Dr. Group Received Stem Cell Treatment Therapy in Thailand!

(lively music) We’re in Bangkok on a stem cell journey, a rejuvenation journey. A journey for antiaging. (lively music) These are the kind of things that everybody’s gonna be seeing hopefully in their doctor’s office, we’re just here 10
years ahead of its time. (lively music) That’s why we came here to Bangkok, is to see and to learn and to share this
information with everybody. (lively music) Sometimes it’s best to
just soak everything in and be grateful for what you have and be thankful. (lively music) This is my stem cell rejuvenation, antiaging, wellness trip. Interviewing doctors that
are using stem cells, getting stem cells, looking at the Asian techniques of beautification, rejuvenation, wellness. (lively music) If anyone has any ideas or if anyone’s done anything like this please post it in the comments below and until next time, live healthy.

22 thoughts on “Dr. Group Received Stem Cell Treatment Therapy in Thailand!

  1. I can't help but notice you aren't wearing a mask. What can you tell us about the Coronavirus? You don't appear to be concerned as of this filming. Thanks Dr. Group ♥

  2. I bank my children's cotd blood cells
    Id be interested to know
    I watched a great video on Sarah westhall's channel a few days ago About a stem cell place that WAS in the Bahamas
    But came back to the United States
    Because of the executive order Right to try Act president Trump signed in

  3. What a tease….this is fun, you’ve left us all so curious and hanging as to what you will share next. Are you there now and if so, hope you all stay safe and healthy! Enjoy the beautiful fruits and vegetables In Bangkok! Thanks for this gorgeous video, I’m a huge Bangkok and Thailand fan, and Dr. Group fan as well

  4. Thank you for sharing, Dr. Group!!!
    Just wondered if you've heard of the Harvard celebrated Scientist, Dr. David Sinclair…
    or had a chance to read his book, "Lifespan: Why We Age and Why We Don't Have to"?
    It came out last Sept. ; If you have, would love to hear your views on it.✨✨✨

  5. I’m sure that cost a lot of money when you can stimulate stem cell production through fasting. The only way to have eternal life is by being born again by the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. When Adam and Eve ate of the the fruit of knowledge of good and evil He drove them from the garden and placed Cherubims and a flaming sword which turned every way to keep the way of the tree of Life.

  6. Gracias Dr. Edward Group, por la Información, Células Madres, para Rejuvenecer ????? te observo Joven,
    pienso y estimo que tienes 47 años, por cierto, cuantos años tienes???

  7. Dr. Group, I enjoyed your talk on the supplements show this week. You said to avoid magnesium stearate. I am 71 and seem to be in excellent health and take no prescriptions, but I have been taking Kyolic Garlic extract capsules for over 20 years and just noticed they have magnesium stearate. Should I give my Kyolic capsules to the next panhandler I see or keep taking them? Thanks.

  8. Dr Group I think ya don't need anything for aging as you look great as always..nonetheless why ya wanna go and give me a scare like that..sitting in that chair I thought Dr Frankenstein meets Dr Group..I best keep on trucking..lol💞🤭🚛

  9. Wait a minute Dr. Group! You did a very long water fast for your own stem cell production. Are you now telling me it doesn't work?You obviously have the money to get injections in an exotic land, but what do people do that can't afford that?

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