Dr. McDougall: Treating Obesity with a Low Fat, Starch Based Diet

Gustavo A. Tolosa, Webinar Coordinator/Moderator Dr. John McDougall, MD

23 thoughts on “Dr. McDougall: Treating Obesity with a Low Fat, Starch Based Diet

  1. "The Importance of Dietary Carbohydrate in Human Evolution"
    This article by "Karen Hardy" at point 20:40 can be found at this easy link.
    If the link does not work, try to copy and paste it into your search bar.
    You have a few choices including PDF or text on screen.

  2. I'm a lifelong ovo-lacto vegetarian, looking to finally eliminate eggs and dairy. Since the beginning of the year I've been a bodybuilder. As you might well know, trainers tell us to eat high protein diets. Do we really need all that extra protein to build muscle mass? Age 59

  3. i totally agree that we are made for eating starches but I would not use the cat eating raw meat example while we cook it and cover with sugary staff since we do not eat potatoes or rice raw, we need to cook them or let the rice and legumes make sprouts in order to eat them without cooking. Anyway, great video!

  4. 17:12 People are opening their eyes. I wish I would have known about the starch solution years ago, but I know it now, and it's helping.

  5. is there a recommendation about specifically what the maximum daily fat intake (percentage) should be? Thanks for everything!

  6. MCDOUGALL look so old ! like a 80 years old man ! and this guy writes books about health ? are you kidding me? in my village in Europe we eat healthy nobody is a vegan and no one is obeast fat and so old loking like American people you Americans pop vitamin pills all day and eat soy shit , hambuger shit all day … what a the sick society in America all they do is go on diets and pop vitamin pills , uncultured back ward society ! You have no culture you English Colonials …ZERO CULTURE ! your culture is invading countries and creating wars on planet earth ..war mongers ; your culture is promoting drug culture , gay culture ,feminist culture , junk food culture and your garbage hollywood zionist brain washing toxic culture .English colonial Americans are racist Redneck swines ..give back California and Texa that you stole from Mexico during the colonial days ! stop Using mexican poor people as slaves , No English Colonial will work 12 hours a day in the hot desert picking fruit and vegetables 7days a week ! English colonial only want doing nothing jobs managers .English whites are Racist swines with entitlement Redneck attitude .

  7. Why is it easier to go thru bariatric surgery and then skin removal surgery rather than eating a starch based diet? Only a psychiatrist can answer that one.

  8. Thank you Dr. McDougall! You are making an incredible positive difference for many people, for animals, and for the planet. I am proud to be a dedicated vegan for over 20 years! My only regret is that I did not know about plant-based diet when I was a young child. A whole-foods, plant-based, low fat diet is the only way to go for optimal health. Keep up your valuable contributions to all whose ears and eyes are open and welcoming to a healthier way of life.

  9. I’m vegan because of this guy and a old bastard. Look at this old bastard go….I want some of that.

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