a little bit older you know going back to school and things like that like he makes so many friends in college and like the way that I've done it I've kind of missed out on that experience just because I am 26 and I'm going back to school now so I feel like I missed out on that experience so it's kind of cool to be able to like go back to school at this age even though I know I'm not old okay it's kind of cool to be able to go back to school you know I like not eighteen you know going back to school like 22 23 and this is just really cool because I still get to have the big and little experience I mean I know it's not a sorority but it's still like the big and little experience you know that I get to have and I get to go into a program with 13 other girls that I will hopefully you know make lifelong friends with and that's just really exciting to think about my friend told me that their whole entire group a super super close and she's made like three really amazing like like really close I was like she's close with everybody but she's made really really close friends being in this program and so I just really hope that our group is like that too I just really hope that we're all super supportive and encouraging and you know awesome to each other and I am just so excited for that so I figured I would end the video on that note so thank you guys so much for watching sorry if it was all over the place but these are random facts that I know prior to orientation that I will be making a video after orientation as well so make sure that you subscribe so you can you know get all of the deets so so thank you guys so much for watching make sure to LIKE this video if you want more videos like it and I will see you guys on the next one bye guys

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  1. Ran into your channel. Going to get my BA in dental hygiene so I’m excited to start this journey with you! 🤗🤗

  2. Hi Kaitlin!! I just came across your dental hygiene videos and I love them because it takes me back to when I first got accepted into hygiene school! You're right, dental anatomy is a very different class from head and neck anatomy. If you have any questions about the program or classes let me know! I am making a video on it soon 🙂 Congratulations on getting accepted! Woohoo!!

  3. Hi Kaitlin! I'm planning on applying to the dental hygiene program in my school next February. From now until then, I'm working on getting all my pre reqs completed, my shadowing hours done, etc. It's super nerve wracking to be entering a field so different to what I'm doing now. I just got my Associates degree in Visual Communications, but I wanted to take a chance and keep my options open with dental hygiene, which I've been interested in the past two years. I found your channel recently, and it's been so helpful/inspiring to see someone start a journey that I hope to be starting myself someday. Love the positivity, you're going to do amazing!

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