I ain't your partner bottle funny nigga wanna cook this gray water funny nigga wanna drag a nigga named what's up you guys welcome back to my channel ish aggression in Mashhad I'm back with another video if you're new to my channel hey y'all so today we're gonna be doing a hygiene haul I went to a Dollar General and I picked up some more products because it was time for me to get some more hygiene products so yeah that's we're gonna be doing today just coming my first hygiene haul hygiene review on my channel so I hope y'all liked it make sure y'all like comment and subscribe to the channel y'all and don't forget to comment below but I read all comments so i'ma let y'all know how are you guys so this is what I want so yeah I don't think I spent over $15 to be honest over 20 so first thing that I bought you guys was there summer's eve share floor cleansing cloths looks like this I love these you guys cuz like if you're on the go and you know you're going for a while obviously like one two or three in your person they're very very good I will see I don't take the clean go for stuff they have smell when it comes down to my vagina's though but yeah get you some of these these are only two dollars you guys and I got just in the data in general the nothing that I bought was this power stink scream about a spray for her let's make this you guys now the only reason why I buy this is because after I got the shower I don't put on perfume or a body spray I just go ahead and hit my stuff with a little bit of this and you girls just smelling nice okay oh my husband Dan say that it was too strong like just bear just a little bit and you gonna be good today I take that me some studio selection makeup removing towel it look like this they are like makeup wipes these are the dupe for the Neutrogena wife you guys cuz I they are very very thick like them you know wipes and you can even get a whole face of makeup off for just one way so I don't we recommend these guys these are only a dollar in my guides from the Dollar General alright y'all so your garden another toothbrush um I haven't tried this brain it's called a wreck stall how do you say it looks like this and you get to medium brushes for a dollar I like to look bristles and stuff that they got up in the inside of it I don't know I can't wait to use it let me show y'all no orange in the blue things so yeah I can't wait to use I really wanna see how it works normally I would get a soft 2 version but I don't know lately I just feel like I want something that's a little bit harder so the medium one should be alright you guys when it comes down to my own picture guys I probably only use two deodorants and it's the suave regular powder one now I'm not even gonna lie to y'all back in the G I used to use the sweet p1 but I don't know I stopped using it cuz I kind of feel like that's the reason why I was getting you know boils and bumps and stuff so yeah I've been stopped using that one so don't know one that I use is the invisible solid powder one right here these are only a dollar so yeah they work really well you guys and I love this scent it doesn't have so much of a sin but it's like our powders things so like that's a good thing so get you one the next thing that I picked up you guys and I really wanna try out is the coconut water body wash and this is the Donna Jennifer brain looks like this show I'm trying to see what what is I do for I think cuz I do for suave I'm not really sure Oh dile dile I was looking at so I was about to get on the swab body wash the sweet pea one you know like to stop everyone I'm gonna put a picture on the screen so you guys will see what I'm talking about but I was about to get there but they're not change my mind on like let me go ahead and try this out so this one it looks like you guys it says contains coconut and bamboo extracts for skin that feels fresh clean and more normally you guys I don't use like body washes and stuff I am like a straight sole person but this is like a plus testament leg video so after you finish taking your bed with the stupid stuff and you just want that extra love pop you could go ahead and put this in your water and go ahead and you know are you gonna let the water out and then just take up another bubble bath so this is always up last season up what was the Dollar General brand candy cadance three blade narrative statement disposable razors and you could compare these two simply so little and they look like this you guys I love the three blade shop um I have tried these before but there's another grain that I always buy at night and that's actually the ones that I have in my bathroom but they didn't have them so you know they don't have those I just get these but um this is that it has a lubricating strip the only thing that I don't like about this is the lavender scent I don't really care for the scent you guys and when it comes down to my pad area like I don't do to any sense you know I'm saying it so but these are some of the reasons I do recommend them so if you don't want razor bumps and cut something if they make that I do recommend either oh yeah I almost forgot I did buy the doves duty cream looks like this you can also get this from the Dollar Tree it's only a dollar they just happen to have that two dollar journal room today so yeah I love this stuff yard I do recommend this um I also use this after I get out the shower tomorrow as my body after I use this is drying oh you already know I had to give me some soul all right so I got alright guys so I got the Dove curly pampering shea butter beauty bar soap um this one is shea butter in warm vanilla you think this like I said I normally don't do smells when it comes down to my soul me personally I only use so if you don't know what iris Sophia Simon inserted on the screen right here so you guys to see what we're talking about also every slope is very very pure and I feel like it does my body good now it kind of drives my skin out after but not too much to the point where like I feel like sandpaper or a piece of paper but it's really good like I feel like it really cleans how am I supposed to clean it because I like imma get my water and everything after I took a baby and I don't take showers I see bad okay so I do use the dog so the on the regular one without any spell I love it I love it I love it I just don't like the drying effect at the end but it gets me cleaning so I'm good but when I went in the story today y'all I was up there taking about 10 15 years y'all trying to figure out what you want that I really wanted this time but I ended up getting this one y'all just because it's shea butter I kind of want to switch it up and see how this one actually works for me umm see how we see how it'll make my skin feel after I'm finish taking a bath and stuff because like I said it's never drying so I know for a fact that I'm clean but I really want to see what the shape but I'm gonna do so yeah so yeah that's pretty much all I got for this haul right here like I said I'm gonna keep you guys updated on this to let y'all know how I like it if I didn't make it so yea like comment subscribe you guys in this video a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video I feel was helpful for anyone and yeah i'ma see you guys on my next video bye y'all don't leave you guys check this video out

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