Diet & Nutrition : How to Eat More Protein in Your Vegetarian Diet

I’m Katie Adams, a registered dietitian with
Decathlon Club part of Western Athletic Clubs. As a vegetarian, it is really important to
make sure you get enough protein. Protein is what helps build muscle and it helps keep
you full. Plant protein such as beans and legumes are really good sources of protein.
Nuts, nut butters and low-far or non-fat dairy products also contain protein. It is important
for vegetarians to consume grains with all of their plant proteins to make sure they
are getting all of the amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins.
Examples are peanut butter and toast, beans and rice and tofu and pasta. Animal proteins
contain some vitamins and minerals that plant proteins don’t such as vitamin B6 and B12.
It is important to make sure you take a vitamin supplement of B6 or B12 if you’re vegetarian
to make sure that you’re getting all of the essential nutrients your body needs. I’m Katie
Adams, a registered dietitian with Decathlon Club and that is how vegetarians can consume
enough protein.

15 thoughts on “Diet & Nutrition : How to Eat More Protein in Your Vegetarian Diet

  1. Katie, you're right but supplemented vitamins B6 & B12 won't be 100% similar to B6 & B12 that found in animals' meat.
    Vegetarians suffer from low brain power, poor concentration and abnormal sensations. thank u for the info.

  2. @Fjerid

    That may be so,god created animals to be eaten.. If you believe that.. From what I hear about god from those who speak about him.. I dont think he would be proud of the way these animals end up on your dinner plate.. The disgusting ways in which they are killed for you to eat.

  3. @11moii not only because they taste good, but also because we need the vitamins that are in it. chickens are like natural protein bombs.. very usefull for me since i work out. and have I mentioned it tastes delicious?

  4. @MissLoveAndLight I do believe that. wondering… the disgusting ways in which they are killed for? can you go into details?

  5. @11moii You cant deny that meat has healthy vitamins in it. besides i rather eat some grilled chicken than a tofuburger…

  6. @11moii seal clubbing? I didnt say anything about hurting unneccesary animals.
    you cant compare seal clubbing with slaying a cow for a lovely dinner.
    unlike a jacket or fur coat, meat is a food source. which is more importand than clothing.

    if theres a seal clubbing protest out here ill join without hasitation. but as i said before you cant compare those 2.

  7. @11moii Leather peta pamela andersson? that doesnt sound very pleasing..
    anyways, the thing is: fur or leather that has been taken from an animal with cruelity and beating it up is pathatic.
    I forgot where leather came from… thanks for reminding.

  8. @Fjerid

    Just google Abattoir or Slaughterhouse and you will be able to see and read about it.. They aren't always dead when they have their necks slit or not their stomachs gutted.. When they are hung up by their back legs to have their necks slit and to bleed out again they aren't always dead and the ligaments/tendons in the legs are torn to pieces.. They feel it.. Also in some places they go through high amounts of cruelty before death.. Each to their own but that is disgusting to me.

  9. @Fjerid I think its grose too.. I never knew that happened until recently when I joined a few Animal Welfare sites.. That is why I want to become a vegetarian,for me that's the right choice.. Animal Cruelty affects me deeply.. There are those sinners out there who would not be humane about such things and they deserve a humane death not pain & suffering.. I have heard that too hence why in asia etc they beat dogs alive to make them tender.. Sad world in many places huh. :-(((((

  10. @Fjerid Those poor animals have their fate dealt with harsh hands..

    Awww,poor doggy.. If only we could adopt all those sweet mistreated creatures.. But good on you for trying to help that dog.. You have a warm heart and soul.. Many people would turn a blind eye to that situation..

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