Eczema Diet – Breakfast Recipe

Hi everybody, it’s Melissa here again. I got up really early this morning to tell
you about what I have for my breakfast. So breakfast is part of my secrete diet, this
is a big part of what I’ve used to help me get over eczema and TSW really quickly. I want to show you my exact super secrete recipe. That I’ve been using every morning since I
discovered that diet played a big part in my healing. So don’t worry about writing anything down
as I will have a full list with everything that I use and step by step instructions down
below this video as well as where you can find all the ingredients that I’ve used. So firstly, I’m going to take you through
what I’ve got in front of me. What I actually use. Some of these products are, actually most
of them are, I’ve try to source organic. Now I know that’s not easy for all of you
to do. But where ever you can do it, it’s best. There is a list call the dirty dozen and if
you can search that on the internet it is very helpful because if you can’t afford to
shop organic or completely organic. The dirty dozen list will tell you the dirtiest
foods you can buy on the market. Meaning that they are the foods that have
the most pesticides and the most amount of chemicals on or within the food. I urge you to have a look at that list. Additional to that list there is another list
called the clean 15. So Dirty Dozen, Clean 15. The Clean 15 will tell you which 15 ingredients
that are pretty good to buy in the supermarket, they are usually pretty safe. Let me take you through this list. First thing is, I use a little pinch of desiccated
coconut, it doesn’t matter if it is desiccated or how you find it. Just put a little bit of coconut in there. I have fresh Turmeric. Now, you can get it in powder form that is
fine as well, but I usually like to get it fresh because I can find it fresh where I
live. As you know, Turmeric is very anti-inflammatory,
it has some amazing healing properties, especially for eczema and TSW. I have found it very helpful. The other thing with Turmeric that you have
to remember, that you may not have actually heard about before – what you’re best off
doing, is having a little bit of pepper with it and that actually helps it become more
bio-available. You really want to absorb as much as you can
with this stuff because it’s expensive. I’ve chopped off a little bit of ginger as
well, it also has some great anti-inflammatory properties. I also have probiotics. Now this one is super-duper important. This is so important for your gut for healing
and with most people going through eczema or going through TSW it’s linked to so many
gut issues. I would say the majority if not all people
benefit by using probiotics daily. I do add this my smoothie however I don’ t
put it in with my smoothie when I blend it, I put it in at the end to maintain its integrity. Next we have apple, so I’ve already chopped
up some apple there. But I usually use one whole apple. I’ll take out the seeds and all the bits on
the inside. So I’ll use a whole apple. If I don’t have much in my smoothie, in my
cup, then I’ll have maybe an apple and a half. Apples are very very good for you. Next thing is seeded grapes, I only have a
little bit here. Now, one thing about seeded grapes is they
can be high in histamines. So if you’re trying to avoid a histamine heavy
diet then I would suggest not using grapes, but if you can handle grapes and berries,
I highly recommend using them. They are just packed full of nutrition, they
are full of fiber. They’ve got some really amazing qualities
for healing eczema. When I went through TSW I had another use for grapes. That actually did help my skin a lot so, if
you want to ask me what I did them, please feel free to send me an email. Next we’ve got lemon. And I always blend the lemon with the skin
on and with the seeds in because every part of the lemon offers something amazing. For your skin there’s some great natural oils
in that rind and as well as the seed. There’s a lot of nutrients in this stuff. It is acidic, however once it’s in your body
it does have an alkalizing effect, so that is great on the inside. The next most important ingredient is pawpaw
which we call it in Australia. However, I believe it is called Papaya in
America. This pawpaw is a red pawpaw, the flesh doesn’t
really look that red at the moment but is kind of orange, between and orange and pink
color. You can get yellow pawpaw, which is fine. I prefer the red one because of taste. Pawpaw is very healing for the gut, it’s very
good for the body because it’s not a very sugary fruit. A lot of people have had good results while
they are eating pawpaw and going through eczema and going through TSW. I do recommend it. Another good thing about pawpaw is every part
of the plant is pretty much medicinal in its own right. I only use the pawpaw flesh for this but the
skin has nutrients, the seed has nutrients, the leaf have nutrients. One of my supplements is actually a pawpaw
leaf. I have seen that people have used the seeds. They have crushed them up and made it into
a paste to use on their eczema. I’ve never tried it, so I can’t really vouch
how good it is, but I know that the pawpaw is just a very healing plant and a very healing
fruit so, definitely get some pawpaw (or Papaya) into your smoothie. Now the next thing I have is a rockmelon I
have a feeling it is called a cantaloupe in America, I think. But anyway we call it rockmelon it’s little
orange flesh on the inside with little creamy looking seeds and the outside looks a little
something like that. I freeze mine because I don’t have it in every
smoothie but again it’s great blended with the skin, blended with the seeds, every part
of the fruit has really wonderful qualities. And it tastes good. Now the other thing I want to use is mango. Mango I’m really just using because it tastes
amazing and I don’t want my smoothie to be totally bland. Mango very, very tasty and still quite good
for you. More berries, we’ve got some strawberries,
