DIY Wellness Shot

so in today's cooking with Rachel I am making a wellness shot these are the ones from like the pressed Juicery place we don't have those in Georgia so I'm DIY 'none which is never a good idea so let's do this I already have one and a half cups of lemon juice in here this is like the thing that you buy and like the package I'm not like actual freshly squeezed lemons because I didn't feel like squeezing lemons even though the recipe called for it I'm lazy I'm also peeling ginger because ginger is a big aspect of this apparently Selena Gomez drinks these like every day which is ridiculous because they're $2 each I looked it up online this sucks okay there's a piece of freshly grated ginger I have to do so much more oh this works hey we can see if you're wondering why I look a mess today it's because I've always a mess thank you we don't have a pressed Juicery in Georgia they do sell some of the juices at sprouts for the $5 a bottle and you got me fucked up if you think I'm paying $5 for a single bottle of juice the lady on the DIY website says these these make her feel great so I'm gonna trust Carol the amount of work that I'm putting into this so far it better feel like doing a line of cocaine like it better be it better wake me the hell up I better feel amazing after this I think I should know this this is a spiralizer because yo bitch loves some zucchini noodles this lighting is so bothering me because I look so red I promise I'm not red I am I'm actually very read as a person it's called for as Asia look it up and she'll flirt with your friends oh yeah make you wish you were there every time she saw she said don't take it personal this fucking sucks I should have brought you on my journey to Walmart with me I ran into my dad there whenever I go out I only ever see my dad which is weird I'm digging way too Cavalier with this knife oh my god it's a submarine we all live in a ginger submarine a ginger submarine a ginger submarine I haven't wanted to make a youtube video in the longest time I've actually got a couple films that I never I just deleted them off my camera because they thought you can tribe and not like me and I didn't want to post them because I think the number one rule about posting on YouTube is really be yourself if it doesn't feel like you then don't do it so I even filmed it would like my nice professional camera and then once I like got to editing and I was like this sucks this fucking sucks this is not me I don't know who that girl is so I'm hoping to kind of like get back on the grind I also want to get back on the grind of working out I've been eating like really well hence this awful attempt at a wellness shot why do I have to peel the ginger I'm at this point where daughter just eat ginger skin then do another second of this okay she said to have six inches this is like six inches right I don't know how much something this is way more than six inches I'm absolutely terrible at estimating numbers like if someone was like it's a hundred people in a room I would not be able to figure out what that is even close to definitely cut my finger in the process so that's great I wonder if ginger heels should I get a ruler this one has almost four inches this kind of puts it to like six inches so I'm gonna grate these – I'm so glad I said the last 20 minutes on this one I'm not even gonna use okay here we go she said they're finally greatest so I'm using this zester which is probably gonna take way too goddamn long what else did I do today um yeah I went to Walmart I got some v8 energy things because I like to have some caffeine every now and then but I can't stand the taste of coffee and I tried to open it with a fork and then I accidentally stabbed it so I had to oh my god so I had to shotgun a v8 oh my gosh what else I also played for tonight like a lot I don't know if I'm like the only person who sucks it for tonight but just keeps playing it I've only won I want to say three times also here's the tea I only ever win fortnight when I get a female avatar my favourite drop location is lonely Lodge and I think it's great because usually only like two people land there and you can usually just like kill them right away and then loot the whole place it's great and then since the season five update has happened they have like anomaly that spawn in the forest between lonely lodge and the racetrack and so if you're outside the circle you can take an anomaly and it'll get you like most of the way there and they'll probably get you in the circle and I drove just oh my god all the ginger juice is coming out this is disgusting I'm loving it I went to youtuber a fortnight youtuber named music and he says it the best way to win close-range fights is a shotgun every time I get in a close-range fight against someone with a shotgun if I have an SMG I can win every time so that's the tee on fortnight and you care but oh my god I just nail polish I'm not gonna great my entire hand by the time she's got stuff better like rejuvenate the hell out of me when I'm