Diet Chart जो गिराता है क्रिएटिनिन का स्तर | Foods to Reduce High Creatinine Level in Hindi

Hi, I am Swati and welcome you to our YouTube channel ‘Karma Ayurveda’ , and today, I am here again with important information regarding our kidneys At our channel, you can get every important information regarding your kidneys Before proceeding further, subscribe to our YouTube channel and don’t forget to hit the Bell icon! It will notify you every time we update Today, we will talk, what diet plan should a patient with high creatinine level follow? Creatinine is a sort of waste material in the body that is found in the blood High creatinine level is a symptom of kidney damage Clean blood is very important for the body That is why, If the patient’s creatinine level is high the risk of kidney damage damage will be higher If the patient has high creatinine level, then it is very important for him to follow a special diet plan. Such patients should avoid high potassium foods. High potassium level in the blood is also called as Hyperkalemia. High potassium foods such as Avocados, Bananas, Cantaloupe, Kiwi , Mangoes, Oranges, and Papaya. Also, such patients should avoid phosphorous. Phosphorus can accumulate in muscles and blood and can obstruct kidney functioning. Patients with high creatinine level should consume protein in a limited amount Over-consumption of protein increases creatinine level. Avoid red meat and dairy products to avert creatinine level progression as they have a dominant protein content High creatinine patients should exclude sodium from their diet as sodium can pressurize your kidney capabilities. Food products such as Sauces, Hot Dogs, Meat, Chicken, and regular canned soups should be restricted from their daily eating routine. Keep a tab on your liquid consumption. An excessive amount of liquid consumption can worsen kidney problems. That is why it is important to consult a doctor first to know the appropriate liquid intake amount. Do not consume alcohol. Patients with high creatinine level should pay special attention to the diet to followed for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. So today, We will inform you about the same. First of all, let us talk about the perfect breakfast diet for high creatinine patients. Such patients can consume Porridge for breakfast As it is loaded with numerous nutrients Eating Porridge for mild or severe diseases is very beneficial You can eat it with milk, curd, and vegetables It provides energy to the body With goodness of nutrients like vitamin and protein Porridge is low in calories and high in fiber The high iron, magnesium, protein, calcium, carbohydrates, and vitamins content make Porridge an ideal food for breakfast providing essential nutrients If you are a kidney patient, then you can include Porridge by adding vegetables into your eating routine Patients who do not like Porridge can eat salted Vermicelli Both salted and sweet Vermicelli can be prepared and you can benefit from by adding vegetables to it such as Carrot to make it tastier You can eat Vermicelli for breakfast, lunch, and with evening tea But if you consider it for breakfast , then you can get immense health benefits from it Vermicelli is easily available in the markets If your Phosphorus level is high then avoid milk Vermicelli and prepare it only with the vegetables Also, patients can eat vegetable stuffed roti for their breakfast It is rich in nutrients such as calcium and iron Due to high fiber content it is very beneficial for the kidneys But, it should be consumed in a limited amount only It is also beneficial for diabetes, high blood pressure and constipation If you are suffering from a kidney disorder then prepare it’s stuffing only after the dietitian’s advice Now we will tell you the appropriate diet for lunch for patients with high creatinine level Such patients can follow two types of diet for their lunch First, low protein diet and the second is balanced diet If the patient’s body weight is appropriate according to his height and the creatinine level is low and facing the problem of protein loss , then he should follow a low protein diet The patient should avoid protein rich foods such as Pulses, Soya Cottage Cheese, and non-vegetarian food products Patients can consume food products such as Rice, if the sugar level is moderate Also, such patients can eat Chapati without any limitations Lastly, they can consume vegetables but only after the lynching process High creatinine patients should avoid in-taking high potassium vegetables For examples, root vegetables or leafy green vegetables such as Spinach Such patients can add low-potassium vegetables in their lunch For example, Bottle Gourd, Rich Gourd, Apple Gourd, Pumpkin, and, Pointed Gourd But kidney patients should take care to avoid the consumption of Green Gram ‘Split’, Papad, and Pickle for the lunch We suggest a balanced diet To a patient with normal creatinine level, In this diet, protein is calculated according to the blood parameters Doctors and dietitians suggest for a balanced diet to prevent the creatinine level from increasing again While following a balanced diet, kidney patients can add food products such as, Egg white (But only one egg per day), Split Washed Green Gram, and lastly, Wheat Chapati but avoid Corn and Pearl Millet Chapati Now, we will tell you what food products a patient with high creatinine level can add to his dinner diet and food products to avoid If the body weight of a patient is appropriate according to his height then, we advice such patients to follow a protein free diet In which, patients with high creatinine have to avoid protein rich food products But, if the body weight is less according to the height then in this case, the patients can consume protein rich foods, in a limited amount If we talk about the protein foods suitable for dinner then, firstly they can eat Split Washed Green Gram but without the skin! Second, use only Wheat Chapati rather than Corn and Pearl Millet Chapati Third, Egg White but in a limited amount Lastly patients can eat Berries like Blueberries and Cranberries and also Apples So this was the important information associated with diet for patients with high creatinine level We hope you are satisfied with it! If you are or anyone in your known is facing kidney related problems then you get an Ayurvedic treatment at Karma Ayurveda kidney care center.

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