Raspberries and Blueberries. They are jam packed with fiber. They’re full of nutrients. However if you are trying to avoid histamines
and solicolates than I would recommend not using these until you can tolerate them. Next thing is spinach. I do use a little bit of spinach in mine because
I like to have a bit of grain in my smoothies. Spinach is wonderful, full of fiber. Another thing, if you are trying to avoid
histomines, then I would probably swap the spinach with kale. And these do appear on the dirty dozen list,
so if you can get spinach from organic sources that would be much better for you. And now that reminds me apples as well are
on the dirty dozen list, so if you can find organic you’ll be doing yourself a favor. Next ingredient is Maca Powder. It’s really wonderful. I’ve been using it in my smoothies since the
start. It’s full of vitamins, alkaloid, it’s really
good for your hormones it’s really quite balancing, it tastes great, it’s quite sweet. I do recommend putting it in there. It’s packed full of energy and I think it
really helps get me started in the morning. This one is flaxseed oil. This oil, I’ve talked about a lot on my website
it contains a lot of beneficial essential fatty acids. These natural oils we need because our body
doesn’t make them, so we need to get them from food sources. I don’t really eat fish, I don’t take fish
tablet, so flaxseed oil is the next best thing. If not the best thing. It’s full of omega 3’s which is the one we
don’t get too much in our diet. We have a lot of omega 6’s in our diet naturally,
but the omega 3’s is the one that we really want to get more of. So flaxseed oil, wonderful. Keep it in the fridge as it does have a tendency
to go rancid pretty quickly if it’s not. Put it in the fridge as soon as you get it
home. Next product is super greens, it’s beautiful
dark green powder. Which I’ve been using for many, many years. When I first started learning about my diet
and what I had to do help myself with my diet, first thing I did was introduce super greens
as a supplement. I immediately had instant results, even when
I was using topical steros, I found that taking this just boosted my immunity so much. Even with the poor diet I was eating I stopped
getting the flu, I’d stop getting colds and that was huge for me because I was on antibiotics
every year with bronchitis and it wasn’t pretty. Super greens has been a huge, huge, huge part
of my recovery. They’ve got me through some very dark times. So, I say super greens that what this brand
is called but the main ingredient that you want to find in a green powder formula is
definitely spirulina, definitely chlorella, and barley grass and wheat grass if you can
find it in a mix. So this particular brand has taken me a while
to find the right brand that works for me. I prefer to have something without yeast in
it and a lot of super greens do have yeast, and yeast is known aggravator for eczema. I recommend reading the labels and trying
to avoid any yeasts or active yeasts. You’ll be better off. And last but not least, banana. Banana is just delicious, wonderful, it’s
filling, good for your gut and it’s just packed full of nutrients. So let’s get started. Throw the berries in there. They look good. Banana. Get some Banana. I like Ba-na-na. Adding the coconut. Got to love mango season. Eat seasonal as well. You can spend a lot of money eating fruit
out of season. So don’t be so restricted, or don’t be so
set in your ways with every meal that you have because you have to be able to adapt
if you want to save money. Because these diets, spending money on organic
food can be expensive. So I just put in water, just then. A lot of people use coconut water or they
add a bit of yogurt and different types of liquids but I prefer water because this is
already a flavor boom. So it’s already going to taste amazing. You don’t need to sweeten it up with any sweet
juices or anything like that. I’m about to use my Nutri-Bullet. I have used the Magic Bullet before, the lessor
one. The smaller one. And it just did not cut it. It would take about six minutes to blend it
half as well as what this Nutri-Bullet does. And you’re only supposed to use this for a
minute at the most because the motors can burn out quite easily. So don’t put you blender on and walk away
and go and do your hair. Alright, time to blend! There we go all done. Alright, let’s have a look. Smells amazing. And the thing I like about the Nutri-Bullet
is that the cup that you blend it in turns into your breakfast cup. You screw on the little handle. And you’ve got your smoothie mug. They also come with lids and things like that
so if you’re on the run or want to drink while you’re driving to work. They come with seal-able lids with little
pop mouth things so you can drink out of it. Very good. And so the last ingredient as I said is probiotics. If you have probiotics in a cap form in a
capsual or a tablet, shelf stable ones, ones that are stable not in the fridge, then you
don’t need to do this. You just have your probiotic in the morning. But I buy it in powder form, don’t know why,
I’ve just always bought it in powder form and I’ve always done this. Old habits die hard. Mix it through, and I’m all done and it tastes
delicious. Taste amazing. If I could chose one meal that i could have
each day, this would be it. This will keep you full all morning. If you’ve enjoyed this clip, please be sure
to like the video and head to my website for more. YAY I DID IT! Like the video and head to our web … blaaaahhh

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  1. Many thanks, I've been looking for "get rid of eczema" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Ever heard of – Franaar Showy Look Formula – (Have a quick look on google cant remember the place now ) ? Ive heard some extraordinary things about it and my partner got amazing success with it.

  2. just discovered this channel and tbh i love it im 15 and ive had eczema all my life and its been terrible and gets even worse during the weather change and just ugh this is so helpful

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