done with it oh my god this is so much work I go back to school in like a month and I'm gonna be a junior in college and that scares the hell out of my god I am fucking up my nail polish left and right this is awful you know what we're gonna wear gloves why was this pan on the floor I couldn't find gloves so rip to my cobalt blue nail polish also I look so oily oh my god I feel like the quality of my videos will improve if I can ever afford the YouTube vlog camera that's the canon g7x but as of right now I really struggle to buy this ginger at Walmart so that's not happening anytime soon this recording is so long at that much I might like uploaded to my computer I'm gonna be like I don't wanna do this I'm finally on my second piece of ginger I mean absolutely goodbye my cobalt blue nail polish and goodbye my fingernails to be honest there's so much ginger in this right now I feel like I'm probably gonna gag as soon as I even attempt to drink this I just lost a bunch of ginger on the counter don't worry I clean the counters yesterday I'm just gonna die here honestly you know what I get why the shots are to $2.50 now we're gonna power through cuz I've already committed to shading about four inches of ginger I'm not stopping now there's not even gonna be like a conclusion to this video where I'm like was it worth it I'm already gonna tell you right now it's not it's not worth it this is fuckin sucks I guess in the long run it's more cost-effective because you're spending about two dollars a week versus I guess 14 dollars a week so I get it I'm not doing any more okay so I think this is like mixed up well I up a little bit thank God I wrote the measurements down on it are you fuckin eat 1/2 teaspoon of turmeric 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon and 1/4 teaspoon of cayenne pepper obviously you can see I struggle to spell Cayenne there so I don't know if the press juicer e15 cinnamon but the girl on the blog is using cinnamon so I'm gonna use cinnamon because carol told me to I'm kind of nervous about the cayenne pepper go this has very hot and pungent on the jar so this smell is actually super pungent so I'm gonna die I will die this doesn't seem right I've got this turbine shot glass because I am from the south after all it says is with and out of this oh my god everything in my um my mind and my heart is telling me not to put this in my body the girl will blog me this looks so easy she's like just give it a stir and down the hatch like Brenda how did you do this honestly I feel like Brenda may have lied to me about the proportions that are needed in this shot right I'm gonna trust Kimberley today because of your steaks this doesn't feel safe okay that was the worst thing I've ever tasted in my entire life I want to die oh my god that was bad okay no no no here's what we're gonna do I looked up a different recipe online and it says to only use a pinch of cayenne pepper so that's probably where I went wrong with the last recipe I don't trust Brenda anymore I'm gonna get a shot down the hatch if it kills me and it probably will kill me so I'm not gonna put cinnamon in there because I feel like I'm gonna vomit in every bit cinnamon in there okay it's in my notes like there's there's no other explanation to why I want to die right now I will give it to them that I'm awake now that's mainly I think because I'm in a little bit of pain and shock but it I think that's the point you wish I was a meal right now like a horse with like a feed bag that mean I spit like a spit bucket at this point I don't care how rough I look I have to upload this just from the pain I went through just now I don't know if it worked I just know that I didn't have a good time I do feel a little more awake but I also wash it down with a v8 energy H was really hard to say for sure I I can breathe that's for sure my sinuses are completely flushed would I ever do this again honestly maybe because I spend so much time grating the ginger so I might chug this tomorrow who knows if I ever have like a big event coming up where I really need to look good which is probably never because I don't get invited to things then I might like we're an actual wellness shot but until then I'm gonna continue being a broke bit and DIY all this disgusting stuff it's been so long since I made a youtube video I don't remember how to end them so I'm gonna assume that I tell you to give it a like and subscribe to my channel just maybe I'll actually like upload content I need to get a life [Applause] [Applause]

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  1. Haha about to take my first wellness shot and found you Haha lol your right it better feel like a line of cocaine lol I'm dead 😂😂😂😂😂💀🤣❣

  2. Just subbed, idk if i trust your measurments in something i put in my body…. LOL but your personality is awesome loved the video lol !

  3. LOL I love how candid this is. “if you’re wondering why i look a mess today it’s bc I’m always a mess, thank you :)” 😂

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