emotional well being final cut

emotional well-being you know when you feel it or when you don't maybe you can't even remember a time when you felt it or maybe you can but it just feels out of reach now emotional well-being is a balance it's a balance of all the emotions the right amount of everything and sometimes you need help to get there if one or more emotions starts to dominate your life if there is too much sorrow too much anxiety too much worry too much anger or too much of any emotion it can upset that balance the same thing can happen if you feel unable to feel a certain emotion if you're unable to feel real joy or unable to express your sorrow or anger there's also an imbalance the point of acupuncture is to restore your balance to stimulate your system and remind you of what is out of balance and how to find that balance again I've seen amazing changes happen in people and those changes take hold and replace the cycles of damaging emotions that had been dominating their lives change is possible let me guide you there and I promise to do my best to help you reach emotional well-being again

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